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Distance 321 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday 3.15 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 9.30 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday evenings.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi - Narrabri.

ARNDELL		S.		innkeeper	Narrabri
ARNOLD		E.		wardsman	Narrabri
ASHMORE		R.		innkeeper	Narrabri
AUSTON		J.		surgeon		Galathera
BALLARD		J. E.		telegraph master Narrabri
BARTON		R. D.		superintendent	Gurley
BELL		G.		selector	Narrabri
BILLINGSGATE	W.		blacksmith	Narrabri
BLAYNEY		C.		farmer		Narrabri
BRACHONE	L.		builder		Narrabri
BROWN		J.		builder		Narrabri
BURLEY		J.		carrier		Narrabri
BUSBY		---		accountant	Narrabri
CHRISTIE	W. H.		sawyer		Narrabri
CLAY		J.		selector	Narrabri
COBCROFT	A.		squatter	Narrabri
COHEN		J.		storekeeper	Narrabri
COLEMAN		J.		builder		Narrabri
COUSINS		W.		innkeeper	Narrabri
DANN		E.		blacksmith	Narrabri
DAVIS		H.		---		Narrabri
DEHISSD		B. M.		storekeeper	Narrabri
DELAYNEY	D.		farmer		Narrabri
DELAYNEY	J.		farmer		Narrabri
DODDS		R.		builder		Narrabri
DOYLE		A. F.		squatter	Killarney
DOYLE		J.		billiard marker	Narrabri
ECKFORD		J. W.		squatter	Narrabri
ELLIOT		J.		tailor		Narrabri
FACER		J.		selector	Narrabri
FACER		W.		selector	Narrabri
FAUCETT		E.		superintendent	Gundemaine
FELTON		A.		storekeeper	Gundemaine
FLETCHER	J.		bootmaker	Narrabri
FRAZIER		D.		squatter	Cooma
GALL		T.		superintendent	Tycana
GALLAGHER	---		carrier		Narrabri
GALVIN		J.		stockman	Gundemaine
GOLDMAN		A.		postmaster	Narrabri
GOLDMAN		A.		storekeeper	Narrabri
GOLDRING	E. A.		storekeeper	Narrabri
GORDON		J. H.		superintendent	Narrabri
GORDON		W.		poundkeeper	Millie
GRAHAM		E.		watchmaker	Narrabri
GRAYSON		D.		constable	Narrabri
GREGORY		D.		carrier		Narrabri
GUEST		G.		butcher		Narrabri
GUEST		H.		saddler		Narrabri
HARGRAVE	E.		blacksmith	Narrabri
HICKEY		J.		drover		Narrabri
HILL		A.		superintendent	Narrabri
HOPE		F.		superintendent	Gundamaine
HOSKINSON	G.		squatter	Narrabri
HOWELL		W.H.		squatter	Narrabri
HUNT		E.		superintendent	Narrabri
HUNT		J.		chemist		Narrabri
HUNT		J.		bootmaker	Narrabri
JONES		J. W.		sheep inspector	Narrabri
KEEGAN		J.		sub-inspector of Police Narrabri 
LEWIS		E.		carrier		Narrabri
LEWIS		T.		carrier		Narrabri
LILLYMAN	C.		farmer		Narrabri
LILLYMAN	J.		---		Narrabri
LLOYD		C. W.		squatter	Wallah
LLOYD		J. C.		squatter	Narrabri
LORELEE		T.		butcher		Narrabri
LUDLOW		F.		squatter	Narrabri
MADDEN		E. C.		---		Narrabri
MARKHAM		J.		superintendent	Bunna Bunna
MORATH		T.		bailiff		Narrabri
MOSELEY		J.		squatter	Gundemaine
MURCHANT	J.		teacher		Narrabri
MCANSH		J. D.		squatter	Gurley
MCDONALD	A.		constable	Narrabri	
MCDONALD	A. G. S.	squatter	Narrabri
MCGINITY	P.		bootmaker	Narrabri
MCGRATH		J.		drover		Narrabri
MCKENZIE	H.		innkeeper	Boggy Ck.
MCKEON		Rev. ---	(Wesleyan)	Narrabri
OLIVER & SMART			squatters	Combabaloo
QUINN		J.		squatter	Narrabri
QUINN		P.		squatter	Glen Quin
RESANT		G.		baker		Narrabri
REUBEN		H. R.		storekeeper	Narrabri
REUBEN		L.		storekeeper	Narrabri
ROACHE		J.		selector	Narrabri
ROBSON		W.		lock-up keeper	Narrabri
ROSS		C.		squatter	Boggy Ck.
RYAN		D.		farmer		Narrabri
SAWYER		J.		squatter	Narrabri
SAWYER		Jacob		painter		Narrabri
SMITH		E. C.		PM		Narrabri
TANKO		J.		baker		Narrabri
THIRKETTLE	A.		farmer		Narrabri
THOMPSON	F.		carrier		Narrabri
THOMPSON	J.		farmer		Narrabri
THORLEY		G.		saddler		Narrabri
THURLOW		Mrs. M.		innkeeper	Narrabri
TRUSK		J.		wheelwright	Narrabri
WADDY		R.		manager Commercial Bank Narrabri
WALFORD		W.		dealer		Narrabri
WARD		J.		farmer		Narrabri
WEST		C.		innkeeper	Narrabri
WILLIAMS	G.		storekeeper	Narrabri
WILLIAMS	J.		storekeeper	Narrabri
WOODS		J.		dealer		Narrabri
WOOLLDYE	P.		builder		Narrabri

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here