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Distance 45 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 a.m.,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 1.15 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 1.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m. 

Route  Rail Richmond, 8m. Kurrajong

ALLEN		Thomas		labourer	South
ANDERSON	Alexander	teacher		North
ARKINSTALL	Thomas		farm overseer	North
AHERS		Thomas		farmer		South
AYERS		William		farmer		South
BALL		James		farmer		South
BENSON		John		storekeeper & postmaster Kurrajong
BOOTLE		Mary		farmer		South
BOUGHTRIGHT	George		labourer	North
BOWEN		George B.	squatter	Mount Tomah
BOWEN		G. M. C.	squatter	South
BROWN		Alfred		farmer		South
BUTCHER		Christopher	farmer		South
BUTCHER		Thomas		labourer	South
BUTLER		William		farmer		North
CARTWRIGHT	John		labourer	North
CASHEEL		John		labourer	Mount Tomah
CLEEVE		J. A.		sheep inspector	South
COMRIE		James		---		Northfield
CONLAN		Elizabeth	farmer		Kurrajong
DAVIS		James		farmer		North
DAVIS		John		farmer		North
DAVIS		S.		farmer		North
DAY		Charles		farmer		North
DEVINE		Edward		farmer		South
DONELLEY	Patrick		boarding-house	North
DUNSTAN		John		farmer		South
DUNSTAN		William		farmer		South
EGGEY		John W.		farmer		South
EGGEY		Richard		farmer		South
EGGEY		William J.	farmer		South
FLANAGAN	Martin		farmer		South
FLETCHER	William		labourer	South
GAR		David		farmer		North
GIDDENS		William		farmer		South
GRAINGER	Alfred		drover		Kurrajong
GRAINGER	Elizabeth	householder	Kurrajong
GRIFFITH	Ellen		farmer		South
HANADINE	John		labourer	South
HAWKINS		Joseph		farmer		North
HEGGARTY	Daniel		farmer		South
HENDERSON	George		farmer		South
HENNESSY	Richard		farmer		North
HEWIT		George		bootmaker	North
HILL		James		farmer		South
HORNERY		Margaret	householder	North
HURST		John		farmer		North
HURST		Samuel		farmer		North
IRWIN		William		carpenter	North
JOHN		Thomas jun.	farmer		North
JOHN		Thomas sen.	farmer		North
JOHN		William		farmer		North
JONES		Alfred		farmer		South
JONES		Thomas		farmer		North
KEEVIN		Thomas		farmer		North
KENNEDY		A.		householder	Mount Tomah
LAKE		James		farmer		North
LAMB		Henry		drover		North
LAMROCK		John		farmer		North
LAMROCK		William		farmer		South
LEAREY		Sarah		farmer		North
LEIDICK		William		labourer	South
LONDON		William		farmer		North
MADDEN		William		fencer		North
MAHER		Andrew		farmer		South
MAHER		Daniel		---		North
MAHER		Edward		farmer		South
MAHONEY		Charles		farmer		North
MAHONEY		Daniel		labourer	North
MASON		John		farmer		Kurrajong
MASTERS		James		farmer		Kurrajong
MAYO		John		farmer		South
MAYO		John jun.	farmer		South
MYERS		Richard		farmer		North
MYERS		Stephen		farmer		North
MCMAHON		John		farmer		North
MCMAHON		Michael		farmer		North
MCMAHON		Thomas		farmer		North
ONEIL		Daniel		labourer	South
ONEIL		Edward		labourer	North
OVERTON		James jun.	farmer		North
OVERTON		James sen.	farmer		North
OVERTON		John		farmer		North
PACKER		Daniel		farmer		North
PACKER		Richard		farmer		North
PACKER		Sidney		farmer		North
PECK		Robert		labourer	North
PICK		George		farmer		North
PICK		Henry		overseer	Kurrajong
PITT		Robert		farmer		North
PITTMAN		Charles		farmer		North
PLUNKET		G. A.		teacher		North
POOL		Benjamin	farmer		South
POWELL		Arthur		boarding-house	North
QUAIF		Edward		farmer		North
QUINN		John		farmer		South
RIELEY		Patrick		farmer		North
ROBERTS		James		farmer		North
RULE		John		farmer		North
SHEPHARD	John		farmer		North
SKUTHORP	James		drover		South
SKUTHORP	Richard		farmer		South
SKUTHORP	Richard jun.	squatter	South
SLATTERY	Austin		farmer		North
STANFORD	Thomas		farmer		North
STANFORD	Charles		farmer		North
STEWART		Thomas		farmer		South
SUNDERLAND	George		farmer		South
SUNDERLAND	William		farmer		South
TIERNEY		Michael		farmer		South
TIMMONS		John		drover		North
TOWNSEND	Henry		farmer		South
TURNER		George		farmer		North
TURNER		John		farmer		North
VENNS		Henry		farmer		South
VENNS		John		farmer		South
WEBB		Edward		farmer		North
WILSON		Edward		farmer		North
WILSON		John		farmer		North
WILSON		John A.		farmer		North
WILSON		Simeon		farmer		North
WILSON		Thomas		farmer		North
WILSON		Timothy		farmer		North

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here