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Distance 183 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday by Clyde steamer; Tuesday, Saturday
via Braidwood 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday by Clyde steamer; Wednesday 7.30 p.m.,
Monday noon, via Braidwood.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, via Clyde; Saturday, Tuesday noon, via
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday by Clyde steamer;  Monday, Thursday via
Braidwood 7.15 a.m.
Route  Steam Ulladulla, or Clyde River; or, rail Goulburn, coach, via
Braidwood, coach Nelligen.

ANDERSON	Alexander	teacher		Nelligen
ARNOLD		---		selector	Clyde River
BACKHOUSE	John		selector	Clyde River
BACKHOUSE	R. jun.		labourer	Clyde River
BACKHOUSE	Robert		householder	Clyde Rd.
BACKHOUSE	William		labourer	Clyde Rd.
BALCOM		J.		squatter	Austins Ck.
BARCLAY		james		householder	Clyde River
BATT		Thomas		householder	Clyde River
BEAUMONT	Henry		householder	Clyde River
BLAND		Henry		squatter	Austins Ck.
CAMPBELL	W. M. C.	teacher		Austins Ck.
CONDON		Timothy		freeholder	Brooman
COOPER		William		householder	Clyde Rd.
DUFFEY		Patrick		freeholder	Clyde River
DUFFEY		Thomas		selector	Clyde River
ECKLEY		George		carpenter	Nelligen	
EGAN		Timothy		farmer		Bolaro
FLOOD		Thomas		innkeeper	Nelligen
GALLAGHER	B.		householder	Austins Ck.
GARRARD		William		farmer		Clyde River
GILDER		Archibald	constable	Nelligen
GLASS		Henry		labourer	Clyde River
GLASS		Nicholas	labourer	Clyde River
GUY		Francis		innkeeper	Nelligen
GUY		Thomas		householder	Nelligen
HAMMOND		C.		farmer		Clyde River
HARDY		John		labourer	Clyde River
HIBBERD		Frederick	carpenter	Nelligen
HIBBERD		Joseph		farmer		Brooman
HICKCOCK	Charles		farmer		Clyde River
IRELAND		Alexander	labourer	Nelligen
IRELAND		George		labourer	Clyde River
KEELING		Abraham		farmer		Clyde River
KEELING		Thomas		labourer	Clyde River
LATTA		William		labourer	Nelligen
LEE		Thomas		storekeeper	Nelligen
LOVEL		Thomas		farmer		Clyde Rd.
MANNING		Henry		storekeeper	Nelligen
MILTON		John		labourer	Clyde River
MOULT		Alfred		farmer		Clyde River
MOULT		Henry		farmer		Clyde River
MCAULEY		Charles		farmer		Currawang
MCAULEY		George		farmer		Currawang
MCAULEY		James		farmer		Nelligen
MCAULEY		John		farmer		Nelligen
MCAULEY		Robert		farmer		Currawang
MCAULEY		William		farmer		Currawang
MCLEOD		Donald		stockowner	Buckenbower
MCMILLAN	James		farmer		Darris
MCMILLAN	John		farmer		Darris
NICKSON		Benjamin	farmer		Clyde Rd.
NOBLE		Francis		farmer		Clyde River
PROCTON		Frederick	farmer		Bolaro
REED		Charles		labourer	Austins Ck.
RICHARDSON	Stephen		farmer		Nelligen
ROUGHLEY	Peter		farmer		Clyde Rd.
ROUGHLEY	William		labourer	Clyde Rd.
RYAN		George		farmer		Clyde River
RYAN		Henry		farmer		Clyde River
RYAN		Laurence	farmer		Austins Ck.
STANTON		Michael		blacksmith	Clyde Rd.
STANTON		Thomas		blacksmith	Clyde Rd.
TEMPLEMAN	Thomas		fisherman	Clyde River
THORP		William		saw mills	Clyde River
WARRICK		John		labourer	Clyde River
WEBBER		Alfred		blacksmith	Nelligen
WEBBER		George		wheelwright	Nelligen
WOON		Joseph		steam saw mills	Nelligen

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here