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Distance 152 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11.15 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 5.45 a.m., and Tuesday, Friday
1.45 p.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening, and Wednesday, Saturday mornings.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook.

ADAMS		Edward		blacksmith	Market St.
ADAMS		Henry		shepherd	Skellater
ADAMS		James		shepherd	Skellater
ADAMS		Richard		blacksmith	Muswellbrook
ADNUM		Piner G.	carrier		Skellater
ADNUM		Peter J.	carrier		Skellater
ADNUM		William		carrier		Skellater
AHERN		Peter		carrier		Grass Tree
AISBET		Thomas		carrier		Burk St.
ALDERMER	William		---		Muswellbrook
ALLEN		Eli		---		Muswellbrook
ALLEN		Joseph		---		St. Hilliers
ALLEN		Matthew		---		New Park
ALLEN		Thomas		labourer	Rose Brook
ALMOND		Samuel		---		Muswellbrook
ANDREWS		Charles		carrier		Muswellbrook
ASHBURN		Charles		labourer	Muswellbrook
ASHBURN		Joseph		Hospital keeper	Muswellbrook
ATKINSON	Alfred		splitter	Sandy Ck.
AVERY		John		farmer		Kyuga
BAILEY		James		---		St. Hilliers
BAKER		Henry		labourer	Maitland St.
BARNES		John		farmer		Muswellbrook
BARRETT		John		labourer	Sandy Ck.
BECKINGHAM	James		labourer	Burk St.
BECKINGHAM	Shadrick	woodman		Burk St.
BEER		Thomas jun.	farmer		Saddlers Ck.
BEER		Thomas sen.	farmer		Saddlers Ck.
BEONART		William		storekeeper	Muswellbrook
BEWICK		John		labourer	Town Reserve
BLACK		John		squatter	Muswellbrook
BLACKMAN	William		bricklayer	Hill St.
BLAKE		Peter		bootmaker	Bridge St.
BLUNT		George		contractor	Church St.
BOWES		John		forwarding agent Sydney St.
BOWMAN		Andrew		squatter	Skellater
BOWMAN		Edward		squatter	Skellater
BOWMAN		George		squatter	Skellater
BOWMAN		William		squatter	Skellater
BOYD		John		carrier		Hill St.
BRACEY		John		butcher		Sydney St.
BRADSHAW	Benjamin	carrier		Ford St.
BREYLEY		William		teacher		Brook St.
BROWN		David		drover		Muswellbrook
BROWN		J. B.		cabinetmaker	Bridge St.
BROWN		John H.		innkeeper	Sydney Rd.
BROWN		William		drover		St. Hilliers
BUDDEN		Charles		farmer		Happy Valley
BUDDEN		Edward		farmer		Happy Valley
BUDDEN		Elijah		saddler		Bridge St.
BUDDEN		Ephraim		farmer		Happy Valley
BUDDEN		George		farmer		Happy Valley
BUDDEN		William		farmer		Happy Valley
BUDDEN		William		saddler		Bridge St.
BUSSELL		G.		cabinetmaker	Bridge St.
CALDWELL	J.		---		Bengalla
CAMPBELL	Malcolm		storekeeper	Sydney Rd.
CAMPION		James		---		Sandy Ck.
CANNON		Thomas		labourer	Ford St.
CANNON		William		labourer	Ford St.
CARROLL		James		---		Gowerty St.
CARROLL		James		---		Railway Line
CARROLL		John		---		Brook St.
CARROLL		Thomas		---		Bridge St.
CASEY		Emanuel		farmer		Kyuga
CHIVERS		Joseph		wood carrier	Mill St.
CHOICE		Charles		labourer	Town Reserve
CLARK		John		labourer	Bridge St.
CLARK		William		---		Market St.
CLAY		John		mail contractor	Muswellbrook
CLENDINING	Charles		farmer		Limestone Ck.
CLENDINING	George		farmer		Limestone Ck.
CLENDINING	John		farmer		Muscle Ck.
CLENDINING	Robert		farmer		Lincoln Ck.
CLENDINING	William		---		Bridge St.
COFFEY		John		farmer		Kyuga
COGHLAN		Charles		railway porter	Muswellbrook
COLEMAN		Edward		labourer	Market St.
COLEMAN		James		innkeeper	Market St.
CONNOR		John		labourer	Town Reserve
CONROY		Luke		innkeeper	Sydney St.
COOK		David		---		St. Hilliers
COOK		George A.	carpenter	Bridge St.
COOK		Thomas		blacksmith	Hill St.
COOK		W. R.		blacksmith	Hill St.
COOPER		Thomas		farmer		Kyuga
CORRIGAN	Patrick		rail porter	Town Reserve
COUCH		Thomas		carrier		Bridge St.
COX		Alford		farmer		Brogeda
COX		David		farmer		Brogeda
COX		Elijah		farmer		Kyuga
COX		Frederick	---		Ford St.
COX		J. H.		squatter	Negoa
COX		St. John	farmer		Brogeda
COX		W. H.		farmer		Brogeda
CRACKNELL	Edward		---		Kyuga
CROCKETT	John		storekeeper	Sydney St.
CROY		J. B.		painter		Bridge St.
CULLEN		C. J.		Town Clerk	Sydney St.
CUMMINGS	Edward		mail driver	Church St.
DAVIS		William		---		Town Reserve
DAVY		Robert		---		Bridge St.
DE LEON		Jacob		surgeon		Bridge St.
DELOHUNTY	Michael		farmer		Springfield
DELOHUNTY	Patrick		farmer		Springfield
DENSHIRE	George		Postmaster	Sydney St.
DENSHIRE	W. C.		poundkeeper	Bridge St.
DONOVAN		Michael		storekeeper	Bridge St.
DORAN		Patrick		railway porter	Muswellbrook
DORNEY		S. B.		printer		Bridge St.
DOUGLAS		John		---		Town Reserve
DOVE		John		labourer	Hill St.
DOWD		John		labourer	Overton
DOWD		William		labourer	Hunter St.
DOWDE		James		labourer	Bridge St.
DOWELL		Saul		farmer		Spring Ck.
DOWELL		Stephen		storekeeper	Ford St.
DOYLE		J. F.		farmer		Rosebrook
DUCKWORTH	Alfred		---		Sydney St.
DUCY		John		farmer		Kyuga
DUIGAN		John		---		Muswellbrook
EATON		William		innkeeper	Bridge St.
EDGAR		Edward		farmer		Kyuga
EDWARDS		David		bricklayer	Brook St.
ELLIS		A.		---		Bridge St.
ELSLEY		Charles		farmer		Grass Tree
ELSLEY		John		farmer		Waybridge Vale
ELSLEY		John R.		farmer		Grass Tree
EMRIE		James jun.	---		Bridge St.
EMRIE		James sen.	---		Bridge St.
ENGILBRICHT	Charles		farmer		Grass Tree
ENGILBRICHT	John		farmer		Grass Tree
EVANS		David		storekeeper	Bridge St.
EVANS		Seymour		cordial maker	Hill St.
FAGAN		Patrick		blacksmith	Bridge St.
FAGAN		Terence		blacksmith	Bridge St.
FEENEY		John		carrier		Bridge St.
FERGUSON	David		superintendent	St. Hilliers
FIBBINS		Charles		---		Negoa
FIBBINS		David		---		Coll Peak
FITZGERALD	R. G.		solicitor	Maitland St.
FITZROY		John		farmer		Muscle Ck.
FLANAGAN	Matthew		labourer	Sydney St.
FLOWER		George		manager Commercial Bank Bridge St.
FOOT		James		carrier		Ford St.
FORD		William		sawyer		Ford St.
FORD		William		sawyer		Overton
FOX		A. A.		---		Bridge St.
FOX		George		butcher		Hill St.
FOX		Thomas		butcher		Hill St.
FREW		David		clerk		Bridge St.
FULLER		James		---		Bengalla
FUZ		William		farmer		Hunter Terrace
GAMBLE		John		labourer	Railway Line
GARDINER	A.		storekeeper	Bridge St.
GARRETT		James		labourer	St. Hilliers
GARRETT		John		labourer	St. Hilliers
GILMOURE	James		carrier		Mudgee Rd.
GLEESON		Denis		blacksmith	Sydney St.
GLEESON		John		innkeeper	Muswellbrook
GOODYER		James		farmer		Willmount
GOODYER		John		farmer		Willmount
GOODYER		R. jun.		blacksmith	Sydney St.
GOODYER		R. sen.		blacksmith	Willmount
GOODYER		Thomas		farmer		Willmount
GOOGE		Thomas		farmer		Wybong Ck.
GOSPER		George		labourer	Maitland St.
GRAHAM		David		farmer		Laurel Grove
GRAHAM		William		farmer		Laurel Grove
GREAVES		George		servant		Dartmouth
GREEDY		John		blacksmith	Ford St.
GREEDY		Thomas		blacksmith	Market St.
GREEHAN		Thomas		storekeeper	Market St.
GREEN		John		---		Saddlers Ck.
GUILFOYLE	John		railway porter	Muswellbrook
GUNTER		George		gunsmith	Bridge St.
GUY		Thomas		farmer		Kyuga
HAYES		W.		carrier		Town Reserve
HEALY		Henry		saddler		Bridge St.
HEGARTY		Mrs.		---		Bridge St.
HEGARTY		Pierce		saddler		Bridge St.
HELY		W.		carpenter	Bridge St.
HERON		Michael		farmer		Sandy Ck.
HERRERAN	Cormack		farmer		Muscle Ck.
HERRERAN	John		farmer		Muscle Ck.
HERRERAN	Michael		farmer		Muscle Ck.
HERRERAN	Patrick		farmer		Muscle Ck.
HILL		John		brickmaker	Town Reserve
HILLER		W.		farmer		Kyuga
HOBDEN		R.		fruiterer	Maitland St.
HODGES		W.		labourer	St. Hilliers
HOGAN		Timothy		porter		Sydney St.
HOGG		Robert		labourer	Kyuga
HOLLER		W. E.		bootmaker	Bridge St.
HONGHAM		W. J.		baker		Bridge St.
HOOPER		Frederick	carrier		Bridge St.
HORNE		Charles		farmer		Kyuga
HORNE		Lionel		---		Bridge St.
HOULTON		George		porter		Bridge St.
HUMPHRIES	J. W.		---		Sydney St.
HURST		H. W.		labourer	Bridge St.
HURST		Richard		---		Sydney St.
HUTCHINSON	James		storekeeper	Bridge St.
HUTCHINSON	William		mail driver	Brook St.
JEAMS		Malachi		sexton		Brook St.
JOHNSON		John		clerk		Bridge St.
JOHNSON		Richard		blacksmith	Kyuga
JOHNSON		Robert		labourer	Hunter St.
JOHNSON		William		---		St. Hilliers
JONES		Edward		---		Bridge St.
JONES		Joseph		---		Sandy Ck.
JONES		J. R.		farmer		Muswellbrook
JONES		Thomas		farmer		Muscle Ck.
JONES		William		---		St. Hilliers
JORDON		T. G.		farmer		Kyuga
JORDON		William		farmer		Kyuga
JOSEPHSON	L.		manager AJS Bank Bridge St.
JOYCE		Thomas		labourer	Sydney St.
JUDD		Mrs. Charles	---		Sydney St.
KENNEDY		Thomas		storekeeper	Bridge St.
KENNY		Finlay		porter		Mill St.
KEWLEY		John		---		Muswellbrook
KEYS		J. H.		squatter	Bengalla
KING		Arthur		---		Sandy Ck.
KING		Charles		---		Ford St.
KIRKHAM		John		---		Brook St.
LEA		Sydney		boarding house	Market St.
LENANE		Thomas		labourer	Town Reserve
LEONARD		James		teamster	Sydney St.
LEONARD		John		carrier		William St.
LEWIS		George		sexton		Sydney St.
LINTON		George sen.	---		Sydney St.
LOVEDAY		Thomas		stockman	Muscle Ck.
LOYD		Edward		clerk		Muswellbrook
LOYD		John		storekeeper	Market St.
LUCAS		William		brickmaker	Town Reserve
LUSCOMBE	R. J.		chemist		Bridge St.
MACKEY		J. C.		farmer		Kyuga
MADDY		William		blacksmith	Hill St.
MAGUIRE		Thomas		labourer	Town Reserve
MAJOR		John		farmer		Kyuga
MARSTON		Richard		porter		Gate House
MEEHAN		Anthony		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MEEHAN		Cornelius	farmer		Muscle Ck.
MEEHAN		James		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MEEHAN		John		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MEEHAN		Michael		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MILLS		Robert		carpenter	Muswellbrook
MILLS		William		carpenter	Muswellbrook
MITCHELL	John		constable	Bridge St.
MORAN		Thomas		carrier		Skellater
MORRISON	James		blacksmith	Maitland St.
MOSES		Isaac		bailiff		Brook St.
MUGGAVIN	Denis		farmer		Kyuga
MUGGAVIN	John jun.	farmer		Kyuga
MUGGAVIN	John sen.	farmer		Kyuga
MUGGAVIN	Patrick		farmer		Kyuga
MURPHY		Daniel		blacksmith	Hill St.
MURPHY		J. J.		---		Bridge St.
MURPHY		John		Sheriffs Deputy Bridge St.
MURRAY		Michael		storekeeper	Market St.
MCAULEY		Hugh		---		Bridge St.
MCAULEY		William		drover		Sydney St.
MCAULEY		William T.	---		Bridge St.
MCCABE		Daniel		---		Skellater
MCCAFFEREY	Hugh		---		St. Hilliers
MCCAFFEREY	James		---		St. Hilliers
MCCARTHY	Timothy		---		Hill St.
MCCORMACK	James		---		Sandy Ck.
MCCULLY		Henry		farmer		Erins Isle
MCDONALD	Henry		sawyer		Muscle Ck.
MCDONALD	Murdoch		farmer		Sandy Ck.
MCELROY		James		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MCELROY		Samuel		farmer		Muscle Ck.	
MCGANN		James		carrier		Muswellbrook
MCGOLDRICK	Charles		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MCGOLDRICK	Edward		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MCGOLDRICK	James		farmer		Muscle Ck.
MCGOLDRICK	Terence jun.	farmer		Muscle Ck.
MCGOLDRICK	Terence sen.	farmer		Muscle Ck.
MCGRATH		Maurice		porter		Town Reserve
MCGRATH		Philip		---		St. Hilliers
MCINTYRE	Donald		squatter	Kyuga
MCMAHON		John		farmer		Muswellbrook
MCMAHON		Michael		labourer	Bengalla
MCMAHON		Thomas		labourer	Bengalla
MCNORTON	A.		blacksmith	Town Reserve
MCPHAIL		Robert		mason		Muswellbrook
NEALDS		C. J.		Telegraph master Bridge St.
NEILL		John		surveyor	Bridge St.
NEVILL		Thomas		servant		Muswellbrook
NEWLAND		Archibald	selector	Wybong Ck.
NEWLAND		James		selector	Wybong Ck.
NEWLAND		William		squatter	Wybong Ck.
NICHOLS		A. E.		teacher		Hill St.
NIDDRIE		W.		mason		Brook St.
NOWLAND		William		farmer		Calatoola
NURCOMBE	Robert		---		Hill St.
OAKES		J. H.		bailiff		Muswellbrook
ODONAHUE	---		blacksmith	Bridge St.
ODONNELL	John		farmer		Muscle Ck.
ODONNELL	Michael		farmer		St. Hilliers
ONEIL		James		storekeeper	Bridge St.
ONEIL		John		storekeeper	Bridge St.
ONEILL		Cornelius	blacksmith	Town Reserve
PAGE		William		farmer		Kyuga
PARKES		Thomas		---		Town Reserve
PARKINSON	James		blacksmith	Bridge St.
PARTRIDGE	John		---		St. Hilliers
PELLOW		Thomas		carpenter	Skellater
PETER		John		mason		Market Place
PETERS		Andrew		---		Town Reserve
PIERCE		R. J.		surgeon		Maitland St.
PORTERS		W.		---		Bridge St.
POTTS		W. E.		forwarding agent Sydney St.
PRIEST		John		tinsmith	Sydney St.
PURCELL		Patrick		farmer		Daisy Vale
QUAIFE		A. C.		solicitor	Bridge St.
QUANTRILL	John		farmer		Grass Tree
REID		John		farmer		Muswellbrook
REYNOLDS	John		farmer		Coll Ck.
RICHARDS	Thomas		blacksmith	Hunter St.
ROBERTSON	J. J.		station master	Sydney St.
ROGERS		F. A.		---		St. Hilliers
ROSS		Rev. D.		(Presbyterian)	Currindine
ROWLAND		C. W.		printer		Bridge St.
ROWLAND		James		innkeeper	Bridge St.
ROWLAND		Richard		butcher		Bridge St.
ROWLAND		William		clerk		Bridge St.
SAVAGE		John		---		Hill St.
SEABROOK	G. M.		farmer		Limestone Farm
SEABROOK	Thomas		farmer		Limestone Farm
SELFE		P. S.		storekeeper	Bridge St.
SHARP		William		selector	Muswellbrook
SHERWOOD	James jun.	mason		Ford St.
SHERWOOD	James sen.	mason		Ford St.
SKINNER		Joseph		carpenter	Brook St.
SMITH		Charles		drover		Sydney St.
SMITH		Richard		innkeeper	Sydney St.
SMITH		Robert		shepherd	Town Reserve
SOLES		John		teamster	Town Reserve
SOUTH		Benjamin	farmer		Muswellbrook
SOUTH		William		farmer		Muswellbrook
STANLEY		William		farmer		Muswellbrook
STEPHENS	W.		---		Grass Tree
STEWART		David		butcher		Bridge St.
STEWART		Frederick	saddler		Hill St.
STEWART		James		farmer		Kyuga
STEWART		Robert		saddler		Hill St.
STREET		C. B.		chemists assistant Bridge St.
SWEENEY		Edward		stockman	St. Hilliers
SWEENEY		Patrick		constable	Bridge St.
THATCHER	Richmond	editor & proprietor Courier Bridge St.
THORNTON	Sydney		farmer		Muswellbrook
THORNTON	Sylvester	farmer		Muswellbrook
THORSBY		William		tinsmith	Bridge St.
THRUM		F. W.		miller		Mill St.
TRACEY		James		---		Muswellbrook
TRACEY		John		---		Muswellbrook
TREBBLE		W.		tailor		Bridge St.
TRIBE		Pierce		innkeeper	Piercefield
TRUEMAN		James		innkeeper	Piercefield
TUCKER		Charles		farmer		Kyuga
UPWARD		Aaron		teacher		Kyuga
WARD		Richard		labourer	Church St.
WARNER		B. J.		drover		Sydney St.
WEEKS		Walter		labourer	Town Reserve
WEIDMAN		Mrs.		---		Muswellbrook
WELSH		John		printer		Sydney St.
WHARTON		Harry		cordial maker	Sydney St.
WHITE		Charles		farmer		Muswellbrook
WHITE		Francis		squatter	Muswellbrook
WHITE		George		squatter	Dartmouth
WHITE		William		farmer		Kyuga
WHITEHEAD	Abel		innkeeper	Muswellbrook
WILDER		Charles		farmer		Muscle Ck.
WILDER		P. J.		farmer		Brook St.
WILKINS		J. H.		mason		St. Hilliers
WINDSOR		Eli		labourer	Railway Line
WINDSOR		Henry		labourer	Hill St.
WITCOMBE	John		carpenter	Sydney St.
WREN		Frederick	blacksmith	Bridge St.
WREN		James		carpenter	Bridge St.
WRIGHT		Joseph		farmer		Kyuga
WRIGHT		P. P.		wool washing establishment Sydney St.
WRIGHT		P. W.		wool washing establishment Sydney St.
WRIGHT		William		---		Bengalla

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here