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Distance 108 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 5 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings.
Route  Steam Newcastle, Morpeth, rail Maitland East, 16m. Mount Vincent.

ALFORD		John		squatter	Dunlop Lee
ANDREWS		Alfred		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Alice		---		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Emily		---		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Francis		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Henry		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Sarah		---		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Stephen		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		Thomas		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
ANDREWS		William		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
ASHTON		William		sawyer		Broken Back
AVERY		Charles		sawyer		Mulbring Ck.
AVERY		George jun.	farmer		Mount Vincent
AVERY		George sen.	farmer		Mount Vincent
AVERY		Mary		---		Mount Vincent
AVERY		William		sawyer		Mount Vincent
AVISON		John		storekeeper	Brooks Flat
BARTLETT	F. H.		squatter	Richmond Vale
BEARDOW		Samuel		farmer		Mount Vincent
BETTS		William		bootmaker	Mulbring Ck.
BIRCH		James		teacher		Mulbring Ck.
BIRCH		John		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
BLISSETT	T.		timber dealer	Broken Back
BLISSETT	W.		timber dealer	Broken Back
BUCKTON		George		sawyer		Broken Back
BURKE		James		sawyer		Mulbring Ck.
BURKE		Thomas		farmer		Brooks Flat
BURKE		Thomas		farmer		Sandy Ck.
BYRNES		Andrew		sawyer		Mulbring Ck.
CADBY		James		sawyer		Broken Back
CALAGHAN	John		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
CAPPER		James		sawyer		Mount Vincent
CHILD		W. K.		squatter	Mount Vincent
CLARKE		James		carpenter	Inglewood
CLAYTON		John		farmer		Broken Back
CLAYTON		Samuel		labourer	Broken Back
CLIFTON		Ann		---		Mulbring Ck.
CLIFTON		Charles		sawyer		Mount Vincent
CLOUTEN		George		farmer		Mount Pleasant
CLOUTEN		William		farmer		Folkstone
CONDREN		Mary Ann	servant		Wollong
CROFTON		Edward		farmer		Mulbring
CROSSELY	Richard		labourer	Mount Vincent
DAUNT		Anne		---		Quorobolong
DAUNT		Arthur		poundkeeper	Quorobolong
DAUNT		Mary		---		Quorobolong
DICKSON		John		storekeeper	Sandy Ck.
DURIGAN		John		sawyer		Mulbring Ck.
EMMINGS		John		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
FIELD		William		farmer		Mount Vincent
FOSTER		Caleb		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
FOSTER		James		farmer		Mount Vincent
FOSTER		John		mail contractor	Mount Vincent
FOSTER		Peter		farmer		Chelsea Farm
FOSTER		Samuel		farmer		Mount Vincent
FOSTER		Thomas		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
FREEMAN		James jun.	farmer		Broken Back
FREEMAN		James sen.	farmer		Broken Back
FULLER		Andrew		sawyer		Mount Vincent
FULLOCK		Henry		sawyer		Broken Back
GARLAND		John		squatter	Wollong
GARLAND		Kate		---		Wollong
GARLAND		Mary		---		Wollong
GILL		Dinah		---		Mount Vincent
GILL		George		farmer		Mount Vincent
GILL		George H.	farmer		Broken Back
GILL		James		sawyer		Broken Back
GILL		William		farmer		Broken Back
GLOVER		James		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
GOUGH		Thomas		sawyer		Mount Vincent
GROVES		John		woodman		Mulbring Ck.
HARE		Robert		farmer		Broken Back
HEATON		Richard		farmer		Broken Back
HECTER		Benjamin	sawyer		Mulbring Ck.
HECTER		H.		farmer & butcher Mulbring Ck.
HELY		Ann		---		Rathmines
HELY		Edward		farmer		Rathmines
HELY		Frederick	squatter	Inglewood
HOMARD		Caroline	---		Mount Pleasant
HOMARD		Esther		---		Mount Pleasant
HOMARD		William		farmer		Mount Pleasant
HUBBARD		F.		storekeeper	Mulbring Ck.
HUTCHISON	Henry		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
HYNES		James		servant		Mount Vincent
KENT		J. D. J.	teacher		Quorobolong
KERR		Hugh		farmer		Sandy Ck.
LANCESTER	J.		timber dealer	Brooks Flat
LATTER		Thomas jun.	farmer		Mount Vincent
LATTER		Thomas sen.	farmer		Mount Vincent
LEGGETT		Samuel		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
LEONARD		Thomas		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
LEWIS		Rees		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
LEYBATT		James		farmer		Broken Back
LORD		John		blacksmith	Mulbring Ck.
LORD		Thomas		sawyer		Broken Back
MILES		George		sawyer		Mount Vincent
MONNOX		John jun.	farmer		Mulbring Ck.
MONNOX		John sen.	farmer		Mulbring Ck.
MONNOX		Thomas		farmer		Sandy Ck.
MONNOX		William		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
MURRELL		Daniel jun.	farmer		Mount Vincent
MURRELL		Daniel sen.	farmer		Mount Vincent
MCDONALD	J.		farmer & butcher Mulbring Ck.
MCDONALD	Roderick	farmer		Never Never
MCKEWAN		Gilbert		carpenter	Mulbring Ck.
MCLEAY		Alexander	farmer		Mulbring Ck.
MCRAE		Trafalgar	woodman		Quorobolong
NOBLE		John		storekeeper	Mulbring Ck.
OHEARNS	James		farmer		Sandy Ck.
OSLAND		Henry		farmer		Mount Vincent
OSLAND		James		farmer		Sandy Ck.
OSLAND		Seth		farmer		Broken Back
PORTER		John		servant		Wollong
PUTTY		Thomas		farmer		Sandy Ck.
RAE		Harriett	---		Mulbring Ck.
RAE		James		saddler		Mulbring Ck.
RAE		Jane		---		Mulbring Ck.
RAE		Mary Ann	---		Mulbring Ck.
RAYFIELD	Thomas		constable	Mount Vincent
RUDD		James		farmer		Never Never
SIMS		George		farmer		Sandy Ck.
STEINBACK	Martin		teacher		Mount Pleasant
STEINBACK	William		teacher		Oak Vale
STEVENSON	John		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
STEVENSON	Mathew		farmer & butcher Mount Pleasant
STEVENSON	Richard		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
STEVENSON	William		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
STRONG		Henry		farmer		Mulbring Ck.
TAKEN		William		farmer		Sandy Ck.
TERRY		John		farmer		Sandy Ck.
TURNER		Thomas		farmer		Broken Back
WHYLAY		George		farmer		Broken Back
WILLARD		Sarah		---		Mulbring Ck.
WILSON		William		tin plate worker Mount Vincent
WOLSTENHOLME	Eynas		---		Mount Vincent
WOLSTENHOLME	James		storekeeper	Mount Vincent
WOLSTENHOLME	Rebecca		---		Mount Vincent
WRIGHT		Robert		tinplate worker	Mount Vincent
WYBOON		Edward		farmer		Broken Back
WYBOON		Richard		farmer		Broken Back

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here