Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  QUIRINDI

Page 433
Distance 217 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Saturday 11.25 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 2 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday evenings.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, 19m. Quirindi.

ABBOTT                Robert                teacher                Quirindi
ALLSOPP                J.                shepherd        Jacob and Joseph Ck.
AUSTEN                Alfred                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
BARNS                John                farmer                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
BARRY                John sen.        farmer                Quirindi Ck.
BERRY                John jun.        farmer                Quirindi Ck.
BLACKMAN        John                farmer                Quipolly Ck.
BOGGS                James                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
BRIDGE                John                farmer                Quipolly Ck.
BURDEN                T.                storekeeper        Quipolly
BURGESS                Leonard                labourer        Quipolly Ck.
BURGESS                William                labourer        Quipolly Ck.
CARPENTER        James                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
CLARKE                James                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
CLARKE                Samuel                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
COOK                Benjamin        farmer                Quirindi Ck.
COOK                Benjamin        innkeeper        Quirindi Ck.
COOK                Edward                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
COOK                W. Henry        farmer                Quirindi Ck.
DONOHOE                J.                farmer                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
DOOLAN                John                landowner        Quipolly Ck.
FOX                James                drover                Emu Holes
FOX                Patrick                drover                Emu Holes
HALL                John                farmer                Quirindi
LLOYD                Edward                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
LLOYD                Frank                farmer                Quirindi Ck.
LODER                Mrs. I. M. S.        squatter        Quirindi Ck.
LYONS                Alfred                grazier                The Dumbles
MILLER                George                shepherd        Quirindi Ck.
MILNER                James                grazier                Quirindi
MURPHY                Michael                carpenter        Warrah Ridge
MCGILVERY        C.                farmer                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
MCKEY                Alexander        farmer                Boramble Ck.
MCKEY                William                farmer                Boramble Ridge
NOWLAND                Alex.                grazier                Warrah Ridge
NOWLAND                Alfred                grazier                Warrah Ridge
NOWLAND                Charles                labourer        Warrah Ridge
NOWLAND                George                grazier                Warrah Ridge
NOWLAND                Henry                grazier                Warrah Ridge
NOWLAND                Michael                grazier                Boramble Ridge
NOWLAND                Robert                grazier                Warrah Ridge
ONEAL                Hugh                innkeeper        Quirindi
PARKS                William                farmer                Boramble Ck.
PARNELL                Mrs. James        grazier                Emu Plains
PLUNKETT        Thomas                stock-keeper        Emu Holes
PORTER                J.                grazier                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
PRICE                Robert                ---                Boramble Ck.
ROSS                Hugh                landholder        Quirindi
ROSS                John                poundkeeper        Quirindi
SADLER                Charles                farmer                Quipolly Ck.
SADLER                Joseph                drover                Quipolly Ck.
SADLER                William                grazier                Quipolly Ck.
SAIRRAH                T. B.                householder        Quirindi Ck.
SHANAHAN        John                grazier                Quipolly Ck.
SHANAHAN        Richard                grazier                Quipolly Ck.
SPRIDJIN        James                innkeeper        Quipolly Ck.
SQUIRES                Walter                labourer        Warrah Ridge
SQUIRES                William                grazier                Warrah Ridge
STENZ                Peter                grazier                Quipolly Ck.
STROUB                Christian        farmer                Boramble Ck.
SULLIVAN        John                shepherd        The Bumbles
SUMNER                Linkin                farmer                Boramble Ck.
SUMNER                Nevel                farmer                Boramble Ck.
SWAINSON        W.                shepherd        Jacob and Joseph Ck.
SUTCHFIELD        Martin                shepherd        Quipolly Ck.
TAFFE                Henry                farmer                Quirindi
TAYLOR                G.                farmer                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
TAYLOR                John                stockman        Quirindi Ck.
TELFER                Edward                grazier                Quirindi Ck.
TELFER                William                stockman        Warrah Ridge
TEYS                William                farmer                Boramble Ck.
WEIR                James                farmer                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
WEIR                John                shepherd        Quirindi Ck.
WILLIAMSON        J.                farmer                Jacob and Joseph Ck.
YORK                Hamilton        farmer                Quirindi Ck. *

Greville 1872

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