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Distance 195 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m. and on Friday by Clyde steamer.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 10.35 p.m., Saturday via
Clyde, 11 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 1.30 p.m., Monday via Clyde 10
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m. and by Clyde steamer on Tuesday.
Route  Steam Moruya, 4m. Mullenderree; or steam Clyde River; or rail Goulburn,
coach Braidwood, 50m. Mullenderree.

ALIBEN		William		squatter	Longreal
ANNETTS		Richard		storekeeper	Mullenderree
BALL		Thomas		landowner	Mullenderree
BALL		William		landowner	Dula River
BISHOP		John		landowner	Mullenderree
BISHOP		Joseph		farmer		Mullenderree
BROWN		Edward		landowner	Dula River
CAIN		Alice		storekeeper	Mullenderree
COMAN		James		landowner	Mullenderree
COOPER		Thomas		landowner	Dula River
CORBETT		John		farmer		Mullenderree
CORBETT		Mary		storekeeper	Mullenderree
CRAWFORD	George		landowner	Dula River
CRAWFORD	William A.	gardener	Dula River
CUMMINGS	Hanorah		innkeeper	Mullenderree
CURDON		Andrew		farmer		Mullenderree
DONAVON		T.		landowner	Moruya River
FITZPATRICK	Catherine	farmer		Browlee
FLANAGAN	Bridget		landowner	Mullenderree
FLOOD		John		farmer		Mullenderree
FOGARTY		Martin		farmer		Mullenderree
FOGARTY		Michael		farmer		Mullenderree
GILDIE		James		blacksmith	Mullenderree
GILDIE		Thomas		labourer	Mullenderree
GREEVES		C.		labourer	McKendara
GRUMBLEY	Thomas		farmer		Dula River
HANDCOCK	F.		landowner	Moruya River
HEFFERAN	Edward		squatter	McKendara
HEFFERAN	Roger		squatter	McKendara
HESP		Henry		landowner	Dula River
HIGGINSON	B.		landowner	Mullenderree
HOGAN		Alice		farmer		Mullenderree
HOGAN		Patrick		farmer		Mullenderree
JOHNSTON	D.		landowner	Dula River
KEATING		Michael		farmer		Mullenderree
KEATING		Martin		storekeeper	Mullenderree
LYNARD		James		labourer	Mullenderree
LYNCH		James		farmer		Mullenderree
LYNCH		James		storekeeper	Mullenderree
LYNCH		William		innkeeper	Mullenderree
LYNCH		William		squatter	Longreal
MARSHALL	Michael		labourer	Browlee
MARTIN		John		landowner	Dula River
MARTIN		William		landowner	Mullenderree
MELLON		John		landowner	Mullenderree
MCALLISTER	Hugh		landowner	Moruya River
MCINTOSH	W.		landowner	Moruya River
MCMAHON		Patrick		farmer		Mullenderree
QUINN		John		farmer		Mullenderree
QUINN		William		labourer	Mullenderree
RYAN		Michael		landowner	Dula River
SHEAN		Timothy		farmer		Mullenderree
STANTON		James		landowner	Mullenderree
STEVENS		Joseph		labourer	Dula River
STOREMAN	John		farmer		Mullenderree
STOREMAN	Michael		farmer		Mullenderree
TULLY		Mary		farmer		Mullenderree
TURNER		George		landowner	Dula River
TURNER		Thomas		labourer	Mullenderree
WALDING		Joseph		labourer	Browlee
WALSH		James		farmer		Mullenderree

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here