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Distance 212 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 9 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 3 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7 a.m.
Route  Rail Wallerawang, coach via Mudgee, or Wellington, 50m. Mundooran.

ANGHTIRE	George		blacksmith	Mundooran
ANGUS		T.		labourer	Gummin Gummin
BEANS		William		cook		Mundooran
BEAZLEY		Amos		shepherd	Gummin Gummin	
BLOWES		James		labourer	Eringanerin
BOLLARD		Thomas		poundkeeper	Mundooran
BOND		John		labourer	Yarragrin
BONNINGTON	John		squatter	Eringanerin
BROWN		John L.		squatter	Caigan
BROWNE		Henry		blacksmith	Caigan
BYRNES		John		innkeeper	Mundooran
CAFE		John		squatter	Bearbung
CAMERON		Alexander	overseer	Murrygong
CAMERON		John		squatter	Nullun
COLE		James		stockman	Kirbin
COLWELL		Arthur		squatter	Wambalong
COLWELL		Charles		squatter	Wambalong
COLWELL		Edward		squatter	Wambalong
COLWELL		John		squatter	Wambalong
COLWELL		Thomas		squatter	Wambalong
CUMMINS		John		labourer	Bearbung
DEANS		Isaac		builder		Mundooran
DIGGES		Thomas		farmer		Mount Granby
DOREY		Joseph		farmer		Apple Tree Flat
FAIRCHILD	Philip		labourer	Caigan
FFRENCH		James		shepherd	Kirbin
FIFE		Thomas		stockman	Caigan
FISHER		James		labourer	Kirbin
FLEMING		Robert		labourer	Kirbin
FLOOD		George		squatter	Bundullun
FLOWERS		William		labourer	Wambalong
GARBUTT		William		labourer	Cobora
GARDINER	James		labourer	Kirbin
GAWTHORNE	William		brickmaker	Mundooran
GERMAN		Charles		carpenter	Wambalong
GIBSON		Richard		labourer	Nullen
GIPPS		William		shepherd	Gummin Gummin
GRAINGER	Hugh		teacher		Mundooran
GREENLAND	John		labourer	Apple Tree Flat
HACKNEY		George		labourer	Mundooran
HARPER		John		shepherd	Keewang
HARVEY		Jane		squatter	Murrygon
HAWKER		John		squatter	Morangorang
HEALY		Dominick	stockman	Breelong
HEALY		James		squatter	Breeong
HEDGER		George		farmer		Apple Tree Flat
IRVIN		Andrew		shepherd	Gummin Gummin
JACKSON		Frederick	overseer	Caigan
KENNEDY		Matthew		squatter	Tenandra
KENNEDY		Samuel		squatter	Tenandra
KENNEDY		William		squatter	Tenandra
LANGBRIDGE	Robert		labourer	Yarragrin
LEONARD		John		labourer	Caigan
LUCKIE		Peter		squatter	Biamble
LYNESS		William		labourer	Kirbin
MAGUIRE		Edward		superintendent	Kirbin
MAGUIRE		Edw. Jun.	overseer	Yarragrin
MAGUIRE		Felix		labourer	Mount Granby
MAGUIRE		John		overseer	Gummin Gummin
MAGUIRE		John jun.	stockman	Bearbung
MAGUIRE		Joseph		stockman	Kirbin
MANSON		William		storekeeper	Caigan
MARKEY		James		farmer		Eringanerin
MILLS		George		stockman	Tenandra
MILL		Henry		shepherd	Biamble
MILLS		Peter		overseer	Murrygon
MCEWEN		Alexander	squatter	Breelong
MCEWEN		James		squatter	Breelong
MCGILL		Robert		stockman	Tenandra
NELSON		Proctor		labourer	Caigan
NEVELL		Joseph		squatter	Bothero
NUNN		George		squatter	Dinne Kimine
PROCTOR		Nelson		labourer	Caigan
RICHARDSON	Jane		squatter	Murrygon
RICHARDSON	John		squatter	Murrygon
RILEY		William		saddler		Mundooran
ROBINS		William		storekeeper	Kirbin
SAISSAL		James		shepherd	Gummin Gummin
SAISSAL		James		stockman	Kirbin
SAISSAL		Joseph		labourer	Kirbin
SHUMAC		Wm.		labourer	Gummin Gummin
SMITH		James		carpenter	Hoblingar
STEVENSON	John		squatter	Dinne Kimine
STEVENSON	Robert		shepherd	Mundooran
THOMPSON	Henry		innkeeper	Murrygon
TRAVIS		John		stockman	Kirbin
WHALLEY		Alexander	shepherd	Bearbung
WHITEWICK	John		blacksmith	Mt. Granby
WILLIAMS	George		labourer	Caigan
WILSON		John		farmer		Lahey Ck., Cobora
WOODS		Henry		shepherd	Keewang
WURTH		George		shepherd	Gummin Gummin

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here