Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – OBAN

Page 397
Distance 345 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday 5 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday 6 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.
Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb’s coach Armidale, 32m. Oban.

BARKER		John		squatter	Mount Mitchell
BLAKE		Thomas		butcher		Oban
BOTTS		James		miner		Oban
BOURKE		Thomas		shepherd	Aberfoil
BOUVRET		Augustus	miner		Puddle Duck
BRENNELL	John		miner		Oban
BROCKE		Jacob		miner		Ward’s Mistake
CALDWELL	Alfred		miner		Oban
CLARKE		Thomas		innkeeper	Oban
COLLINS		Daniel		miner		Oban
COLLINS		Jeremiah	miner		Mount Mitchell
COUSINS		Thomas		miner		Oban
COVENTRY	Andrew		squatter	Oban
COVENTRY	A. jun.		manager		Kangaroo Hills
COVENTRY	Charles		squatter	Oban
COVENTRY	James		squatter	Oban
COVENTRY	John		overseer	Aberfoil
COVENTRY	William		manager		Aberfoil
CUNNINGHAM	James		miner		Oban
DE FRISTERS	Frank		miner		Oban
DONNELLY	James		miner		Oban
DONOVAN		Timothy		miner		Oban
FINN		William		miner		Oban
GIBB		Henry		miner		Oban
GILES		Thomas		---		Aberfoil
GREEN		George		miner		Lower Mount Mitchell
GREEN		Henry		miner		Lower Mount Mitchell
GREEN		Wm.		manager		Lower Mount Mitchell
GREIVE		Walter		squatter	Mount Mitchell
HAGEN		William		miner		Oban
HALL		George		miner		Oban
HOPPER		William		miner		Oban
JOHNSON		George		miner		Oban
KENNY		Michael		miner		Oban
KEWLY		John		squatter	Paddy’s Land
KEWLY		R. jun.		squatter	Fiddler’s Green
KEWLY		Richard sen.	---		Paddy’s Land
KEWLY		William		squatter	Paddy’s Land
LAMB		John		miner		Oban
MAHONY		Patrick		miner		Oban
MARTIN		James		miner		Oban
MOGG		William		miner		Jacob’s Swamp
MCCALL		John		miner		Oban
NOWLAND		W.		squatter	Ward’s Mistake
PENSON		Julian		---		Blair Hill
PENSON		Sydney		miner		Sandy Ck.
PIERCE		Patrick		miner		Oban
QUINN		Hugh		miner		Oban
QUINN		Patrick		miner		Oban
RASSI		John		storekeeper	Oban
RICHARDSON	John		overseer	Ward’s Mistake
RUMMINGS	Robert		builder		Oban
SCHOLES		Joshua		manager		Oakwood
SHARKEY		James		miner		Oban
TAYLOR		George		miner		Mount Mitchell
VONBEL		Peter		mailman		Oban
WALDEN		Stephen		miner		Oban
WEDLOCK		William		miner		Oban
WEST		William		stockman	Oakwood
WHEELER		Joseph		miner		Oban
WHITE		David		miner		Oban
WILSON		John		miner		Oban

Greville 1872

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