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Distance 74 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8.30 a.m. and
daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 12.50 p.m. and daily
(Sunday excepted) 8.46 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 3.35 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail Nattai  New Sheffield.

ARGENT		Thomas		carpenter	Nattai
ASHFORD		Edward		farmer		Mittagong
BARNSLEY	William		carpenter	Nattai
BELLINGHAM	George		porter		Mittagong
BINGHAM		William		quarryman	Nattai
BLADEN		Thomas		agent		Nattai
BOWES		Rev. J.		(Wesleyan)	Nattai
BROWN		George		householder	Nattai
BRYANT		John		porter		Mittagong
BUCKMAN		Harriett	farmer		Mittagong
BUCKMAN		John		farmer		Mittagong
BURKE		B. J. W.	land-holder	Rose Vale, Mittagong
BURKE		Clara		land-holder	Rose Vale, Mittagong
BURKE		E.		land-holder	Rose Vale, Mittagong
BURKE		L.		land-holder	Rose Vale, Mittagong
BURKE		M.		land-holder	Rose Vale, Mittagong
BURKE		S.		land-holder	Rose Vale, Mittagong
CHALKER		Daniel jun.	labourer	Nattai
CHALKER		James		farmer		Mittagong
CHANT		George		farmer		Nattai
CHAPMAN		Henry		labourer	Nattai
CHILDS		Hugh		householder	Nattai
COMER		E. jun.		farmer		Mittagong
COMER		E. sen.		farmer		Mittagong
COMER		J.		farmer		Mittagong
COULL		William		storekeeper	Nattai
CUPITT		E.		farmer		Rose Vale, Mittagong
CUPITT		Eliza		farmer		Rose Vale, Mittagong
CURTIS		G. H.		storekeeper	Nattai
DOBBYNS		J.		householder	Nattai
DONALDSON	John		baker		Nattai
DOWLING		William		farmer		Mittagong
DRAPER		Frederick	storekeeper	Nattai
DUNK		Charles		farmer		Mittagong
EDWARDS		Henry W.	storekeeper	Nattai
FIELDHOUSE	William		butcher		Nattai
FITZGERALD	John		labourer	Mittagong
FOODY		James		watchman	Mittagong
FORD		James		farmer		Mittagong
FULLER		John jun.	steam mills	Mittagong
FULLER		John sen.	farmer		Mittagong
GASCOIGNE	William		farmer		Mittagong
GREY		William		householder	Nattai
HILDER		John		innkeeper	Nattai
HILTON		John		carpenter	Nattai
HINES		Thomas		leaseholder	Nattai
HINES		William jun.	farmer		Green Hills
HINES		William sen.	farmer		Gib
HUDSPUTH	William		bootmaker	Nattai
JACOBS		Charles		labourer	Nattai
JEFFS		William		farmer		Mittagong
JONES		James		farmer		Mittagong
JONES		Richard		farmer		Mittagong
JOY		Edward		landholder	Nattai
KEITH		Alfred		farmer		Mittagong
KINSMAN		John		farmer		Mittagong
LAYTON		William		labourer	Nattai
LEA		John		labourer	Nattai
LEE		William		mason		Nattai
LOSEBY		Joseph		farmer		Mittagong
MARTIN		George		farmer		Little Forest
MEALING		John		baker		Nattai
MORRIS		Robert		teacher		Nattai
MCCALLUM	John		carpenter	Nattai
MCCURTAYNE	William		householder	Nattai
MCGARRITY	J.		gatekeeper, GSR	 Mittagong
MCGLINN		Mary Ann	farmer		Mittagong
MCGUIRE		Alice		farmer		Mittagong
MCGUIRE		James		farmer		Mittagong
MCRAE		Alexander	farmer		Mittagong
MCRAE		Ewen		farmer		Green Hills
MCRAE		John		farmer		Mittagong
NAPIER		James sen.	farmer		Mittagong
NAPIER		John		farmer		Mittagong
NAPIER		Robert		tailor		Nattai
NORMAN		George		blacksmith	Nattai
PEEL		G. & T.		farmers		Colo
PUTTY		George		householder	Nattai
RICKLESFORD	J.		carpenter	Nattai
RILEY		G. T. jun.	farmer		Rowes Hill, Mittagong
RILEY		G. T. sen.	farmer		Mittagong
RILEY		William		settler		Mittagong
ROBERTS		G. S.		railway station master Nattai
RUANE		John		storekeeper	Nattai
RUSH		Bartholomew	farmer		Willow Vale
SMITH		R.		servant		Rose Vale, Mittagong
SNOWDEN		Robert		bricklayer	Nattai
SPILLANE	D. L.		teacher		Mittagong
STEWART		Ann.		Householder	Nattai
STUNIS		George		labourer	Nattai
THOMPSON	Henry		constable	Nattai
TROY		Thomas		farmer		Mittagong
UPTON		James		farmer		Mittagong
VILES		John		bootmaker	Nattai
VILES		Thomas		saddler		Nattai
WAITE		Thomas		freeholder	Mittagong
WALLIS		Joseph		farmer		Mittagong
WELBY		Alfred		poundkeeper	Nattai
WILLIAMS	James		---		Oak Range, Frog Island
WEBB		David		freeholder	Mittagong
WELCH		Elizabeth	---		Rose Vale, Mittagong
WELSH		William		farmer		Mittagong
YOUNG		Joseph		teacher		Mittagong
YOUNG		Robert		carrier		Nattai

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here