Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  PICTON

Page 418
Distance 52 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 11.40 a.m. and 7.40 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 4.40 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail Picton.

AHERNE                William                farmer                Redbank
ALDRIDGE        Joseph                grazier                Spring Ck.
ANDREWS                George                labourer        Jarvisfield
ANTILL                John M.                grazier                Jarvisfield
ANTILL                William                grazier                Abbotsford
ASHCROFT        John                grazier                Jericho
BATEUP                Amos                labourer        Abbotsford
BATEUP                John                labourer        Argyle St.
BATEUP                Samuel jun.        labourer        Abbotsford
BATEUP                Samuel sen.        farmer                Abbotsford
BAXTER                Thomas                farmer                High Range
BELL                George                farmer                Upper
BELL                James                labourer        Redbank
BELL                James                railway guard        Railway Station
BIRCH                James                labourer        Redbank
BOULTON                John                grazier                Predhoe
BURGESS                Henry                labourer        Jarvisfield
BURGESS                Thomas                labourer        Jarvisfield
BURGESS                William                labourer        Jarvisfield
BURNETT                Alexander        gate-keeper        Argyle St.
BYRNES                J.                railway porter        Railway Station
CAMPBELL        Alexander        labourer        Jarvisfield
CAMPBELL        Robert                ---                Jarvisfield
CAMPBELL        William A.        labourer        Jarvisfield
CAMPBELL        William B.        farmer                Jarvisfield
CLAYTON                Charles                farmer                Redbank
CLUNE                Matthew                farmer                Redbank
COLLETT                John                labourer        Razorback
CONNELLAN        James                farmer                Redbank
CREIGHTON        Christopher        labourer        Monument
CREIGHTON        Jacob                labourer        Hannafield
CREIGHTON        Joseph                farmer                Hannafield
CUNNINGHAM        Patrick                farmer                Abbotsford
CURTIS                John                storekeeper        Argyle St.
CUSACK                Michael                farmer                Mount Pellier
DENMAN                Thomas                carrier                Church St.
DOWNS                Robert                sawyer                Redbank
DUTRICH                Frank                farmer                Bargo River
ELLY                R.                railway guard        Railway Station
EVADS                Henry                farmer                Picton
EVANS                John                labourer        Stargard
FAIRLEY                John                farmer                Abbotsford
FAIRLEY                William                farmer                Abbotsford
FIELDHOUSE        W.                storekeeper        Argyle St.
FLYNN                Peter                guard                Railway Station
FOOTS                Mark                farmer                Bargo River
FOX                Rev. Samuel        (CE)                Argyle St.
FOX                William                constable        Argyle St.
FROST                C.                engine driver        Railway Station
GANDRY                George                farmer                Wellington Park
GANDRY                John                farmer                Wellington Park
GIBLIN                Thomas M.        railway station master Menangle St.
GILLEN                John                farmer                Wellington Park
GRACE                William H.        telegraph master Railway Station
GRAHAM                Adolphus        storekeeper        Argyle St.
GRAY                John                ---                Upper
GRAY                John O.                ---                Upper
HANGER                Henry                farmer                Oaks Rd.
HANNEBERRY        William                blacksmith        Argyle St.
HARVEY                Thomas                farmer                Menangle Rd.
HERRING                J.                mail contractor        Menangle St.
HOLDSWORTH        W.                grazier                Williams Wood
INGLIS                Robert H.        grazier                Craigend
JAMES                Henry                farmer                Abbotsford
JAMES                J.                railway porter        Railway Station
JOHNSON                Samuel                farmer                Menangle
KELLY                Patrick                farmer                Redbank
KENNELEY        Michael                farmer                Rock Barton
KENNY                Edward                farmer                Wellington Park
LARKIN                Edward                postmaster        Argyle St.
LARKIN                Thomas                farmer                Upper
LARKIN                Thomas                miller                Argyle St.
LYNAM                Joseph                butcher                Argyle St.
MANN                William                farmer                Redbank
MATHEWS                Charles                farmer                Menangle Rd.
MOYES                William                farmer                Redbank
MULHOLLAND        John                labourer        Abbotsford
MULHOLLAND        Moses jun.        labourer        Abbotsford
MULHOLLAND        Moses sen.        farmer                Abbotsford
MYRES                Myres                storekeeper        Argyle St.
MCDOUGAL        E.                foreman                Railway Station
MCINNIS                Angus                farmer                Myrtle Ck.
MCINNIS                Angus                labourer        Clifton
MCINNIS                Donald                grazier                Bulbea
MCINNIS                Donald                labourer        Clifton
MCINNIS                Robert                grazier                Clifton
MCKENRICK        Thomas                farmer                Abbotsford
MCKINNON        Charles                labourer        Mount Pellier
MCKINNON        Daniel                farmer                Mount Pellier
MCKINNON        Donald                farmer                Mount Pellier
MCKINNON        Hugh                farmer                Wellington Park
MCLEAN                John                farmer                Bulbea
MCQUIGAN        Arthur                storekeeper        Menangle St.
NEWLAND                James                carrier                Abbotsford
NEWLAND                John                farmer                Abbotsford
NEWLAND                Patrick                carrier                Abbotsford
NICHOLSON        Angus                farmer                Menangle Rd.
NICHOLSON        John                farmer                Menangle Rd.
NICHOLSON        Lachlan                farmer                Menangle Rd.
NOONAN                John                farmer                Seabright Park
NOONAN                Thomas                farmer                Long Point
OLLIS                J. P.                teacher                Upper
ONEILL                Bernard                farmer                Abbotsford
PARNELL                Henry                bootmaker        Argyle St.
PARNELL                John                farmer                Redbank
PEARCE                Henry                labourer        Redbank
PEARCE                William                labourer        Lagoons
PENDERGAST        Edmond                farmer                Seabright Park
PENDERGAST        Stephen                farmer                Seabright Park
POLLACK                Samuel                innkeeper        Argyle St.
PORT                John                porter                Railway Station
POST                George                farmer                Redbank
PROCTOR                ---                engineer        Railway Station
QUINN                Edward                farmer                Jarvisfield
RAWLINSON        Charles                constable        Argyle St.
RAY                George                innkeeper        Argyle St.
REEVES                John                bootmaker        Menangle Rd.
REID                George                farmer                Abbotsford
RIDGEWAY        George                farmer                Menangle Rd.
ROGERS                James                storekeeper        Upper
SELE                William                labourer        Railway Line
SELMES                Thomas                farmer                Redbank
SHOEBRIDGE        G.                watchmaker        Menangle St.
SHOEBRIDGE        Robert                farmer                Abbotsford
SKEARS                Charles                farmer                Redbank
SMITH                Alexander        assistant station master Railway Station
SMITH                Charles                butcher                Argyle St.
SMITH                John                storekeeper        Argyle St.
SMITH                Thomas                lime burner        Clifton
SMITH                William                labourer        Railway Station
STEWART                Alex.                storekeeper        Menangle St.
TRENERY                William                baker                Menangle Rd.
TURNER                James                farmer                Stargard Estate
TURNER                John                labourer        Clifton
VILES                Joseph                saddler                Argyle St.
WALKER                John                clerk                Upper
WALLACE                John                labourer        Menangle St.
WALLACE                R.                engine driver        Railway Station
WALTON                Henry                farmer                Redbank
WARNER                William                teacher                Menangle St.
WARTERS                John                saddler                Argyle St.
WARTERS                William                carpenter        Elizabeth St.
WHITING                Oliver                innkeeper        Menangle St.
WILKINS                M. E.                clerk                Argyle St.
WILSON                John                labourer        Upper
WRIGHT                George                farmer                Menangle St.
ZGLINICKI        M.                senior sergeant police Argyle St.

Greville 1872

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