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Distance 40 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Penrith 7.30
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Penrith 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday via Penrith 10.15 a.m.,
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1.15 p.m. via Camden.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday via Penrith 7 a.m., Tuesday,
Thursday, Saturday 9.5 a.m. via Camden.
Route  Rail Penrith, coach Mulgoa.

ADAMS		Edward		labourer	Luddenham
ADAMS		John		labourer	Luddenham
ALLAN		Mary		dairy		Luddenham
ALLCOCK		John		servant		Luddenham
ANDERSON	Ann		dairy		Luddenham
ANDERSON	Robert		farmer		Luddenham
ANSHAW		Joseph		farmer		Luddenham
ARMSTRONG	William		labourer	Luddenham
ASHBY		John		labourer	Luddenham
BAINS		James		---		Mulgoa
BEARDOW		John		teacher		Luddenham
BLAKIE		John		labourer	Mulgoa
BUTCHER		Frederick	labourer	Mulgoa
CAMPBELL	Kenneth		labourer	Mulgoa
COLWELL		John		farmer		Mulgoa
COMERFORD	James		labourer	Mulgoa
COMERFORD	Thomas		labourer	Mulgoa
CONNOR		Jeremiah jun.	farmer		Mulgoa
CONNOR		Jeremiah sen.	farmer		Mulgoa
COX		Edward		---		Mulgoa
CROSS		Thomas jun.	contractor	Mulgoa
CROSS		Thomas sen.	labourer	Mulgoa
DAWSON		Joseph		labourer	Luddenham
DENNING		John		labourer	Mulgoa
DEVLIN		Patrick		labourer	Mulgoa
DONOHUE		John		labourer	Mulgoa
DORAHY		Patrick		farmer		Greendale
DORAHY		William		butcher		Luddenham
DUDLEY		John		farmer		Mulgoa
DYKES		John		gardener	Mulgoa
EASTERBROOK	Abram		farmer		Mulgoa
EASTERBROOK	John		farmer		Mulgoa
EATON		Charles		driver		Mulgoa
EATON		George		farmer		Luddenham
EATON		John		labourer	Mulgoa
FLYNN		William		labourer	Mulgoa
FOWLER		John		contractor	Mulgoa
FREEBURN	Charles		sawyer		Luddenham
FREEBURN	John		grocer		Mulgoa
FURY		Edward		labourer	Mulgoa
GIBSON		John		farmer		Greendale
GIBSON		William		driver		Mulgoa
GLADEN		Charles		labourer	Luddenham
GRAHAM		Robert		farmer		Greendale
HALLAHUN	Patrick jun.	labourer	Mulgoa
HALLAHUN	Patrick sen.	farmer		Greendale
HALLARON	Patrick		labourer	Mulgoa
HAMILTON	John		labourer	Mulgoa
HAMILTON	Robert		farmer		Mulgoa
HARRISON	Richard		bootmaker	Mulgoa
HELLYER		Alfred		---		Fairlight
HELLYER		William		---		Fairlight
HEIDENRICH	Frederick	bootmaker	Mulgoa
HOLT		Henry		labourer	Mulgoa
HOLT		Isaac		farmer		Luddenham
HOLT		Joseph		farmer		Mulgoa
HORTON		Robert		labourer	Mulgoa
HUGHES		James		labourer	Luddenham
JACKSON		Sarah		dairy		Mulgoa
JINKS		James		farmer		Mulgoa
KENNEDY		Catherine	dairy		Luddenham
KILGUR		John		carrier		Luddenham
KLUNN		Julas		woodcutter	Mulgoa
KRANER		Clements	labourer	Mulgoa
LOVAT		John		storekeeper	Greendale
MAHONY		Henry		woodcutter	Luddenham
MCGARRITY	James		farmer		Mulgoa
MCGARRITY	William		farmer		Mulgoa
MCKNIGHT	Abrigal		dairy		Mulgoa
MCKNIGHT	Robert		blacksmith	Mulgoa
NORTON		John		quarryman	Mulgoa
OBRIEN		William		labourer	Mulgoa
OCONNOR	Jane		postmistress 	Mulgoa
PADDISON	George		groom		Mulgoa
PARKER		Samuel		labourer	Mulgoa
PRICE		Sarah		laundress	Mulgoa
RAHARDT		John		butcher		Mulgoa
RAHARDT		Peter		butcher		Mulgoa
ROACH		Catherine	farmer		Mulgoa
ROACH		Garrot		labourer	Mulgoa
ROSS		Rev. James	---		Mulgoa
SMITH		Charles		farmer		Mulgoa
SMITH		James		farmer		Luddenham
SPANSWICKS	George		teacher		Mulgoa
TAYLOR		Robert		farmer		Mulgoa
WALLACE		Henrietta	dairy		Mulgoa
WALLACE		Richard		farmer		Mulgoa
WALLACE		Robert		farmer		Mulgoa
WEDESWHIELER	Joseph		vigneron	Mulgoa
WILSHIRE	A. F.		---		Mulgoa
WILSHIRE	Arthur		---		Mulgoa
WILSHIRE	Austin		---		Mulgoa
YANZ		Sudwick		labourer	Mulgoa

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here