Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – OBERON

Page 397
Distance 147 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday via Bathurst 4 p.m., Friday via
Hartley 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday 4 p.m. via Bathurst, Saturday via Hartley 1
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday via Bathurst 8 a.m., Sunday via Hartley 10 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday via Bathurst 7 a.m., Tuesday via Hartley 7 a.m.
Route – Rail One-Tree Hill, 65m. Oberon.

ARMSTRONG	B.		farmer		Wiseman’s Ck.
ARMSTRONG	Wilson		farmer		Wiseman’s Ck.
BAILEY		E.		farmer		Race-course Ck.
BAILEY		John		farmer		Duckmalor
BAILEY		William		farmer		Race-course Ck.
BATCHELDOR	James		farmer		Race-course Ck.
BATCHELDOR	John		farmer		Charles’ Hill
BATEMAN		George		farmer		Oberon
BATEMAN		Joseph		farmer		Oberon
BATEMAN		Thomas		farmer		Oberon
BRADY		Edward		constable	Oberon
BURROW		James		bootmaker	Duckmalor
CAMPBELL	James		farmer		Duckmalor
CLARKE		Joseph		farmer		Oberon
CLARKE		Lisle		farmer		Oberon
CLARKE		Robert jun.	farmer		Oberon
COLE		Charles		blacksmith	Oberon
CROUCHER	Cyrus		labourer	Oberon
CUNYNGHAME	Charles		storekeeper	Oberon
CUNYNGHAME	Sydney		farmer		Back Ck.
CUNYNGHAME	Thomas		farmer		Oberon
DELANEY		James		blacksmith	Oberon
DILLON		Maurice		farmer		Oberon
DOMAGER		Daniel		farmer		Native Dog Ck.
DONNELLY	Henry		farmer		Fish River Ck.
DONNELLY	James		farmer		Fish River Ck.
DOUST		James		farmer		Oberon
DWYER		Owen		innkeeper	Oberon St.
DWYER		Owen		storekeeper	Oberon
EATON		John		surgeon		Oberon
FALLS		James		farmer		Oberon
FALLS		Jane		farmer		Oberon
FITZGERALD	Edward		farmer		Charlie’s Hill
FITZPATRICK	Daniel		farmer		Slippery Ck.
FITZPATRICK	Margaret	farmer		Slippery Ck.
FITZPATRICK	Thomas		farmer		Slippery Ck.
FITZPATRICK	William		farmer		Slippery Ck.
FLEMING		William		farmer		Springfield
FRUEN		Joseph		labourer	Oberon
GORMAN		Patrick		fencer		Oberon
GRADY		James sen.	farmer		Fish River Ck.
GRADY		John		farmer		Fish River Ck.
GRADY		Patrick		farmer		Oberon
GRADY		William		farmer		Oberon
GREEN		John		farmer		Fish River Ck.
GREEN		Philip		farmer		Fish River Ck.
GREEN		William		farmer		Fish River Ck.
HARTIGAN	John		farmer		Meadows
HARTIGAN	Michael		farmer		Meadows
HARVEY		Edmund		farmer		Retreat
HARVEY		John T.		farmer		Retreat
HASLOP		Isaac		farmer		Duckmalor
HENNESSEY	John		---		Fish River Ck.
HOGAN		John jun.	farmer		Duckmalor
HOGAN		John sen.	farmer		Duckmalor
HOGAN		Mary		grazier		Tuglow
HOGAN		Philip		farmer		Tuglow
HOPPERMAN	Christian	carpenter	Oberon
HUGHES		Denis		farmer		Oberon
HUGHES		Edward		farmer		Oberon
HUGHES		John jun.	grazier		Benny
HUMPHRIES	Alfred		---		Essington Park
HUMPHRIES	George		farmer		Essington Park
HUMPHRIES	Henry		grazier		Essington Park
KEEN		John B.		bailiff		Oberon
KELLY		Hugh		farmer		Race-course Ck.
KIRK		Thomas		wheelwright	Oberon
LAMBERT		James		farmer		Wiseman’s Ck.
LENDSTER	Peter		farmer		Oberon
LONG		Martin		farmer		Charlie’s Hill
LUXTON		Charles		farmer		Race-course Ck.
LUXTON		Thomas		farmer		Race-course Ck.
MADIGAN		Timothy		farmer		Oberon
MOLOY		Edward		farmer		Oberon
MORGAN		James		bootmaker	Oberon
MUTTON		Thomas		farmer		Wattle Grove
MCCARTIE	Denis		senior constable Oberon
MCKEON		Thomas		farmer		Race-course Ck.
MCKITT		Jeremiah	farmer		Wiseman’s Ck.
MCKITT		Mary		farmer		Wiseman’s Ck.
NUNAN		John		farmer		Oberon
NUNAN		Mary		farmer		Oberon
O’CONNELL	Thomas		farmer		Oberon
O’CONNOR	James		shepherd	Essington Park
PARKER		James		farmer		Charlie’s Hill 
PARKER		William		farmer		Charlie’s Hill
PHAIR		John		farmer		Duckmalor
PICKERING	George		farmer		Oberon
RICHARDS	Henry		bootmaker	Oberon
ROBINSON	John		farmer		Duckmalor
SHAW		William		blacksmith	Oberon
SLATTERY	Thomas		farmer		Slippery Ck.
SLOGGETT	Joseph		farmer		Oberon
SLOGGETT	William		farmer		Oberon
STEWART		Charles		sawyer		Oberon
TILLING		William		farmer		Fish River Ck.
TOOHILL		David		farmer		Oberon
TOOHILL		Timothy		farmer		Oberon
URWIN		Nicholas	farmer		Oberon
WHALAN		Alfred		miller		Oberon
WHALAN		Campbell jun.	farmer		Duckmalor
WHALAN		Campbell sen.	farmer		Duckmalor
WHALAN		Charles, JP	farmer		Glyndior
WHALAN		Edwin		farmer		Oberon
WHALAN		Horatio		farmer		Duckmalor
WHALAN		John C.		farmer		Fish River Ck.
WHALAN		John M.		farmer		Council Chambers
WHALAN		Robert		farmer		Council Chambers
WHITELY		James		carpenter	Oberon
WILCOX		Edwin		farmer		Fish River Ck.
WILCOX		Richard		farmer		Round Hill
WILCOX		Robert		farmer		Charlie’s Hill
WILCOX		Wm. jun.	farmer		Fish River Ck.
WILCOX		Wm. sen.	farmer		Fish River Ck.
WILD		James		carrier		Fish River Ck.
WILD		John		farmer		Race-course
WILLIAMS	John G.		shepherd	Essington Park
WOODGATE	Robert		---		Oberon

Greville 1872

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