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Distance 15 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 a.m.;
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30 a.m. and daily 1.15 and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8.44 a.m., Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday 9.44 a.m. and daily (Sunday excepted) 3 and 5.39 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6 a.m., 11.10 a.m. and 3 p.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m., noon, and 4 p.m.
Route  Rail or steam Parramatta.

ACRES                Thomas                warder                Fennell St.
AHEARN                Denis                wheelwright        Western Rd.
ARDILL                Joshua                grocer                George St.
AMIDALE                John                warder                Fennell St.
ASHBY                Thomas                butcher                Church St.
ASHBY                William                butcher                Church St.
ASPINALL        George                hairdresser        Church St.
ATKINS                Thomas                innkeeper        Church St.
BAKER                John                teacher                Pennant St.
BARBER                Frederick        carrier                Rose Hill St.
BARBER                Samuel                squatter        George St.
BARKER                John C.                clerk                George St.
BARNETT                Thomas                clerk                Grose St.
BARNETT                Thomas                innkeeper        OConnell St.
BARRON                James                dealer                Marsden St.
BARTLETT        John                gardener        Ross St.
BATES                Richard                ---                Hunter St.
BELL                John                mason                Church St.
BERRY                E. M.                draper                Ross St.
BENKERS                John                printer                Church St.
BLAKE                Andrew                ---                Domain
BLAKE                Richard                carpenter        Macquarie St.
BLOOMFIELD        Rev. John        (CE)                Sorrell St.
BONSOR                Samuel                baker                Philip St.
BOOKER                Robert                painter                Church St.
BOON                William                warder                Isabella St.
BOOTH                Joseph                mariner                OConnell St.
BOOTH                Joseph                wheelwright        Hunter St.
BOWDEN                John E.                solicitor        Church St.
BOWDEN                Thomas                auctioneer        Macquarie St.
BRADDICK        Edward                grocer                Church St.
BREATHOUR        Samuel                grocer                Church St.
BRIAN                Daniel                innkeeper        Church St.
BRIGGS                Thomas                sexton                Church St.
BRODIE                William                ---                Marsden St.
BROOKS                James                fettler                Boundary St.
BROWN                John                farmer                Pitt Row
BROWN                Walter                surgeon                George St.
BROWN                William                coach builder        Church St.
BUDEN                Ernest                warder                Church St.
BURGE                Samuel                saddler                George St.
BURGE                Stephen                draper                George St.
BURGIN                Henry                watchmaker        Church St.
BURNS                William                grocer                Church St.
BURT                Alfred                dairy                Ross St.
BUTTER                William                greengrocer        Church St.
BYRNES                C. J.                tweed manufacturer George St.
BYRNES                H. J.                tweed manufacturer George St.
BYRNES                J.                merchant        Macquarie St.
BYRNES                W., MLC                merchant        George St.
BYRNES                John                bootmaker        Pennant St.
BYRNES                William                farrier                Church St.
CAHILL                Denis                bootmaker        Church St.
CAINS                George                innkeeper        George St.
CALLOWAY        James                greengrocer        Church St.
CAMPBELL        Henry                blacksmith        Church St.
CAMPBELL        Neil                horse dealer        Western Rd.
CANNON                Isaac                innkeeper        Phillip St.
CARDINAL        George                baker                Church St.
CAREY                Gabriel                bootmaker        Church St.
CAREY                Michael                ironmonger        Church St.
CARMAN                Caleb                painter                Marsden St.
CARR                James                innkeeper        Church St.
CARROLL                William                butcher                Church St.
CARSTNER        John                farmer                Pemberton Grange
CAYWOOD                Charles                weaver                Philip St.
CHAPMAN                James                carpenter        Church St.
CHRISTIE        Alexander        ---                George St.
CLARKE                Thomas                hairdresser        George St.
COATES                Herbert                painter                George St.
COCK                William                tailor                Church St.
COLLEY                Henry                Council Clerk        Marsden St.
COSTELLO        James                carpenter        Ross St.
COURNANE        James                warder                Albert St.
COX                Henry                innkeeper        Church St.
CRAIG                John                mason                Fennell St.
CRAIG                Joseph                mason                Macquarie St.
CRANNEY                James                carpenter        George St.
CRANNEY                James                warder                Isabella St.
CREAGH                Andrew                warder                Sorrell St.
CREASY                John                innkeeper        George St.
CULPAN                Briely                farmer                George St.
CUMMINS                James                teacher                Macquarie St.
DARE                Alexander        ---                Smith St.
DAVIS                John                teacher                Pennant St.
DAVIS                Edward                innkeeper        Church St.
DAVIS                John                painter                Sorrell St.
DEANS                Peter                labourer        Hurley St.
DELANEY                John                carpenter        Church St.
DELANEY                Michael                draper                George St.
DENNIS                James                manager Benevolent Asylum George St. 
DICK                Thomas                contractor        Albert St.
DIXON                Thomas                grocer                Church St.
DOHERTY                Richard                grocer                Church St.
DOOLAN                Owen                letter carrier        Smith St.
DOUST                Charles                draper                Church St.
DOYLE                John                tailor                Church St.
DOYLE                Thomas                labourer        Harold St.
DREW                William                toll-lessee        Western Rd.
DRURY                Arthur                warder                Albert St.
DRURY                George                farmer                Ross St.
DUNN                Luke                innkeeper        Church St.
DUNN                R.                coach proprietor George St.
EADES                Thomas                farmer                Pennant St.
EARL                William                warder                Church St.
EDROY                James                squatter        Ross St.
EDROP                James sen.        squatter        Church St.
EDWARDS                William                bootmaker        Ross St.
ELLISON                George                carter                George St.
ENTWISLE        William                baker                Church St.
EURY                William                master mariner        George St.
FAIRCLOUGH        H.                ship owner        Newlands
FAUX                Alexander        cabman                Church St.
FERRIS                James                innkeeper        Church St.
FITZGERALD        Richard                dairy                Fennell St.
FLEMING                Martin                warder                Galloway St.
FLINN                Daniel                tailor                Church St.
FLYNN                Thomas                grocer                Church St.
FOLKARD                William                warder                Galloway St.
FORSYTH                Alexander        blacksmith        Pennant St.
FRASER                John                carpenter        Ross St.
GALLOWAY        James                ---                Macquarie St.
GARLAND                James                blacksmith        Pennant St.
GARLICK                William                labourer        Church St.
GILBERT                Samuel                ---                Church St.
GILL                R.                woollen manufacturer George St.
GILMORE                John                draper                Church St.
GIRLING                George                ---                Marsden St.
GODSON                Richard                builder                Sorrell St.
GOLLEDGE        John                draper                George St.
GOODIN                William                contractor        Pennant St.
GOWANLOCK        James                butcher                Church St.
GRANLESE        James                warder                Albert St.
GRAY                John                bootmaker        Church St.
GREGG                James                grocer                Church St.
GREGG                John                grocer                George St.
GRIFFIN                George                baker                Church St.
GRIMSTONE        John                bootmaker        George St.
GUNN                John                ---                Ross St.
GUNTHER                Rev. William        (CE)                Parsonage
HACK                Jessie                innkeeper        Church St.
HAGGETT                William                boatman                George St.
HALLEN                Edward                surveyor        Isabella St.
HAMILTON        Robert                tanner                Fennell St.
HANDLEY                John                mason                Pennent St.
HARPER                Richard                butcher                Church St.
HARRIS                William                toll-keeper        Church St.
HART                William                builder                Church St.
HARVEY                Henry                squatter        Newlands
HAWKSLEY        Charles                blacksmith        Church St.
HAYES                Patrick                bailiff                George St.
HAZELGROVE        Charles                bookseller        Church St.
HENDERSON        David                grocer                Church St.
HENDERSON        Thomas                warder                Fennell St.
HIGGINS                Michael                gardener        Macquarie St.
HILL                Robert                weaver                Harris St.
HILL                Samuel                innkeeper        Church St.
HILL                Thomas                saddler                Church St.
HILL                Rev. William        ---                Macquarie St.
HILT                James                cabman                Church St.
HOARE                Deane                baker                Galloway St.
HOLE                Thomas                teacher                Church St.
HOLE                Thomas N.        teacher                Church St.
HOLLAND                John                innkeeper        Church St.
HOUISON                Alexander        architect        Church St.
HOWLETT                James                butcher                Church St.
HUGHES                Hugh                blacksmith        Church St.
HUNT                George                squatter        Pennant St.
HUNT                Henry                tobacconist        Church St.
HUTCHINSON        D.                chemist                George St.
IBBETT                Joseph                weaver                Church St.
JAMIESON        George                surveyor        George St.
JARRETT                Stephen                ---                Barnett St.
JESC                John                fruiterer        George St.
JOHNSON                John W.                clerk                Grose St.
JOHNSTONE        Alexander        tailor                Church St.
JONES                Samuel                carpenter        George St.
JUKE                Charles                chemist                Church St.
KELL                Edward                warder                Albert St.
KELL                James                carpenter        George St.
KELLEY                James                warder                Fennell St.
KELLEY                John                grocer                Church St.
KELLY                William                warder                Clifford St.
KENNEDY                Daniel                nightman        Broad St.
KENNEDY                Thomas                surveyor        Palmer St.
KEYS                Richard                farmer                Pemberton Grange
KIDD                Thomas                locksmith        Church St.
KING                George                carpenter        Campbell St.
KING                Isaac                timber merchant        George St.
LAING                Thomas                grocer                George St.
LAMBERT                Thomas                grocer                George St.
LAMONT                C. A.                ---                Ross St.
LANGLEY                George                PM                Ross St.
LAUGHTON        Rev. James        ---                Hunter St.
LAVORS                Jabez                builder                Isabella St.
LAWRENCE        Samuel                innkeeper        Pennant St.
LAWSON                Nelson                ---                Campbell St.
LAYTON                William                labourer        Crimea St
LEA                Thomas                clerk                Hurley St.
LEE                Benjamin        ---                Phillip St.
LITTLE                Elijah                carrier                Macquarie St.
LITTLE                Robert                draper                Church St.
LUDWIG                Henry                grocer                Phillip St.
LYE                James                innkeeper        Church St.
LYONS                John                labourer        Grose St.
LYSACGT                Martin                baker                Church St.
MACARTHUR        Rev. George        (CE)                Villiers St.
MADDEN                Henry                bailiff                Pennant St.
MALING                John                watchmaker        Church St.
MANCE                Henry                draper                Church St.
MANCE                John                draper                Church St.
MANN                Joseph A.        butcher                Church St.
MANSFIELD        Rev. Ralph        ---                Church St.
MANTON                John                clerk                Domain
MARRIOTT        W.                veterinary surgeon Church St.
MARSDEN                George                grocer                Church St.
MASON                William                bookseller        George St.
MATTHEWS        Henry                saddler                George St.
MAY                Thomas                ---                Domain
MENSER                Lipman                auctioneer        Church St.
MICHIE                Archibald        baker                George St.
MILLER                John                teacher                Sorrell St.
MILLS                John                greengrocer        Church St.
MILLS                John Y.                auctioneer        Pennant St.
MOOD                Ralph                clerk                Church St.
MOODY                Henry                cab proprietor        Smith St.
MOODY                John                cabman                George St.
MORE                James                ---                Phillip St.
MORLEY                Samuel                labourer        Ross St.
MORRISON        William                butcher                Church St.
MORTIMORE        George                labourer        Phillip St.
MURPHY                Denis                carpenter        Church St.
MUSTON                Thomas                brickmaker        Campbell St.
MCCARRON        Morris                warder                Pennant St.
MCCLAREN        William                mason                Galloway St.
MCCRAE                Christopher        squatter        Albert St.
MCDEED                James                grocer                Church St.
MCDOWELL        John                dairy                Church St.
MCGINLEY        Patrick                tobacconist        Church St.
MCINNES                Alexander        warder                Factory St.
MCKELVEY        Alexander        warder                Albert St.
MCMANUS                A.                professor of music Western Rd.
MCMANUS                John                wheelwright        Western Rd.
MCROBERTS        John                fruiterer        Church St.
NEAGLE                John                plasterer        Grose St.
NEALE                George                millwright        George St.
NEALE                John                ---                Macquarie St.
NEVILLE                Martin                labourer        Grose St.
NICHOLSON        John                grocer                Church St.
OFARRELL        Rev. P.                (RC)                Villiers St.
OLLIVER                Thomas                ---                Macquarie St.
OLSON                Louis                cooper                Church St.
ORD                Rev. Charles        ---                George St.
OVERTON                Frederick        auctioneer        Ross Ck.
OVERTON                John                solicitor        George St.
OWEN                John                teacher                George St.
PARKER                John                farmer                Newlands
PARSONS                John                carrier                Macquarie St.
PASS                John                ironmonger        George St.
PAUL                John                carpenter        Pitt Row
PAYTEN                Nathaniel        innkeeper        George St.
PEARSON                Stephen                manager Commercial Bank Church St.
PERRY                George                labourer        Ross St.
PERRY                Samuel                carter                Ross St.
PETERS                George                mason                Macquarie St.
PLUCK                James                labourer        Sorrell St.
POWELL                Richard                butcher                Church St.
POYNER                George                boatman                Smith St.
PRATT                John                plasterer        Marsden St.
PRICE                Thomas                bootmaker        George St.
PRINGLE                George H.        surgeon                George St.
PURCHASE        Samuel                nursery                George St.
PURNELL                Samuel                grocer                Church St.
RAE                Robert                warder                Church St.
RATTRAY                George                accountant        Campbell St.
REARDON                Samuel                painter                Phillip St.
REYNOLDS        Maurice                solicitor        Western Rd.
RICHARDSOHN        Ralph                surveyor        Hurley St.
RISBY                Charles                grocer                Church St.
RITCHIE                Robert                blacksmith        George St.
RITCHIE                William                blacksmith        Phillip St.
ROCHESTER        W.                hay & corn dealer Church St.
RODGERS                George                draper                Church St.
ROGERS                George                contractor        Ross St.
ROULSTON        Joseph                grocer                Church St.
ROULSTON        Moses                grocer                Palmer St.
ROWLING                Robert                clerk                Campbell St.
RUTTER                Robert                surgeon                Macquarie St.
SCHIGGIA        Joseph                tailor                George St.
SCHOFIELD        Joseph                innkeeper        Church St.
SHEARLE                James                bootmaker        George St.
SHEEDY                Patrick                druggist        George St.
SHEPHERD        Thomas                bootmaker        Pennant St.
SIBSON                William                butcher                George St.
SIMMONS                James                ---                Pennant St.
SMITH                Benjamin        tinsmith        Church St.
SMITH                Gilbert                auctioneer        George St.
SMITH                John                innkeeper        Church St.
SMITH                Joseph                builder                Grose St.
SPARKS                Jordan                undertaker        Marsden St.
SPRING                William                grocer                OConnell St.
SPROWLES        Henry                baker                Ross St.
STAFF                John                auctioneer        Campbell St.
STEPHENSON        Wm.                boot warehouse        Church St.
STEWART                John                warder                Galloway St.
STEWART                Neil                squatter        Newlands
STOWE                John                farmer                Galloway St.
SUTTON                Henry                baker                Church St.
SUTTON                Henry                greengrocer        George St.
TAYLOR                Hugh                butcher                Church St.
TAYLOR                John                agent                Macquarie St.
TEASDELL        Thomas                innkeeper        Pennant St.
TEBBUTT                John                astronomer        Albert St.
TODD                Richard                teacher                Grose St.
TROTT                John                squatter        Church St.
TUNKS                George                grocer                Church St.
UPTON                Thomas                bootmaker        Palmer St.
VALLACK                James                brewer                Macquarie St.
VARENKAMP        Fred.                cabinetmaker        Church St.
VAUGHAN                Patrick                warder                Factory St.
VEITCH                John                labourer        Fennell St.
VIVIAN                John                carpenter        Grose St.
WALCH                Garnet                bookseller        Church St.
WALKER                Michael                grocer                Church St.
WALKER                William                porter                George St.
WALTON                Edwin                mason                Smith St.
WARD                William                coach builder        Church St.
WATERS                Robert                warder                Isabella St.
WATSFORD        Daniel                milliner        Church St.
WATT                Chas.                professor of chemistry        Pitt Row
WEEKES                John                bootmaker        Pennant St.
WEELANDS        Alfred                tailor                Church St.
WELB                Richard                ---                Church St.
WHARF                James                warder                Galloway St.
WHITE                Thomas                clerk                OConnell St.
WHITWORTH        Joseph                grocer                George St.
WICKHAM                Frank                clerk                George St.
WICKHAM                Sydney                saddler                Phillip St.
WILCOXSON        William                blacksmith        Pennant St.
WILLIAMS        James                wine & spirit merchant Church St.
WILLIAMS        John                innkeeper        Church St.
WILLIAMS        William                carpenter        Ross St.
WILLIS                James                undertaker        Grose St.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here