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Distance 143 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Friday 11 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 7 a.m.
Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Bathurst, 21m. Muttons Falls.

BARRETT		J. jun.		farmer		Fish River Bridge
BARRETT		J. sen.		builder		Rosewood Cottage
BARRETT		William		farmer		Felmingham
BOON		James		woodcutter	G. W. R., No. 7
BRATTY		David		brickmaker	G. W. R., No. 7
BRIEN		Robert		farmer		Fish River
BRIEN		John		farmer		Emu Valley
BRYANT		John		farmer		Riverside
BRYANT		Thomas		farmer		Red Bank
BRYANT		Walter		carrier		Red Bank
BRYANT		Walter sen.	farmer		Riverside
BURTCHETT	David		farmer		Crown Swamp
BYRNS		Edward		farmer		Emu Valley
BYRNS		James		farmer		Muttons Falls
BYRNS		John		farmer		Muttons Falls
BYRNS		Patrick		farmer		Emu Valley
CHARLES		Robert		farmer		Crown Farms
COIL		George		---		G. W. R., No. 7
COTTING		Thomas		labourer	G. W. R., No. 7
CREASEY		E.		innkeeper	G. W. R., No. 7
DELANEY		John		squatter	Ellens Vale
DELANEY		William		blacksmith	Willow Vale
DONOHOE		Martin		blacksmith	Muttons Falls
DOWNEY		Michael		farmer		Rainville
ELSTON		George		labourer	G. W. R., No. 7
ELSTON		William		labourer	G. W. R., No. 7
ENRIGHT		Patrick		farmer		Muttons Falls
FAWCETT		John		farmer		Fish River Hill
FAWCETT		William		---		Fish River Hill
FITZPETRICK	Daniel		farmer		Slippery Ck.
FITZPATRICK	William		farmer		Slippery Ck.
FLANAGAN	John		farmer		Muttons Falls
FLANAGAN	Thomas		carrier		Muttons Falls
GATHERCOLE	Robert		farmer		Rierstone
HAMILTON	W.		farmer		Kinghorns Fall
HAWKINS		John		farmer		Clear Paddock
HAWKINS		Thomas B.	farmer		Red ZBank
HAWKINS		William		labourer	G. W. R., No. 7
HEGARTY		John		farmer		Muttons Falls
HIGGINS		John		farmer		The Mount
JAMES		John		farmer		Fish River
JONES		John		farmer		Muttons Falls
KIRWIN		Philip		selector	Snakes Valley
LANNAN		William		farmer		Muttons Falls
LEDSTER		Joseph		farmer		Rainville
LIPSCOMB	H.		storekeeper	G. W. R., No. 7
MCCAULEY	E.		farmer		Sydmouth Valley
MCCAULEY	John		sheep farmer	Newstead
MCCAULEY	Wilson		sheep farmer	Blenheim
NEALE		George		innkeeper	G. W. R., No. 7
ROWE		Alfred		labourer	G. W. R., No. 7
ROWE		John		farmer		Faranah Farm
ROWE		Thomas		miller		Faranah Mill
ROWE		William		labourer	G. W. R., No. 7
RYAN		James		farmer		Snakes Valley
RYAN		Patrick		farmer		Emu Valley
SADLEIR		Thomas		farmer		Meadow Bank
SLATTERY	Thomas		farmer		Darling Hill
STRANGE		Benjamin	farmer		Muttons Falls
STRANGE		John		farmer		Muttons Falls
TAYLOR		William		farmer		Crown Ridge
THOMAS		Isaac		farmer		Crown Ridge
THOMAS		Isaac J.	farmer		Red Banl
THOMPSON	Theodore	farmer		Rierstone
TOOLE		George		farmer		Crown Swamp
TOOLE		Richard		farmer		Crown Swamp
VINCENT		Charles		farmer		Sydmouth Valley
VINCENT		Jonathan	carrier		G. W. R., No. 7
WADE		John		innkeeper	Wadesdale
WATKINS		Edwin		farmer		Snakes Valley
WEBB		Richard M.	squatter	Rosemenin
WEBB		Robert		farmer		Muttons Falls
WEBB		William		butcher		Muttons Falls
WHALAN		Alfred		farmer		Muttons Falls
WHALAN		John		labourer	The Hill
WHALAN		Thomas		farmer		Emu Valley
WHILEY		Isaac		storekeeper	Red Bank
WHITEFORD	John		sheep owner	Snakes Valley
WHITEFORD	Thomas		farmer		Snakes Valley
WILLIAMS	Thomas		farmer		Rainville
WOOD		George		brickmaker	G. W. R., No. 7
WRIGHT		George		brickmaker	G. W. R., No. 7

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here