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Distance 111 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m. and by steamer as opportunity
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 3 p.m. and by steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 6 a.m. and by steamer as
opportunity offers. 
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 1.45 a.m. and by steamer.

Route  Steam Shoalhaven (Numba), or rail Campbelltown, coach Numba. 

ALEXANDER	John		farmer		Coolangatta
ALEXANDER	Peter		baker		Numba
ALLEN		James		fencer		Numba
ALLEN		John		stockkeeper	Numba
ALLISON		James		carpenter	Coolangatta
APPERLY		John		farmer		Numba
ARANTZ		Martin		carpenter	Numba
BELSHAM		Mrs.		farmer		Upper
BENNIE		Robert		bootmaker	Upper
BERRY		David		---		Coolangatta
BERRY		William		---		Coolangatta
BINDON		John		clerk		Numba
BLAGDEN		William		farmer		Crook Haven
BOWLING		James		farmer		Back Forest
BRETTELL	Cornelius	surveyor	Coolangatta
CAFFREY		Edward		farmer		Jindyandie
CAFFREY		John		farmer		Pyree
CAFFREY		Patrick jun.	farmer		Pyree
CAFFREY		Patrick sen.	farmer		Pyree
CAMPBELL	John jun.	farmer		Upper
CAMPBELL	John sen.	farmer		Upper
CAPLE		Henry		farmer		Back Forest
CHAYTER		Richard		farmer		Coolangatta
CONDON		James		farmer		Jindyandie
CONDON		Michael		farmer		Back Forest
COURTNEY	Michael		farmer		Back Forest
CRUICKSHANK	William		labourer	Coolangatta
DANGAR		Philip		labourer	Coolangatta
DAVIS		Arthur		carpenter	Coolangatta
DAVIS		Frederick	mariner		Back Forest
DUNCOMBE	George		farmer		Mayfield
EBAT		John		labourer	Greenwell Point
EDDLE		Francis		labourer	Coolangatta
FOLEY		John		blacksmith	Coolangatta
FRASER		Alexander	overseer	Coolangatta
GREENAWAY	William		farmer		Back Forest
HEAVENS		James		labourer	Coolangatta
HOUGH		Rev. W.		---		Numba
HOUSTEN		James		overseer	Coolangatta
HOWARD		John		---		Upper
ISON		Winifred	farmer		Back Forest
JACKSON		Charles		carpenter	Coolangatta
JUDSON		William		labourer	Coolangatta
JULIAN		Patrick		farmer		Lower
KELLY		John		farmer		Upper
KELLY		Thomas		farmer		Upper
LONGBOTTOM	G.		horse breaker	Coolangatta
MADDEN		Andrew		farmer		Lower
MAHONEY		Jeremiah	farmer		Back Forest
MATHEWS		John		mariner		Coolangatta
METHVIN		Cathcart	surveyor	Numba
METHVIN		Robert		overseer	Numba
MILLER		George		painter		Back Forest
MILLER		William		farmer		Upper
MONAGHAN	John		landowner	Mayfield
MORTON		Henry		agent		Numba
MULLER		Jacob		farmer		Back Forest
MURPHY		James		carpenter	Back Forest
MURPHY		Michael		farmer		Lower
MURPHY		Patrick		farmer		Coolangatta
MURRAY		Christopher	bailiff		Upper
MCKINNON	John		farmer		Upper
MCNEILY		James		farmer		Numba
OKEEFE		David		farmer		Lower
OKEEFE		John		farmer		Lower
PARK		Andrew		gardener	Coolangatta
QUILTY		John		farmer		Upper
ROLLO		William		teacher		Back Forest
RYAN		James		farmer		Lower
RYAN		Patrick		farmer		Mayfield
SCOTT		William		labourer	Numba
SHEPHERD	James		farmer		Numba
SHIPTON		David		farmer		Lower
SINCLAIR	Frederick	farmer		Jindyandie
SMITH		George		millwright	Numba
SMITH		John sen.	farmer		Back Forest
SMITH		William		farmer		Numba
STAFFORD	John		labourer	Coolangatta
SULLIVAN	Patrick		farmer		Back Forest
WARREN		Thomas		farmer		Numba
WATTS		John		farmer		Upper
WEEKES		John		bootmaker	Coolangatta
WEIGAND		Henry		blacksmith	Numba
WILLETT		George		farmer		Back Forest
WILLETT		John		---		Numba

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here