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Distance 50 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 2.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail Picton, 9m. Oaks - Vanderville

ALBURY		Thomas		farmer		Rose Hill
ALBURY		William		farmer		Rose Hill
BAKER		Charles		farmer		Glenmore
BLIGH		Patrick		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
BRIDGES		James		bootmaker	Village of Vanderville
BROOKS		Griffin		farmer		Glendiver
CAUNT		George		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
CLARKE		Philip		bootmaker	Glenmore
CLEMSON		William		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
CRICK		William		farmer		Hardwick
DENNIS		James		cattle dealer	Vanderville
DEVITT		Michael		farmer		Vanderville
DONOHOE		Thomas		farmer		Hardwick
DOYLE		Patrick		dairy		Vanderville
DRENNAN		John		farmer		Glenmore
DUCK		William		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
DUNBAR		John		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
DUNK		David		dairy		Creigend
DUNKS		William		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
DUNN		Charles		dairy		Oaks Rd.
DUNN		John		dairy		Spring Ck.
FLANAGAN	Thomas		labourer	Vanderville
GAUDRY		William		dairy		Vanderville
GEORGE		William		labourer	Vanderville
GETTOES		William		farmer		Spring Hill
GIDDY		John		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
GRAY		Jas.		labourer	Village of Vanderville
GRUNDY		John		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
HATFIELD	Thomas		carrier		Churchland
HEALY		Thomas		farmer		Vanderville
HOLMES		J.		labourer	Village of Vanderville
HOLOHAN		M.		butcher		Village of Vanderville
HUNT		James		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
INGLIS		Thomas		farmer		Hardwick
KINSELA		John		splitter & fencer Hardwick
KNIGHT		George		labourer	Hardwick
KNIGHT		Thomas		---		Hardwick
LACY		Timothy		farmer		Limerick Lodge
LAVERCOMBE	Nicholas	farmer		Mulgoa Forest
LAWRENCE	Samuel		bootmaker	Village of Vanderville
LEDWELL		W.		labourer	Village of Vanderville
LESTRANGE	K.		teacher		Village of Vanderville
LITTLEWOOD	William		farmer		Glenmore
LONGHURST	Henry		farmer		Stevys Forest
LOOMES		William		farmer		Hardwick
LUTHER		Christian	farmer		Hermitage
MARSH		James		dairy		Wild Oaks
MARTIN		Patrick		dairy		Village of Vanderville
MARTIN		Patrick		farmer		Burragorang Rd.
MITCHELL	George		splitter & fencer Oaks Rd.
MITCHELL	Richard		splitter & fencer Friends Farm
MOORE		James		farmer		Glendiver
MOORE		Joseph		farmer		Glenmore
MOORE		Robert		storekeeper	Glenmore
MOSES		Peter		tailor		Hermitage
MCCOLGAN	James		labourer	Pumpkin Hill
MCEVOY		Catherine	---		Village of Vanderville
MCEVOY		James		dairy		Vanderville
MCNIVON		Alexander	teacher		Mulgoa Forest
NORMAN		Henry		storekeeper	Village of Vanderville
OHARE		Felix		farmer		Hardwick
PACKENHAM	William		carpenter	Village of Vanderville
RANDLE		Arthur		labourer	Steveys Forest
REED		Frederick	gardener	Vanderville
REID		Robert		labourer	Pumpkin Hill
REILLY		Ann		dairy		Vanderville
RHUAN		Joseph		farmer		Hardwick
RIDEOUT		Jas.		sawyer		Village of Vanderville
ROBERTS		John		miller		Mill Park
SCHMARR		Henry		farmer		Sounding Rock
STAGGS		George		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
STEVENS		James		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
STOKES		Isaac		mason		Glenmore
TABER		Thomas		farmer		Hardwick
THUBBRON	Richard		farmer		Glenmore
TIMMINS		James		dairy		Russells Farm
TRAVES		Henry		farmer		Hardwick
WARD		Patrick		tinsmith	Vanderville
WHEATLEY	Thos.		labourer	Flaggy Crossing Place
WHOLOHAN	John		farmer		Mulgoa Forest
WILD		Frederick	grazier		Wild Oaks
WILD		John		grazier		Vanderville
WILD		Mrs. Emeline	landholder	Vanderville
WILD		Robert		grazier		Spring Hill
WILLIAMS	Shadrach	farmer		Mulgoa Forest
WILLIS		William		dairy		Churchland

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here