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Distance 261 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, Monday 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurund, Cobbs coach Goonoo Goonoo, 20m.

ARNDELL		George		squatter	Crowney
ARNDELL		James		squatter	Crowney
BERTIMORE	Henry		blacksmith	Happy Valley
BILLINGTON	Henry		saddler		Nundle
BRENNAN		John		farmer		Nundle Ck.
BRENNAN		Michael		farmer		Nundle Ck.
BURR		Joseph		farmer		Nundle Ck.
COLLEN		Robert		miner		Butcher Gully
COLLETT		C. B.	`	JP		Oakenville Ck.
CROSS		William		sawyer		Oakenville Ck.
DAVIDSON	George		carpenter & builder Nundle
EDWARDS		David		miner		Oakenville Ck.
ELSON		John		carrier		Oakenville Ck.
EMBLIN		Joseph		miner		Mount Misery
EMBLIN		Mark		farmer		Nundle Ck.
EPPS		Henry		farmer		Nundle
FALCK		Julius		storekeeper	Nundle
FITZPATRICK	James		farmer		Nundle
FOGARTY		James		farmer		Back Ck.
FOGARTY		John		farmer		Crowney
FOX		Charles		miner		Oakenville Ck.
FULLER		James		miner		Nundle
GALLAGHER	M.		inn & storekeeper Nundle
GOODYER		William		miner		Oakenville Ck.
GRAHAM		John		saddler		Nundle
HAIR		John		lock-up keeper	Nundle
HARPER		William		blacksmith	Nundle
HEYMAN		William		farmer		Nundle
HOLLAND		James		farmer		Back Ck.
HOMAN		Frederick	MD		Nundle
HOWARTH		John		shepherd	Bunkers Hill
HOWARTH		J.		miner		Oakenville Ck.
HUNGERFORD	A. W.		squatter	Bary Station
IRELAND		Robert		superintendent	Callagan Swamp
ISSACONHSON	Martin, DD	storekeeper	Nundle
JACKSON		William		farmer		Back Ck.
JOHNSON		Charles		farmer		Nundle
JONES		Edward		farmer		Nundle
JONES		George jun.	farmer		Nundle
JONES		George sen.	farmer		Nundle
KERMODE		Samuel		miller		Oakenville Ck.
LAMBERT		Samuel		inn & storekeeper Nundle
LEDGER		Isidore		innkeeper	Happy Valley
LESLIE		James Heydon	poundkeeper	Nundle
LING		Lee		storekeeper	Oakenville Ck.
LOCOMB		Robert		farmer		Nundle Ck.
LOWE		Andrew		farmer		Back Ck.
LOWRY		John		teacher		Nundle
MOORE		George		superintendent	Nundle
MCCLELLAND	Alexander	inn & storekeeper Nundle
MCCLELLAND	Thomas		farmer		Nundle
MCCOY		Michael		farmer		Nundle Ck.
MCEWIN		James		miner		Mount Misery
MCIRWIN		Robert		miner		Mount Misery
MCPHERSON	John		miner		Happy Valley
PARKINS		Joseph		innkeeper	Nundle
POWELL		James		miner		Mount Misery
PRING		Elijah James	MD		Nundle
PYRKE		Samuel		miner		Oakenville Ck.
RING		Thomas		senior constable Nundle
ROBSON		William		constable	Nundle
RYAN		John		farmer		Crowney
RYAN		Michael		farmer		Crowney
RYAN		William		farmer		Nundle
RYAN		William		farmer		Nundle Ck.
SCHOFIELD	Thomas		miner		Oakenville Ck.
SCHOFIELD	William		carpenter	Nundle
SIPPLE		Frederick	farmer		Nundle Ck.
SMITH		John		miner		Happy Valley
SMITH		William		miner		Batcher Gully
SPIRES		Richard		farmer		Nundle
STEPHEN		Thomas		bootmaker	Nundle
TADDY		George		farmer		Nundle Ck.
TADDY		George		MD		Nundle
TAYLOR		Ralph		miner		Mount Misery
THEWELL		William		bootmaker	Nundle
THOMPSON	William		farmer		Nundle
TOBY		Michael		farmer		Nundle Ck.
WALKER		Richard		innkeeper	Nundle
WALTERS		Joshua		bootmaker	Nundle
WARDEN		Frederick	farmer		Nundle Ck.
WELLS		Alfred		miner		Happy Valley
WELSH		Thomas		farmer		Nundle
WETHERALL	S.		inn & storekeeper Oakenville Ck.
WISEMAN		A. D.		squatter	Bary Station
WOLFENDEN	John		miner		Mount Misery
WONG		Yee		storekeeper	Happy Valley
WOODBY		Edward		miner		Mount Misery
WOODBY		Frederick	miner		Mount Misery
WOODLEY		James H.	farmer		Back Ck.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here