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Distance 313 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday via Cooma, Saturday via Tumut
4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday 7.45 p.m., Sunday 6.15 p.m. via Cooma,
Tuesday 12.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Wednesday 6 a.m. via Cooma
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Saturday via Cooma 7.15 a.m.

Route  Rail Goulburn, Cobbs coach Adelong, via Tumut, 53m. Kiandra.

ALFONSO		Louis		miner		Kiandra
ATKINSON	Eliza		---		Empire Hotel
ATKINSON	George		storekeeper	Empire Hotel
ATKINSON	Walter		---		Empire Hotel
BARCLEY		James		miner		New Clune Hill
BEAY		Richard		miner		Kiandra
BECUS		Augustus	miner		Kiandra
BERGSSTRORN	Charles		miner		Kiandra
BISERTT		Alexander	miner		Cooma St.
BOND		James		miner		Kiandra
BOURKE		Kate		---		Cooma St.
BOURKE		Margaret	---		Cooma St.
BOURKE		William		innkeeper	Cooma St.
BOWDEN		Thomas		miner		Kiandra
BOWERBANK	Thomas		miner		Kiandra
BREEN		Thomas		senior constable Kiandra
BURKE		William		miner		Nine-mile
CAPORGNIO	Placids		miner		Kiandra
CARMICHAEL	John		miner		Kiandra
CHAPMAN		Ellen		---		Cooma St.
CHAPMAN		George		innkeeper	Cooma St.
COLHOUN		Robert		miner		New Clune Hill
COLHOUN		Thomas		miner		New Clune Hill
COOK		Richard		miner		Kiandra
COX		George		miner		Kiandra
CRICKITON	Roden F.	miner		New Clune Hill
CROWN		Charles		miner		Cooma St.
DALE		George S.	teacher		Broadway
DALE		L. A.		---		Hospital Hill
DALE		M. A.		---		Hospital Hill
DALEY		Peter C.	miner		Kiandra
DRUMMOND	William		miner		New Clune Hill
EASTWOOD	Henry		---		Broadway
EASTWOOD	James		miner		Broadway
EASTWOOD	Jane		---		Broadway
ELDER		Alexander	miner		Kiandra
EVANS		Harriet		servant		Empire Hotel
FARRELL		John		miner		Kiandra
FORRESTER	William		miner		Kiandra
FRAZER		Elizabeth	---		Cooma St.
GLENNIE		William		miner		Kiandra
GODDARD		Henry		miner		Kiandra
GODDARD		John		storekeeper	Empire Hotel
GREEN		Thomas		miner		Kiandra
HALLORAN	Martin		miner		Kiandra
HARRIS		Annie		---		Broadway
HARRIS		Emma H.		servant		Broadway
HARRIS		George		---		Broadway
HARRIS		Harriet		---		Broadway
HARRIS		Henry		butcher		Broadway
HARRIS		William		miner		Kiandra
HART		John		miner		Kiandra
HEIR		Henry		miner		Kiandra
HENDRICK	Rufus		---		Kiandra
HORSBRUGH	Boyd		miner		Kiandra
HORSBRUGH	Henry		miner		Kiandra
HUTCHINSON	David		miner		Nine-mile
IRVING		Edward		miner		Kiandra
KEENAN		John		miner		Kiandra
KENNEDY		James		miner		Kiandra
KENTISH		S. P. R.	mining registrar Broadway
LANE		James		---		Kiandra
LAURENCE	James		miner		Nine-mile
LEADER		John		carrier		Kiandra
LEADER		John		labourer	Empire Hotel
LETT		Donald		miner		New Clune Hill
LETT		Frank		miner		New Clune Hill
LETT		John M.		miner		New Clune Hill
LETT		Sarah		---		New Clune Hill
LOCKLART	Charles		miner		Kiandra
LOVE		John		miner		Kiandra
LUTTERAL	Alfred		miner		New Clune Hill
MARSHALL	Alexander	miner		Nine-mile
MEDLIN		Jolin		miner		Kiandra
MORRISSEY	John		miner		Kiandra
MORTIMER	F.		miner		Kiandra
MCEVOY		Thomas jun.	miner		Kiandra
MCEVOY		Thomas sen.	miner		Kiandra
MCFADDEN	Thomas		---		Kiandra
MCKAY		George		---		Kiandra
MCKAY		John M.		---		Kiandra
MCKAY		Mary		---		Broadway
MCMANUS		James		constable	Kiandra
MCPHERSON	Duncan		miner		Kiandra
NEJBOE		William		miner		Cooma St.
NUTTALL		Thomas		miner		New Clune Hill
OAKES		Annie		servant		Kiandra
OCONNOR	Hugh		miner		Kiandra
PATTERSON	Thomas		miner		Kiandra
PATTRICK	Annie		---		West Denison
PATTRICK	J. J.		miner		West Denison
REID		James		carrier		Kiandra
ROOTS		John		miner		Kiandra
SHARPE		Mary Ann	---		Three-mile
SHARPE		William		miner		Kiandra
SIMPSON		George		miner		Nine-mile
SLINMOCK	Edward		miner		Kiandra
SMITH		Patrick		miner		Kiandra
SMITH		Thomas		miner		Kiandra
SPICE		George		baker		Cooma St.
SPICE		Mary		baker		Cooma St.
STILL		James		---		Kiandra
SUTCLOFFE	Jalico		miner		Kiandra
TAYLOR		Neil		miner		Kiandra
THOMAS		Abraham		carrier		Cooma St.
THOMAS		George		carrier		Cooma St.
THOMAS		Mary		---		Cooma St.
THOMAS		Samuel		carrier		Cooma St.
TOMASINI	Pietro		miner		Kiandra
VENTEMAN	George		miner		Broadway
VENTEMAN	Mary		---		Broadway
WEST		William		carrier		Kiandra
WHITE		Joseph		miner		Broadway
WILLANS		R. C.		telegraph & postmaster Kiandra
WILLIAMS	George		blacksmith	Cooma St.
WILLIAMS	George jun.	---		Cooma St.
WILLIAMS	J. P.		miner		Kiandra
WILLIAMS	Mary		---		Cooma St.
YORK		Joseph		miner		Kiandra
YOUNG		Harvey		miner		New Clune Hill

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here