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Distance 133 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8.40 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7 a.m.
Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Bathurst, 11m. Peel.

AINSWORTH & CO.                        farmers                Winburndale
ANDERSON        Charles                farmer                Clear Ck.
BAILY                William                farmer                Cheserrs Ck.
BLACKMAN        Thomas                farmer                Limekilns Rd.
BONEY                James                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
BOTROLE                Thomas                labourer        Cheserrs Ck.
BOWIE                John                labourer        Brucedale
BOWLER                John, JP        squatter        Wyagdon
BRETT                W.                carrier & farmer Beverley Park
BROOKS                J.                carrier & farmer Beverley Park
BROOKS                W.                innkeeper        Cheserrs Ck.
BULLOCK                James                labourer        Cheserrs Ck.
BUSH                Thomas                miner                Winburndale Ck.
CAMPELL                D.                quartz crusher        Cheserrs Ck.
CHIPPENDALE        John                ---                Peel
CONNERS                John                farmer                Winburndale
CONNOR                John                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
CONSIDINE        John                farmer                Winburndale
CRANSTON        W.                innkeeper        Winburndale Ck.
CUMMINGS        T.                farmer                Bread and Butter Flat
CUMMINGS        William        , MLA        squatter        Peel
DARRAN                Thomas                teacher                Peel
DAVIS                William                horse driver        Brucedale
DEACON                John                farmer                Peel
DONNELLY        Denis                steam flour mills Peel
DONNELLY        John                carrier                Peel
DRISCOL                George                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
DUGIN                Thomas                constable        Cheserrs Ck.
FITZPATRICK        Thomas                farmer                Duramana
FRANKLIN        John                carpenter        Peel
GATTY                Margaret        innkeeper        Peel
GAULD                Alexander        butcher                Peel
GRIST                Thomas                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
HACKETT                M.                innkeeper        Whites Flat
HANCOCK                William                carrier                Winburndale Ck.
HASLEM                Robert                butcher                Beverley Park
HEALY                Daniel                farmer                Winburndale
HENRY                John                labourer        Wyagdon
HENWOOD                James                fencer                Peel
HITCHENS        James                gardener        Brucedale
HODGES                William                farmer                Wyagdon
HOOPER                William                miner                Clear Ck.
HUGHES                Mary                storekeeper        Peel
JOHNSON                Donald                farmer                Cheserrs Ck.
JOHNSON                Hannah                servant                Brucedale
KENEDY                James                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
KILDA                John                coachman        Brucedale
KILDA                Patrick                labourer        Brucedale
KILDA                Thomas                horse breaker        Brucedale
KING                Henry                farmer                Clear Ck.
KIRKLAND        Jessie                servant                Brucedale
LAWSON                James                road contractor        Clear Ck.
LAWSON                William                farmer                Clear Ck.
LOUNER                Jane                servant                Brucedale
LYNCH                Daniel                farmer                Winburndale
LYNN                Peter                labourer        Mount Grosvenor
MACLENAN        Miss                teacher                Winburndale
MAHER                William                innkeeper        Peel
MACKENZIE        Alex.                quartz crusher        Cheserrs Ck.
MALEY                Philip                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
MARTIN                Thomas                miner                Clear Ck.
MAY                Henry                poundkeeper        Peel
MEAD                James                bootmaker        Peel
MEIR                Mrs.                storekeeper        Winburndale Ck.
MOORE                Daniel                farmer                Winburndale
MOWHAM                Hugh                labourer        Peel
MUSGRAVE        Thomas                farmer                Wyagdon
MCGIR                Daniel                farmer                Winburndale
MCKEON                Francis                farmer                Bread and Butter Flat
ODONNELL        Coner                farmer                Whites Flat
ODONNELL        Jeremiah        farmer                Whites Flat
ODONNELL        John                farmer                Whites Flat
OHEIR                Daniel                farmer                Winburndale
OWENS                John                labourer        Brucedale
PARKINSON        Mrs.                farmer                Winburndale
PAYNE                John                labourer        Brucedale
PERREN                William                farmer                Peel
POWER                Patrick                farmer                Winburndale
PUTMAN                James                fencer                Peel
PYMONT                Alfred                carrier & farmer Peel
PYMONT                Wm.                carrier & farmer Beverley Park
READ                James                postmaster        Peel
REDDING                William                farmer                Peel
ROBERTS                John                miller                Peel
ROONEY                James                labourer        Winburndale
ROWE                Joseph                farmer                Winburndale
RYAN                John                farmer                Winburndale
RYAN                John                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
SCHOFIELD        John                farmer                Beverley Park
SEYMORE                William                labourer        Winburndale Ck.
SMITH                Sydney                farmer                Bread and Butter Flat
STANFORD        John                builder                Whites Flat
SUTTER                Charles                squatter        Mount Grosvenor
SUTTER                John                squatter        Brucedale
THACKER                George                farmer                Winburndale Ck.
TROTTER                ---                overseer        Brucedale
UASS                Jane                servant                Brucedale
VALK                Hurly                farmer                Winburndale
WALSH                Rev. Joseph        (RC)                Peel
WARDMAN                William                miner                Peel
WORLING                John                vine dresser        Bruce dale
WRIGHT                Abraham                labourer        Mount Grosvenor

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here