Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  RICHMOND

Page 438
Distance 38 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 am,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 am and daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.28 am, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday 11.28 am and daily 7.29 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 3.46 pm and 7.10 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am and 9.10 am.

Route  Rail Richmond.

ADAMSON                George                bootmaker        Lennox St.
ADDAWAY                William                baker                March St.
ALLAN                Richard                wheelwright        Boswell St.
ARMSTRONG        John                builder                Francis St.
ASHTON                Sophia                laundress        Lennox St.
ASHTON                William                landholder        Grose St.
BAILEY                John                farmer                Upper
BAILEY                Thomas                householder        Glebe
BAINES                John                trainer                Upper
BAKER                John                householder        Windsor St.
BAKER                William                householder        Upper
BASHAM                A.                grocers assistant Windsor St.
BATES                James                innkeeper        March St.
BEAWELL                Crawford        landholder        Francis St.
BENSON                Mrs.                landholder        Francis St.
BENSON                William                householder        Francis St.
BIDDLE                Thomas                landholder        Vale
BONNS                Richard                householder        Francis St.
BOUGHTON        Michael                householder        March St.
BOUGHTON        Samuel                carpenter        Lennox St.
BOURKE                Walter                householder        Paget St.
BOWMAN                G., JP                landholder        Windsor St.
BOWMAN                W., JP                landholder        Windsor St.
BRANCH                William                engine driver        Lennox St.
BROWN                Thomas                bootmaker        Windsor St.
BUCTON                Thomas                householder        Boswell St.
BURRELL                John                farmer                Upper
CAMPLOM                George                dairy                Richmond
CARNELL                Elizabeth        laundress        March St.
CARTER                Daniel                householder        Upper
CARTER                Thomas                householder        Francis St.
CARVER                William                householder        Upper
CASEY                Patrick                groom                Richmond
CAVANOUGH        Thomas                railway porter March St.
CHALMERS        Thomas                baker                Windsor St.
CHANTLER        Stephen                labourer        Richmond
CHAPMAN                C. M.                teacher                Francis St.
CHAPMAN                Thomas                householder        Windsor St.
CLEMSON                Edward                farmer                Upper
CLEMSON                George                farmer                Upper
CLEMSON                William                farmer                Upper
CLOUGH                Richard                farmer                Richmond Bottoms
CLOUGH                Samuel                farmer                Richmond Bottoms
COLLINS                Michael                householder        Lennox St.
CONNELL                Mary                householder        Lennox St.
CORNWELL        Abraham                tanner                March St.
CORNWELL        Albert                householder        Upper
CORNWELL        Henry                farmer                Yarramundi
CORNWELL        Isaac                ---                Windsor St.
CORNWELL        John jun.        butcher                Paget St.
CORNWELL        John sen.        landholder        Vale
COX                Sloper, JP        landholder        Hobart Villa
CRISFORD        Caleb                builder                Windsor St.
CRISFORD        Thomas                bootmaker        Windsor St.
CROSS                Ann                householder        Upper
CROWLEY                John                landholder        Upper
CUMMINGS        J. S.                landholder        March St.
DAVENPORT        P.                householder        Little Clarendon
DAVIS                Charles                farmer                Upper
DEVLIN                John                householder        Upper
DIGHT                Arthur, JP        landholder        Clarendon
DOCKING                John                householder        Richmond
DOUGLASS        George                landholder        Upper
DOUGLASS        Thomas                householder        March St.
DRAYTON                Henry                sexton                March St.
DUCKER                John, JP        Registrar        Windsor St.
DUCKER                Rowland                storekeeper        Windsor St.
EATHER                Charles                farmer                Francis St.
EATHER                Charles                settler                Windsor St.
EATHER                Thomas                householder        Francis St.
EATON                Daniel                landholder        Grose St.
EDNEY                Joseph                harness maker        Francis St.
EDWARDS                Andrew                baker                Windsor St.
EGGLETON        Robert                wheelwright        Windsor St.
ELDER                Rev. John        ---                Windsor St.
ELLINGHAM        Arthur                householder        March St.
ELLIOTT                Alexander        bootmaker        Francis St.
ETHERDON        Henry                carrier                Paget St.
EVERINGHAM        William                householder        Upper
EZZY                Joseph                householder        Francis St.
FARLOW                Charles                landholder        Upper
FARLOW                George                householder        Upper
FARLOW                James                householder        Upper
FARLOW                John                householder        Upper
FARLOW                Mrs. W.                householder        Upper
FARLOW                Robert                landholder        Upper
FARLOW                Thomas                householder        Upper
FARRELL                William                farmer                Upper
FIELD                Stephen                landholder        Francis St.
FLETCHER        Frederick        householder        Upper
FLETCHER        Joseph                householder        Upper
FORBES                Alexander        Inspector Schools Windsor St.
FREEMAN                Joseph                drover                Boswell St.
FREEMAN                William                landholder        Upper
GAVAN                Thomas                farmer                Upper
GIBBONS                Charles                farmer                Hatchard Grove
GOLDIE                Geo.                grocers assistant Windsor St.
GORDON                J.                railway guard        March St.
GOSLING                Stephen                householder        Upper
GOW                Francis                householder        March St.
GRIFFITHS        Thomas                landowner        Vale
GUEST                George                saddler                Windsor St.
HANSELL                Daniel                householder        Upper
HARPER                Edward                blacksmith        Upper
HARRIS                Charles                draper                March St.
HARRIS                George                householder        Lennox St.
HEATH                William                tailor                Boswell St.
HEFFERNAN        Rhody                farmer                Richmond
HOBBY                Archibald        farmer                Upper
HOGFLESH        Caroline        dressmaker        March St.
HOLBORROW        William                storekeeper        Windsor St.
HOLE                C.                manager Bank NSW Windsor St.
HOUGH                George                householder        Vale
HOUGH                John jun.        householder        Vale
HOUGH                John sen.        householder        Vale
HOUGH                Peter                landholder        Upper
HOUGH                Thomas                landholder        Upper
HOUGHTON        James                cab proprietor        Boswell St.
HUGHES                Matthew                householder        Francis St.
HUGHES                Mrs. M.                landholder        Francis St.
HUXLEY                David                farmer                Richmond
HYSLOP                John                guager                Railway Line
INNALL                Edward                householder        Vale
KELLY                Martin                baker                Lennox St.
KELLY                William                farmer                Windsor St.
KENNY                Mrs. Patrick        landholder        Vale
KENNY                Thomas                householder        Paget St.
KIDD                Edward                blacksmith        Lennox St.
KIDD                Richard                bootmaker        Windsor St.
KIDD                William                butcher                Windsor St.
KING                Richard                storekeeper        Windsor St.
KINGWOOD        John                householder        March St.
LAMPE                Edward                gardener        Windsor St.
LANG                Edward                bootmaker        Upper
LEWIS                Mrs. E.                householder        Lennox St.
LONG                Mrs. Mary        storekeeper        Windsor St.
LORD                John                householder        Upper
MADDEN                John                carpenter        Clarendon
MAGGICK                William                landholder        Teviott St.
MARLIN                George jun.        builder                Francis St.
MARLIN                George sen.        builder                Francis St.
MARLIN                Robert                builder                Railway Line
MARLIN                William                farmer                Vale
MARTIN                Robert                householder        Lennox St.
MASTERS                Thomas                drover                Paget St.
MILES                Philip                householder        Lennox St.
MILES                Thomas                railway porter        March St.
MILLS                Cornelius        bootmaker        Windsor St.
MILLS                John                saddler                Windsor St.
MITCHELL        William                blacksmith        Windsor St.
MORRIS                C.                railway station master March St.
MORTIMER        Thomas                householder        Upper
MCKAY                Alexander        labourer        Lennox St.
NEWTON                Richard                farmer                Upper
ONEIL                James                householder        Upper
ONUS                Joseph                squatter        Church St.
ONUS                Joseph F.        landholder        Francis St.
ONUS                Thomas                landholder        Windsor St.
ONUS                William                landholder        Church St.
OWEN                Henry                tanner                Richmond
PARKER                Charles                landholder        Upper
PARTISS                Edward                coach proprietor Vale
PEARSON                John                farmer                Vale
PERRY                Alfred                tailor                Windsor St.
PERRY                Thomas                tailor                Windsor St.
PHILLIPS        William                householder        Clifton
PIERCE                Charles                farmer                Upper
PIERCE                George                bootmaker        Upper
PIERCE                William                blacksmith        Upper
PILGRIM                Thomas                splitter        Upper
POPP                Martin                turner                Windsor St.
POTTS                Henry                householder        Paget St.
POTTS                James                butcher                Lennox St.
POTTS                John                bootmaker        Windsor St.
POWELL                Edward, JP        landholder        Vale
POWELL                Henry                householder        Vale
PRICE                William                landholder        Windsor St.
PRICE                W. R.                blacksmith        March St.
PRICE                William T.        undertaker        March St.
PROVINCE        John                householder        March St.
PRYKE                Thomas                saddler                Windsor St.
PURCELL                Miss M. J.        teacher                Windsor St.
PYE                Henry sen.        householder        Lennox St.
READ                William                innkeeper        Windsor St.
RICHARDS        Thomas                butcher                Windsor St.
RIDLEY                James                gate-keeper        Railway Line
RILEY                Thomas                householder        Francis St.
RITCHIE                William                stoker                Richmond
ROBARTS                John                householder        Lennox St.
ROBERTS                Charles                butcher                Richmond
ROBERTS                George                householder        Upper
ROSS                Elizabeth        householder        Windsor St.
SCOTT                John                landholder        Lakeville
SCOTT                William                landholder        Upper
SELKIRK                John                surgeon                Windsor St.
SEYMOUR                Mrs. H. F.        innkeeper        Windsor St.
SHARP                Joseph                householder        Lennox St.
SHARP                William                landholder        Lennox St.
SHEPHERD        Mark                householder        Glebe
SILK                Henry                householder        Lennox St.
SILK                Sarah                midwife                Paget St.
SLY                William jun.        butcher                Boswell St.
SLY                William sen.        groom                Windsor St.
SMALL                Thomas                landholder        Upper
SMALL                William jun.        blacksmith        Lennox St.
SMALL                William sen.        wheelwright        Lennox St.
SMITH                Alfred                householder        Lennox St.
SMITH                George                householder        Boswell St.
SMITH                James                householder        March St.
SMITH                Joseph                drapers assistant Windsor St.
SMITH                William                landholder        Vale
SOUTH                James                landholder        Vale
STAFFORD        Clement                carrier                March St.
STEVENSON        Henry                landholder        Vale
STEVENSON        W.                householder        West Market St.
STEWART                C.                drapers assistant Windsor St.
STINSON                William                householder        Upper
STRATFORD        J.                householder        East Market St.
STUBBS                William                householder        Francis St.
SULLIVAN        T. P.                toy bazaar        Windsor St.
SULLIVAN        William                boot and harness maker Richmond
SWEED                Ann                midwife                March St.
THOMPSON        F.                wheelwright        Windsor St.
THORLEY                Samuel                farmer                Vale
TIERNAN                Thos.                senior constable Windsor St.
TIMMINS                Henry                farmer                Upper
TIMMINS                William                farmer                Upper
TOMKINSON        W.                carpenter        Windsor St.
TOWL                Henry                labourer        Richmond
TOWN                Andrew                squatter        Windsor St.
TRAVERS                Herbert                mason                Windsor St.
TURNER                Henry                storekeeper        Windsor St.
WALDREN                Thomas                householder        Richmond
WATERS                Michael                landholder        Vale
WEBBER                William                teacher                Richmond
WEBSTER                Ann                householder        March St.
WILLIAMS        James                householder        Boswell St.
WILLIAMS        T.                landholder        Osborne House
WITNEY                Edmund                householder        Windsor St.
WITNEY                John                householder        Windsor St.
WOOD                George                landholder        Upper
WOOD                John                landholder        Grose
WOOLF                Denis                farmer                Clarendon
YOUNG                Edwin                bootmaker        Windsor St.

Greville 1872

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