Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  PYREE

Page 429
Distance 125 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Thursday 9 a.m., Saturday 2.45 p.m.,
Sunday, Monday 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 5.15 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route  Steam Shoalhaven, 14m. Pyree.

ABERDEEN        Alexander        farmer                Pyree
ABERDEEN        Robert                farmer                Pyree
ALDIS                Isaac                farmer                Greenwell Point
ARMSTRONG        John                farmer                Pyree
ARMSTRONG        Robert                farmer                Crookhaven
BANGER                Charles                farmer                Crookhaven
BATES                Hugh                farmer                Pyree
BAXTER                John                brickmaker        Greenwell Point
BAXTER                William                fisherman        Greenwell Point
BIRRILL                John                ship builder        Crookhaven
BORROWDALE        Mrs.                farmer                Pyree
BORROWDALE        Robert                farmer                Pyree
CAFFERY                John                farmer                Pyree
CAFFERY                Patrick                farmer                Greenwell Point
CAINES                Charles                farmer                Pyree
CAINES                James                farmer                Pyree
CAMPBELL        Alexander        farmer                Pyree
CAREY                B.                bricklayer        Greenwell Point
CARNEY                Patrick                farmer                Pyree
CASEY                John                shepherd        Greenwell Point
CASHIN                Nicholas        farmer                Mayfield
CASHIN                Patrick                farmer                Crookhaven
CONDON                James                farmer                Gindrandi
CONDON                Thomas                farmer                Pyree
CONLEY                William                farmer                Pyree
DOUBLEDAY        Mrs.                teacher                Greenwell Point
FINLAYSON        Duncan                farmer                Pyree
FLEMING                Allen                farmer                Pyree
GOLLAN                Rowland                farmer                Brundee
HART                Matthew                farmer                Pyree
HEWITT                John                farmer                Brundee
HOUSTON                John                ---                Pyree
JAMIESON        Mrs.                farmer                Pyree
KENNEDY                John                teacher                Pyree
KIRKWOOD        David                master mariner        Greenwell Point
KURLY                Patrick                shepherd        Greenwell Point
LENEHAN                John                farmer                Pyree
LENEHAN                Michael                farmer                Crookhaven
LESLIE                Robert                farmer                Crookhaven
LEWIS                David                ---                Pyree
MANION                Martin                farmer                Pyree
MILLER                Robert                farmer                Crookhaven
MONAGHAN        John                farmer                Mayfield
MORISON                James                farmer                Pyree
MCFEATERS        James                farmer                Pyree
MCFEE                Thomas                farmer                Brundee
MCGRATH                Thomas                farmer                Greenwell Point
MCLEAN                Alexander        farmer                Pyree
MCLEAN                Archibald        farmer                Crookhaven
MCLEAN                Donald                farmer                Pyree
MCLEAN                Duncan                labourer        Greenwell Point
MCLEOD                John                farmer                Pyree
MCMAHON                Patrick                farmer                Crookhaven
NOBLE                Andrew                farmer                Pyree
NOBLE                Angus                farmer                Pyree
OCONNOR        Maurice                farmer                Brundee
OCONNOR        Mrs.                farmer                Brundee
PEAK                Joseph                carpenter        Greenwell Point
PERCIVAL        Samuel                farmer                Crookhaven
ROWAN                John                blacksmith        Brundee
RUSSELL                Charles                innkeeper        Greenwell Point
SHANNON                John                farmer                Pyree
SHORE                Charles                fisherman        Greenwell Point
SMITH                Arthur                farmer                Brundee
STUDDEN                William                fisherman        Pyree
TURNER                John                farmer                Pyree
WADDLE                David                farmer                Pyree
WALKER                James                farmer                Crookhaven

Greville 1872

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