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Distance 57 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 2 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 4.30 p.m.

Route  Steam Brisbane Water, Gosford, 7m. Kincumber

ALLEN		Henry		sawyer		Terrigal
BAPTIST		John		mariner		Kincumber
BEAKE		Edward		shipwright	Blackwall
BENTLEY		Alfred		sawyer		Kincumber
BRENNEN		Mrs. Mary	---		Kincumber
BROOKS		Samuel		sawyer		Terrigal
BULLOCK		James		sawyer		Kincumber
BURKE		John		farmer		Kincumber
BURNS		James		shipwright	Kincumber
BURNS		John		sawyer		Kincumber
BURNS		Michael		farmer		Kincumber
BURNS		Peter		sawyer		Kincumber
CALLEN		Michael		shipwright	Terrigal
CALLEN		Mrs. Ann	---		Kincumber
CAMPBELL	Matthew		farmer		Avoca
COLEMAN		Frederick	splitter	Cockle Ck.
COX		Mrs. Ann	---		Davis Town
CURTIN		Daniel		drayman		Terrigal
DARBYSHIRE	Richard		shipwright	Kincumber
DAVIS		Benjamin	shipbuilder	Cockle Ck.
DAVIS		Rock		shipbuilder	Blackwall
DAVIS		Edward		shipbuilder	Davis Town
DAVIS		Miss Mary Ann	---		Cockle Ck.
DAVIS		Mrs. Jane	storekeeper	Davis Town
DAVIS		Thomas		shipbuilder	Terrigal
DEMPSEY		James		shipbuilder	Kincumber
DUNLOP		James		farmer		Boora Boora
DUNLOP		John		postmaster	Boora Boora
FITZPATRICK	John		sawyer		Kincumber
FITZPATRICK	Patrick		sawyer		Kincumber
FITZPATRICK	William		sawyer		Kincumber
FLETCHER	George		carpenter	Kincumber
FOSTER		William		drayman		Kincumber
FRITCHER	William		sawyer		Kincumber
FROST		George		sawyer		Kincumber
FROST		William		sawyer		Kincumber
GALLAGHER	Rev. John	(R. C.)		Kincumber
GOLDSMITH	Robert		cook		Terrigal
GREIG		William		farmer		Kincumber
HARDY		Henry		---		Davis Town
HARMER		William		shell gatherer	Davis Town
HASTINGS	James		sawyer		Kincumber
HASTINGS	William		sawyer		Kincumber
HENDERSON	Robert G.	---		Veteran Hall
HOLSBY		Adam		storekeeper	Davis Town
HUGHES		Edward		sawyer		Kincumber
HUMPHREYS	Francis		drover		Kincumber
HUMPHREYS	John		shell gatherer	Kincumber
HUMPHREYS	Patrick		drover		Terrigal
HUMPHREYS	Thomas		farmer		Kincumber
HYLAND		Martha M.	teacher		Kincumber
JACKSON		James		sawyer		Kincumber
JENKINS		Giles		shipwright	Davis Town
KERNS		James		bushman		Kincumber
KERNS		John		sawyer		Kincumber
KERNS		William		sawyer		Kincumber
KING		William		---		Palermo
LANE		Henry H.	teacher		Kincumber
MARTIN		Samuel		farmer		Kincumber
MELVILLE	William		sawyer		Cockle Ck.
MERRIDIFF	Thomas		sawyer		Terrigal
MERRIETT	J.		master mariner	Cockle Ck.
MOFFAT		Maria		---		Cockle Ck.
MOIRE		Alexander	sawyer		Kincumber
MORAN		Edward		farmer		Cockle Ck.
MULLARD		James		sawyer		Kincumber
MULLINS		James		farmer		Cockle Ck.
MURRAY		Michael		mariner		Cockle Ck.
MCCARTY		Cornelius	farmer		Cockle Ck.
MCMASTER	Donald		farmer		Coribeg
NORMAN		John		sawyer		Kincumber
NORMAN		Owen		sawyer		Kincumber
NORMAN		William		sawyer		Kincumber
NUNN		William		---		Green Point
NUNN		William D.	---		Green Point
PALMER		Thomas		farmer		Cockle Ck.
PARRY		Mrs. Ann	---		Kincumber
PICKETT		Henry		farmer		Kincumber
PICKETT		William		farmer		Kincumber
PICKETT		William		farmer		Cockle Ck.
PIERCE		Morris		farmer		Cockle Ck.
PIPER		Jonathan	shipbuilder	Kincumber
PIPER		Jonathan	shipwright	Kincumber
POOLE		Daniel C.	farmer		Kincumber
POTTER		Alfred		farmer		Sarah Villa
REDGATE		William		sawyer		Terrigal
RILEY		John		farmer		Kincumber
RILEY		William		shipwright	Kincumber
ROSS		Donald		shell gatherer	Kincumber
SAINTY		Phillip		servant		Green Point
SCAYSBROOK	Michael		sawyer		Kincumber
SETTREE		Alfred		mariner		Davis Town
SETTREE		Alfred		shipwright	Kincumber
STEVENS		Samuel		shipwright	Davis Town
TAYLOR		James		carpenter	Kincumber
THORNTON	W. G.		splitter	Kincumber
THORPE		Samuel		splitter	Kincumber
TURNER		Joseph		shipwright	Davis Town
WARD		Ephraim		shipwright	Blackwall
WARD		William		---		Kincumber
WOODWARD	John		drover		Kincumber
WOODWARD	Mrs. James	---		Kincumber
WOODWARD	William		shipwright	Cockle Ck.
WORTHING	Henry		splitter	Kincumber
WRIGHT		James		sawyer		Terrigal
WRIGHT		Richard		engineer	Terrigal

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here