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Distance 133 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, 11 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Friday 1 p.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 7 a.m.
Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Bathurst, 13m. OConnell.

ANDERSON        James                solicitor        OConnell
ARMITAGE        Bigly                farmer                Alick Swamp
ARROW                George                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
ARROW                James                farmer                Wisemans Ck.
ARROW                Peter                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
ARROW                Samuel                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
ARROW                William                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
BACK                Robert                auctioneer        OConnell
BAGNALL                William                farmer                Campbells River
BALCOMB                Thomas                farmer                OConnell
BALEY                William                farmer                Alick Swamp
BATES                John                farmer                OConnell
BELLEMY                James                farmer                Alick Swamp
BELLEMY                Robert                farmer                Alick Swamp
BELLEMY                Robert sen.        farmer                OConnell
BLACK                John                miller                OConnell
BOSWORTH        William                farmer                Macquarie Plains
BOURKE                Richard                farmer                Brisbane Grove
BOURKE                Thomas                farmer                Brisbane Grove
BOURKE                Walter                farmer                Alick Swamp
BURGESS                John                blacksmith        OConnell
BURNS                David                farmer                Brisbane Grove
BURNS                John                farmer                Alick Swamp
BURT                Alfred                miner                OConnell
BURTON                Mary                farmer                Eight-mile Ck.
CARTER                Thomas                farmer                Brisbane Grove
CASS                Rev. Arthur        ---                OConnell
CLANCY                Denis                farmer                OConnell
CLANCY                John                farmer                Alick Swamp
CLIFTON                Charles                farmer                Macquarie Plains
COCHRANE        James                farmer                OConnell
COLEMAN                William                farmer                OConnell
DANIELS                Thomas                labourer        OConnell
DAVIS                James                farmer                Brisbane Grove
DAVIS                John                farmer                OConnell
DAVIS                Patrick                farmer                OConnell
DEAN                Mrs. William        ---                Rainville
DONLAN                James                farmer                Rainville
DONNELLY        Henry                farmer                OConnell
DOWNEY                Michael                farmer                Rainville
DWYER                Patrick                innkeeper        OConnell
EASTMENT        John                dealer                OConnell
EASTMENT        William                ---                Alick Swamp
FAGAN                Michael                constable        OConnell
FELSTEAD        Benjamin        farmer                OConnell
FINCH                Charles                carrier                OConnell
FOLEY                Lawrence        farmer                OConnell
FOLEY                Michael                farmer                Wisemans Ck.
FORAN                Mrs. Ellen        farmer                Stoney Ck.
FRASER                F. W.                storekeeper        OConnell Plains
FREEMAN                James                farmer                Rainville
FULTON                M. H.                farmer                OConnell Plains
GORY                Patrick                farmer                Campbells River
GRADY                Patrick                labourer        Campbells River
GRADY                P. sen.                shepherd        Campbells River
HARRIS                Henry                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
HARRIS                H.                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
HARRIS                Mrs. M.                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
HARRIS                Richard                farmer                Eight-mile Swamp
HARRISON        Alfred                farmer                Alick Swamp
HODGINS                R.                labourer        Eight-mile Swamp
HOWARD                John                splitter        Wisemans Ck.
HOWARD                William                splitter        Wisemans Ck.
JAMES                Mrs. Frederick        farmer                Cow Flats
JELBART                James                farmer & carrier OConnell
JELBART                Thomas                householder        Cow Flats
KEARNS                Michael                farmer                Stoney Ck.
LAWS                William                labourer        OConnell
LEW                Henry                farmer                Cow Flats
LEWIS                George                miner                Wisemans Ck.
LOGUE                John                farmer                OConnell
LOGUE                Michael                farmer                OConnell
LOWE                Alfred                farmer                Rainville
LOWE                James JP        squatter        Rainville
MISSEN                Charles                labourer        OConnell
MONOGUE                Patrick                farmer                Squirrel Ck.
MONTGOMERY        G. sen.                farmer                Brisbane Grove
MONTGOMERY        J.                farmer                Brisbane Grove
MORGAN                John jun.        farmer                OConnell
MORGAN                John sen.        farmer                OConnell
MORGAN                Thomas                butcher                OConnell
MORRIS                Thomas                farmer                OConnell
MURRAY                George                farmer                Longdale
MCCORMACK        Patrick                farmer                Logues Ck.
MCGONAGIL        Michael                farmer                OConnell
MCGONAGIL        Patrick                farmer                OConnell
MCGUIRK                John                labourer        Campbell River
MCKITT                Jeremiah        farmer                Wisemans Ck.
OHARA                Charles                farmer                OConnell
OTHAM                Edward                farmer                Wisemans Ck.
OWENS                William                farmer                Rainville
PEARCE                Mrs. John        farmer                OConnell
PEARSON                James                farmer                Dirty Swamp
PEEK                Richard                miner                Fulback Copper Mines
POWER                Edward                farmer                Antoneys Ck.
PURDON                George                farmer                Cow Flats
PURDON                William                farmer                Cow Flats
QUICK                William                farmer                Stoney Ck.
RAE                David                farmer                Cow Flats
RAE                Thomas                farmer                Bloom Hill
RAE                William                farmer                Cow Flats
RAE                Wilson                farmer                Cow Flats
REEDY                E.                farmer                Langsdale, Campbell River
RICH                Philip                farmer                OConnell
ROBERTS                Daniel                farmer                Antoneys Ck.
RUSHWORTH        Henry                labourer        Antoneys Ck.
RYAN                Michael                farmer                Langsdale
SARGENT                W.                innkeeper        OConnell Plains
SEAMOUR                Stephen                farmer                Brisbane Grove
SLINGSBY        Mrs. Thomas        farmer                Rainville
SMITH                John                labourer        OConnell
SPICER                John                farmer                Brisbane Grove
STAPELY                Henry                farmer                Brisbane Grove
STILL                E.                bootmaker        Eight-mile Swamp
TODD                David                farmer                Stoney Ck.
TODD                Lewis                farmer                Stoney Ck.
TODD                William                storekeeper        Stoney Ck.
TOLHURST        George                farmer                OConnell
URWIN                Robert                farmer                OConnell
WALKER                James                landholder        OConnell
WALKER                Roland                farmer                OConnell
WHITAKER        Robert                farmer                Brisbane Grove
WILCOX                John                carrier                Wisemans Ck.
WILCOX                John                miner                Fulback Copper Mine
WILCOX                Thomas                farmer                Cow Flats
WILLIAMS        Edward                farmer                Black Springs
WILLIAMS        Thomas                farmer                Rainville
WILLIAMS        William                farmer                Cow Flats
WILSON                William                miner                Stoney Ck.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here