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Distance 282 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 10 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail Goulburn, coach Cooma, 25m. Nimitybelle; or steam Merimbula 
Eden, coach Nimitybelle. 

ALEXANDER	James		shepherd	Mount Cooper
ALLCOCK		Jonas		overseer	Doolondondo
ARMSTRONG	James		bootmaker	Nimitybelle
AYLING		Cornelius	farmer		Grannys Flat
AYLING		John		farmer		Grannys Flat
BARBER		Catherine	---		Mount Cooper
BARBER		John		shepherd	Mount Cooper
BEBERICK	Adam		selector	Nimitybelle
BELL		David		farmer		Spring Flat
BENNET		John E.		farmer		Bummyumbla
BENNETT		Miss		---		Bummyumbla
BLAKE		James		labourer	Square Range
BLAKE		William		farmer		One Tree Hill
BRIGHT		William		labourer	Nimitybelle
BROOME		James		carpenter	Glen Bog
BRYAN		Henry		constable	Nimitybelle
BULGARY		George		labourer	Ando
BULGARY		Jiger		farmer		Ando
BULGARY		William		labourer	Ando
BURKE		Edward		labourer	Mount Cooper
BURKE		Francis		storekeeper	Nimitybelle
BURKE		John		labourer	Nimitybelle
BURKE		Martin		farmer		Nimitybelle
BURKE		Michael		farmer		Nimitybelle
BURKE		Robert		teamster	Mount Cooper
CAMPBELL	Catherine	servant		Curry Flat
CAMPBELL	Donald		squatter	Thistlebrook
CASSILIS	Mrs.		shepherdess	Boco
CLARKSON	John		labourer	Nimitybelle
CLOHESSY	Timothy		labourer	Nimitybelle
CLOHESSY	Timothy		shepherd	Summer Hill
COLLINS		Cornelius	shepherd	Boco
CULLY		James		labourer	Nimitybelle
DELVES		David		carrier		Nimitybelle
DENNETT		Mrs.		housekeeper	Curry Flat
DRISCOLL	John		stock-keeper	Glen Bog
DRISCOLL	John		squatter	Summer Hill
DRISCOLL	Mrs. H.		---		Summer Hill
FARRELL		John		farmer		Nimitybelle
FARRELL		Patrick		farmer		Nimitybelle
FITZGERALD	John		shepherd	Mount Cooper
GAABIE		James		stockman	Spring Flat
GAITS		Mary		---		Glen Bog
GAITS		Thomas		selector	Glen Bog
GELDMACHER	John		carpenter	Nimitybelle
GERAGHTY	Christopher	labourer	Nimitybelle
GERAGHTY	Thomas		farmer		Nimitybelle
GRACE		James		shepherd	Spring Flat
GRAY		Charles		labourer	Nimitybelle
GREEN		Mrs. Bridget	housekeeper	Nimitybelle
HARRIS		James		splitter	Nimitybelle
HAYES		Charles		farmer		Nimitybelle
HAYES		William		carrier		Nimitybelle
HERBERGER	Charles		mason		Mount Cooper
HIGGS		Joshua		shepherd	Ando
HOLDSWORTH	Catherine	---		Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH	James		labourer	Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH	John		carrier		Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH	Mary		---		Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH	Mrs. Mary	housekeeper	Nimitybelle
HOLDSWORTH	Thomas		labourer	Nimitybelle
HOLLISS		Thomas		woodman		Mount Cooper
HOLMES		Daniel		labourer	Greenland
HOLMES		Mrs.		housekeeper	Greenland
HOLMES		Robert		farmer		Greenland
HYAM		Isaac		telegraph clerk	Nimitybelle
JAMES		James		blacksmith	Nimitybelle
JAMES		James		carrier		Nimitybelle
JAMES		Mrs.		---		Nimitybelle
JAMES		Sarah		---		Nimitybelle
JARDINE		Mary		---		Curry Flat
JARDINE		Mrs. William	---		Curry Flat
JARDINE		Robert		squatter	Curry Flat
JARDINE		William		squatter	Curry Flat
JARDINE		William jun.	squatter	Curry Flat
JARVISS		John		farmer		Cross Ck.
JARVISS		John		labourer	Cross Ck.
JOHNSTONE	Mrs. Sarah	---		Nimitybelle
JOHNSTONE	Thomas		storekeeper	Nimitybelle
KIRWIN		Mrs. Thomas	---		Nimitybelle
KIRWIN		Thomas		householder	Nimitybelle
LAWS		Richard		labourer	Nimitybelle
LEWISS		George		labourer	Curry Flat
LEWISS		Richard		labourer	Curry Flat
MALONEY		Mary		servant		Nimitybelle
MILSON		Peter		labourer	Nimitybelle
MORRIS		Mrs. William	---		Glen Bog
MORRIS		William		carrier		Glen Bog
MULHEARN	John		farmer		Nimitybelle
MULHEARN	Mary		---		Nimitybelle
MULHEARN	Mrs. J.		---		Nimitybelle
MULHEARN	Patrick		labourer	Nimitybelle
MULHEARN	Sarah		---		Nimitybelle
MULHEARN	Thomas		labourer	Nimitybelle
MYERS		David		shepherd	Nimitybelle
MYERS		Paul		carrier		Nimitybelle
MYERS		Samuel		shepherd	Nimitybelle
MCDONALD	Alexander	farmer		Tom Groggin
MCDONALD	Alexander	labourer	Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	Alexander	shepherd	Curry Flat
MCDONALD	Agnes		shepherd	Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	Angus		squatter	Mohawk
MCDONALD	Donald		squatter	Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	Flora		---		Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	H.		shepherd	McLaughlan River
MCDONALD	Hugh		storekeeper	Nimitybelle
MCDONALD	John		labourer	Curry Flat
MCDONALD	John		labourer	Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	Margaret	---		Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	Mrs.		---		Tom Groggin
MCDONALD	Mrs. A.		---		Curry Flat
MCDONALD	Mrs. S.		---		Nimitybelle
MCDONALD	Peter		shepherd	Glenfinnon
MCDONALD	Samuel		poundkeeper	Nimitybelle
MCHARG		John		teacher		Mount Cooper
MCKECHIE	Andrew		overseer	Mount Cooper
MCKEE		Joseph		innkeeper	Nimitybelle
MCKEE		Mrs. Mary	---		Nimitybelle
MCPHERSON	William		overseer	Curry Flat
NOWLAN		James		bootmaker	Nimitybelle
OBRYAN		Thaddeus	teacher		Nimitybelle
OMARA		Bridget		---		Nimitybelle
OMARA		Denis		carrier		Nimitybelle
OMARA		Julia		---		Nimitybelle
OMARA		Mrs. D.		---		Nimitybelle
ONEILL		John		farmer		Glen Bog
ONEILL		Mrs. J.		---		Glen Bog
OSLINGTON	William		splitter	Nimitybelle
PEISLY		C.		stock-keeper	Kybean
PENNY		Henry		labourer	Nimitybelle
PETERS		John		carrier		Nimitybelle
PETERS		John		selector	Nimitybelle
PETERS		Mary		---		Nimitybelle
PETERS		Mrs. John	---		Nimitybelle
PETERS		Mrs. Thomas	---		Nimitybelle
PETERS		Richard		shepherd	Nimitybelle
PETERS		Thomas		selector	Nimitybelle
PETERS		Tobias		carrier		Nimitybelle
QUIRK		James		labourer	Curry Flat
RANKIN		A.		labourer	Native Dog Flat
RANKIN		Angus		squatter	Native Dog Flat
RANKIN		John		shepherd	Mount Cooper
RANKIN		Mary		---		Native Dog Flat
RANKIN		Mrs. Samuel	---		Nimitybelle
RANKIN		Samuel		carpenter	Nimitybelle
READ		John		labourer	Nimitybelle
REID		Bryce		shepherd	Nimitybelle
REID		Mrs. B.		---		Nimitybelle
RODDAM		James		contractor	Nimitybelle
RODDAM		Mrs. James	---		Nimitybelle
RODDAM		William		labourer	Nimitybelle
RUTHERFORD	Ellen		---		Lilly Vale
RUTHERFORD	Isabella	---		Lilly Vale
RUTHERFORD	James		sawyer		Lilly Vale
RUTHERFORD	Mrs. James	---		Lilly Vale
RUTHERFORD	Robert		squatter	Lilly Vale
RUTHERFORD	William		woodman		Lilly Vale
SEARS		George		blacksmith	Nimitybelle
SEARS		Henry		blacksmith	Nimitybelle
SILK		Joseph		overseer	Boco
SILK		Mrs. Joseph	---		Boco
SILK		Mrs. William	---		Boco
SILK		Owen		stock-keeper	Boco
SILK		William		carrier		Boco
SIMMS		Mrs. Ann	laundress	Nimitybelle
SMITH		Elizabeth	---		Nimitybelle
SMITH		John		carrier		Nimitybelle
SMITH		John		labourer	Glen Bog
SMITH		John		innkeeper	Nimitybelle
SMITH		Joseph		farmer		Glen Bog
SMITH		Mary Ann	---		Nimitybelle
SMITH		Mrs. John	---		Nimitybelle
SMITH		Sophia		---		Nimitybelle
STANLEY		George		splitter	Lilly Vale
STEWART		Thomas		labourer	Spring Flat
STOKES		Mary		squatter	Kydra
SUNNERS		John		sawyer		Nimitybelle
SWEETMAN	Richard		shepherd	Mount Cooper
THOMPSON	James		carrier		Nimitybelle
THORNTON	Catherine	---		Nimitybelle
THORNTON	Cecelia		---		Nimitybelle
THORNTON	John		labourer	Nimitybelle
THORNTON	Morgan		labourer	Nimitybelle
THORNTON	Mrs. M.		householder	Nimitybelle
THORNTON	Patrick		shepherd	Nimitybelle
TINDALL		Arthur		labourer	Nimitybelle
TINDALL		Oliver		squatter	Nimitybelle
TIVEY		Alfred		squatter	Kybean
TIVEY		Miss Ellen	---		Kybean
TIVEY		Mrs. A.		---		Kybean
TIVEY		Mrs. S.		---		Kybean
TIVEY		Samuel		squatter	Kybean
TIVEY		Samuel		squatter	Nimitybelle
TRACEY		James		selector	Tom Groggin
TRACEY		Thomas		squatter	Kydra
TRACEY		Timothy		squatter	Kydra
TRIGGLE		John		stock-keeper	Nimitybelle
WHYTE		J. J.		teacher		Nimitybelle
WHYTE		Mrs. J. J.	---		Nimitybelle

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here