Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – OBLEY

Page 399
Distance 208 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday 2 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Tuesday 10 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday 7 a.m.
Route – Rail Rydal, Cobb’s coach Molong, 36m. Obley.

ANGUS		Neil		farmer		Ten-mile Water Hole
BAIRD		David D.	squatter	Springs
BAWDEN		Patrick		farmer		Draway
BLACK		Joseph E.	---		Obley
BLANCHARD	Alfred		superintendent	The Oaks, Bogan River
BONFIELD	Isaac		labourer	Obley
BOOTY		George		innkeeper	Molong St.
BOWEN		William		storekeeper	Balderadgiree
BOWIE		David		blacksmith	Molong
CARTON		William		poundkeeper	Obley
CLOSE		Sydney E.	squatter	West Talmay
CONNOR		Thomas 		storekeeper	Molong St.
COOPER		George		labourer	Obley
DEVINE		Thomas		shepherd	Meadows
EMBLEN		Jeremiah	blacksmith	Molong St.
EPLETT		Otho		shepherd	Obela
*FREGASKIS	W.		miner		Buckenbah Reef
FULLER		Godfrey		butcher		Obley
GARDINER	John		farmer		Buckenbah
GEDDES		John		householder	Bulgandramine
GIBSON		William		miner		Buckenbah Reef
GILMOUR		John N.		squatter	Bogan River
GLOVER		John A.		shepherd	Meadows
GRAHAM		J.		stockman	Dirribong, Bogan River
GRAHAM		John		farmer		Obley
GRAY		Robert		labourer	Buckenbah
HARPER		David		superintendent	Gunanagei
HARPER		William		storekeeper	Bogan River
HILLAN		James		farmer		Obley
HOARE		John		squatter	Talmay
JOHNSTON	Wm.		superintendent	Algullah, Bogan River
KERR		Andrew		mail contractor	Obley
KERR		Andrew T.	squatter	Dirribong, Bogan River
KERR		J.		superintendent	Dirribong, Bogan River
KINGHORN	A.		superintendent	Coradgerie
LEAK		Henry S.	miner		Buckenbah Reef
LEWIS		Henry		carrier		Mungery
MAKER		William		superintendent	Waterloo, Bogan River
MARSDEN		J. E.		superintendent	Obela
MATTHEWS	Jacob		carrier		Obley
MAY		Charles		fencer		Obley
MOORE		W. R.		carpenter	Gunner’s Dam
MORGAN		Edward H.	fencer		Bogan River
MOTT		A.		miner & engineer Buckenbah Reef
MCCULLOCH	H. C.		squatter	Buckenbah
MCLEAN		Abraham		innkeeper	Bogan River
MCPHELLAMY	W. C.		squatter	The Oaks
PALMER		George		squatter	Coradgerie
PALMER		John		squatter	Coradgerie
PATEN		Henry		miner		Gunner’s Dam
PEARCE		George		shepherd	Buckenbah
PHILLIPS	Samuel		squatter	Wallenbillen
POWERS		James		miner		Buckenbah Reef
PURCELL		Edward		shepherd	Graddell
ROBINSON	Henry		stock-keeper	The Oaks
ROBINSON	Robert		householder	Mungery
RORKE		James		squatter	Meadows
RORKE		Thomas		manager		Meadows
SMITH		Louis		shepherd	Curra
SPARKS		Jas.		superintendent	Balderadgiree
STRAHOON	Archibald C.	squatter	Mungery
STRAHOON	H.		squatter	Wandoo Wandong
STRAHOON	John		squatter	Wandoo Wandong
STRAHOON	John jun.	farmer		Draway
STRAHOON	Robert		squatter	Mungery
STRAHOON	William		farmer		Draway
WILSON		Anthony		miner		Buckenbah Reef
YEOMANS		William		shepherd	Mungery

Greville 1872

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