Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  QUAMBONE

Page 429
Distance 350 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday noon. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7 a.m.
Route  ---.

ADAMS                James                stockman        Warribiddy
ALISON                William                squatter        Carwell
BAILEY                Mary                ---                Quambone
BENTICK                Bennett                innkeeper        Quambone
BLACKETT        George                squatter        Bogera
BLOODSWORTH        George                squatter        Merri Merri
BLOODSWORTH        Miss                ---                Merri Merri
BLOODSWORTH        Mrs.                squatter        Merri Merri
BOYLE                Thomas                superintendent        Quambone
BRACKENRIGG        Octavius        ---                Guabattiod
BURGESS                Mrs. G.                innkeeper        Merri Merri
CATON                Daniel                squatter        Wingenbar
CATON                Mrs. D.                squatter        Wingenbar
COLLINS                Henry                shepherd        Quambone
COLLINS                Mrs. A.                ---                Quambone
CONNEL                Moore                squatter        Merri Merri
COOK                Peter                stockman        Bogera
CORNELIUS        E. C.                teacher                Merri Merri
COWE                Charles                settler                Yarra Yarra
CUTBUSH                W.                stockman        Mole
DENNIS                Reuben                fencer                Quambone
DICKSON                ---                ---                Quambone
DONOHOE                Patrick                squatter        Merri Merri
DOWNEY                Andrew                squatter        Carwell
DUNN                Charles                shepherd        Quambone
EVANS                John                settler                Yarra Yarra
EVANS                Thomas                settler                Yarra Yarra
EVANS                William                squatter        Yarra Yarra
EVERETT                Frederick        squatter        Mole
FLOOD                Walter                squatter        Quambone
FURSE                George                shepherd        Quambone
GIBSON                George                squatter        Mole
GIBSON                James                squatter        Sandy Camp
GOODWIN                Andrew                storekeeper        Quambone
HARFORD                Paul                squatter        Merri Merri
HERMAN & NELSON                        storekeepers        Merri Merri
HIGGINGS        John                squatter        Guabattiod
HUNDY                James                stockman        Merri Merri
JOHNSTON        Henry                shepherd        Carwell
MATHEWS                Isabella        ---                Marthaguy
MATHEWS                John                settler                Marthaguy
MATHEWS                Thomas                settler                Marthaguy
MILLS                Sydney                squatter        Mobla
MCLEAN                J.                squatter        Mamgrabambone
NELSON                Henry                storekeeper        Merri 
PARKER                Mrs.                ---                Guabattiod
PETTER                Walter                settler                Yarra Yarra
PRICE                F. W.                ---                Carwell
RAFTERY                William                fencer                Quambone
RODGERSON        James                labourer        Quambone
SMITH                Henry                squatter        Mole
VEECH                Patrick                settler                Merri Merri
WADGE                Henry                squatter        Sandy Camp
WEBB                Henry                ---                Mamgrabambone
WEBSTER                James                settler                Broken Plains
WELSH                Emanuel                settler                Mole
WILDS                Thomas                settler                Merri Merri
WOODS                John                squatter        Merri Merri

Greville 1872

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