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Distance 117 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Moss Vale;
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Kiama 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday via Moss Vale 1.30 p.m.;
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday via Kiama 4 p.m. 
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday. Tuesday, Thursday 3.15 p.m. via Moss Vale;
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.15 a.m. via Kiama. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Moss Vale; Tuesday,
Thursday, Saturday via Kiama 7.15 a.m.

Route  Steam Shoalhaven, 4m. Nowra.

ALDCORN		Andrew		surgeon		Sassafras
ALDCORN		James		---		Kingston St.
ALDCORN		John		---		Nerriga
ALLERS		Robert		farmer		Werrigee
ALLY		G. M.		farmer		Burnt Wood
ATKINS		W.		farmer		Cabbage Tree Ck.
BAINBRIDGE	John		farmer		Sassafras
BARRON		James		---		Yatwah
BARRON		Walter		farmer		Salt-water Ck.
BENNEY		W. H.		blacksmith	Green Hills
BERRY		David		carpenter	Nowra
BISHOP		Charles		butcher		Nowra
BORN		Joshua		carrier		Nowra Hill
BRAVEN		Thomas		farmer		Fillibuster
BROERS		Henry		carpenter	Nowra
BROWN		Bernard		auctioneer	Nowra Hill
BROWN		John		carpenter	Nowra
BROWN		Martin		stockman	Nowra
BROWN		William		farmer		Yellow Water-hole
CAMERON		Frederick	brickmaker	Nowra
CARBERRY	Felix		farmer		Nowra Hill
CARBERRY	Francis		farmer		Nowra Hill
CARBERRY	Joseph		farmer		Nowra Hill
CASHION		Nicholas	farmer		Crookhaven
CHASETING	James A.	farmer		Boomerang
CHASETING	Thomas		farmer		Boomerang
COLEMAN		Charles		teacher		Nowra
COLESON		George		innkeeper	Nowra
COLLINS		Joseph		sawyer		Nowra
COLLIS		John C.		teacher		Carrowal
COLYER		Joseph		farmer		Nowra Hill
CONDIE		William		farmer		Nowra Hill
COOK		Alfred		miller		Nowra
CORDWELL	Joseph		gardener	Nowra
CRAWFORD	Joseph		farmer		Cabbage Tree Ck.
CRITTLE		James		farmer		Green Hills
CURRY		Louis		farmer		Cabbage Tree Ck.
DICKSON		Samuel		joiner		Nowra
DILLON		Thomas		carpenter	Nowra
ELYARD		Samuel		---		Nowra
ELYARD		Walter		boatbuilder	Nowra
EMERY		John J.		farmer		Crookhaven
ETTEYHAM	Anthony		carpenter	Nowra
GALLOWAY	Alex.		farmer		Nowra Hill
GALLOWAY	David		farmer		Nowra Hill
GALVIN		James		labourer	Nowra
GARDENER	Robert		farmer		Green Hills
GARDENER	Robert		farmer		Nowra Hill
GERRETT		James		butcher		Nowra
GLADSVILLE	Maria		farmer		Nowra
GLANVILLE	George		farmer		Long Reach
GLANVILLE	John jun.	farmer		Woggamia
GLANVILLE	John sen.	farmer		Mount Joy
GO		Sang		gardener	Nowra
GRAHAM		Christopher	storekeeper	Nowra
GRAHAM		James		farmer		Nowra
GREEN		Jeremiah	storekeeper	Nowra
GREY		George		farmer		Bomadury
GRIFFIN		William		baker		Nowra
HAMES		Philip		sawyer		Nowra
HAMMOCK		Walter		blacksmith	Green Hills
HAWKER		Edmund		farmer		Green Hills
HAWKER		Seth		labourer	Nowra
HENRY		George		farmer		Long Point
HEWITT		Owen		blacksmith	Nowra
HIBBARD		Joseph		quarryman	Nowra
HODGKINSON	John		carpenter	Nowra
HOLLAND		John		bootmaker	Nowra
HUFFINGHAM	Frank		gardener	Worriger
HUGHES		John		farmer		Salt Water Hole
HYAM		Dizley M.	farmer		Nowra Hill
HYAM		Michael		---		Nowra
ISAACS		Elizabeth	innkeeper	Nowra
ISON		Henry		---		Salt Water Ck.
IVORY		George		carpenter	Nowra
JAMIESON	J.		farmer		Cabbage Tree Flat
JAMIESON	James		farmer		Nowra Hill
JOHNSON		William		farmer		Cabbage Tree Ck.
JONES		Thomas		sawyer		Nowra
JONES		William		labourer	Nowra
JUSTIN		John W.		farmer		Nowra Hill
KEMP		Ely		labourer	Green Hills
KENNEDY		Andrew		farmer		Salt Water Hole
KINGSBURY	Richard		hawker		Nowra
LARTER		J.		bootmaker	Nowra
LARTER		Thomas		bootmaker	Nowra
LEE		George		farmer		Bewangle
LENNINGS	Simon		farmer		Nowra  Hill		
LESSETT		James sen.	butcher		Nowra
LOVEGROVE	William		CPS		Nowra
MAHAN		James		labourer	Mount Joy
MANSON		David		farmer		Salt Water Ck.
MARRACK		Melville	teacher		Nowra
MONIGHAN	Mrs. Ann	---		Nowra
MORRAGHAN	James		farmer		Green Hills
MOORE		Charles		bricklayer	Nowra
MOORE		Frederick	bricklayer	Nowra
MOORE		Joseph		bricklayer	Nowra
MOSS		Henry		innkeeper	Green Hills
MULLEY		Joseph		farmer		Salt Water Hole
MURPHY		Michael		labourer	Bundaron
MURRAY		George		bootmaker	Nowra
MCALWAN		Joseph		farmer		Nowra Hill
MCALWAN		Owen		farmer		Yellow Water Hole
MCBETH		Elizabeth	farmer		Palmer
MCDONALD	James		tinsmith	Nowra
MCDONALD	William		teacher		Boomerang
MCGUIER		James		farmer		Nowra
MCGUINNESS	Alexander	farmer		Nowra
MCKAY		Alexander K.	---		Nowra Park
MCKAY		Hugh		farmer		Cabbage Tree Ck.
MCKENZIE	Hugh		---		Bundarnon
MCKINNON	Lachlan		farmer		Nowra
MCLARREN	Peter		farmer		Nowra
MCMULLEN	D.		farmer		Cabbage Tree Ck.
MCPHERSON	Jane		dressmaker	Nowra
NEWTON		Thomas		farmer		Nowra Hill
NICHOLSON	Laurence	carpenter	Nowra
PATERSON	William		baker		Nowra
RAYHART		Martin		gardener	Nowra
REYNOLDS	William		farmer		Nowra Hill
ROBSON		Charles		farmer		Sassafras
ROBSON		Thomas		labourer	Mayfield
ROLPH		Joseph		labourer	Nowra
RUSSELL		Henry		teacher		Nowra Hill
SCHADEL		John		carpenter	Nowra
SEARSON		John		constable	Nowra
SENKENBARG	August		bootmaker	Nowra
SMITH		John		blacksmith	Green Hills
SMITH		John		gardener	Nowra
SOLWAY		Richard		farmer		Nowra Hill
SPAIN		Ann		farmer		Nowra Ck.
STAINS		Joseph		labourer	Nowra
STAPLETON	John jun.	farmer		Palmer
STAPLETON	John sen.	farmer		Summer Hill
STREET		Thomas		farmer		Sassafras
STRONG		William		farmer		Long Point
SUMMERFIELD	John		carpenter	Nowra
SUMMERVILLE	John		bootmaker	Nowra
SWAIN		Christopher	bootmaker	Nowra
THOMAS		Joseph		bootmaker	Nowra
THOSBURN	Isaac		farmer		Barengella
WADDINGTON	James		farmer		Barengella
WARNE		Thomas		labourer	Cabbage Tree Ck.
WATSON		James		farmer		Camberton, Granger
WILSON		Henry		farmer		Callala
WOODEN		Benjamin	farmer		Salt Water Ck.
WOOLF		Henry		carpenter	Nowra

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here