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Distance 92 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m. and by steamer as opportunity
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 9 a.m. and by steamers
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 12.30 p.m. and by steamer as
opportunity offers
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m. and by steamers

Route  Steam Kiama; or rail Campbelltown, coach Kiama

ADAMS		Charles		---		Manning St.
ADAMS		George		innkeeper	Manning St.
ALEXANDER	Thomas		labourer	Burney St.
ALLEN		Richard		clerk		Manning St.
ALLISON		James		labourer	Shoalhaven St.
ANDERSON	Christopher	farmer		Long Brush
ANDERSON	Donald		farmer		Jerrara
ANDERSON	William		clerk		Market Square
ARMSTRONG	James		farmer		Bonara
ARMSTRONG	Thomas		farmer		Bonara
ARNOLD		Moses		labourer	Shoalhaven St.
ARTHUR		R. R.		farmer		Foxground
ATKINSON	George		fruiterer	Terralong St.
ATKINSON	Thomas		fruiterer	Terralong St.
AUSTIN		W. H.		labourer	Harney St.
BAILEY		William		farmer		Long Brush
BARNIER		Charles		farmer		Spring Hill
BARR		Robert		printer		Market Square
BARR		Robert J.	printer		Market Square
BARTON		John		farmer		Jerrara
BEALE		William		cooper		Terralong St.
BLACK		John		farmer		Jerrara
BLACK		Robert		farmer		Kiama
BLACK		Thomas		farmer		Omega
BLACK		William		farmer		Jerrara
BOLES		William		bootmaker	Terralong St.
BOOTH		Jane		farmer		Riversdale
BOOTH		Joseph		farmer		Riversdale
BOOTH		Robert		farmer		Riversdale
BOWIE		Alexander	teacher		Eureka
BROWN		Francis		tinsmith	Manning St.
BULLEN		George		storekeeper	Terralong St.
CAMERON		Charles		farmer		Wandama
CAMPBELL	Edward		labourer	Kiama
CAMPBELL	Maria		nurse		Terralong St.
CHARLES		Samuel		farmer		Eureka
CHESTER		Samuel		farmer		Kiama
CHISHOLM	John		constable	Terralong St.
CLARKE		J. W.		farmer		Kiama
CLARKE		William		bootmaker	Manning St.
COLHUNE		William		farmer		Kiama
COLLEY		Hugh		farmer		Kiama
COLLEY		James		farmer		Kiama
COLLEY		William		farmer		Kiama
COLLINS		Denis		farmer		Foxground
COMBS		Joseph		labourer	Kiama
CONNELL		Henry		CPS		Kiama
COUSINS		Christopher	bootmaker	Manning St.
CRAIG		Nicholas	farmer		Kiama
CROOKS		John		carter		Manning St.
CROZIER		Jane		---		Shoalhaven St.
CUNNINGHAME	William		bootmaker	Kiama
DARCY		Rev. Michael	(R.C.)		Manning St.
DIETZ		Philip		labourer	Barney St.
DINNING		James		builder		Shoalhaven St.
DOWNES		James		farmer		Kiama
DOYLE		Michael		labourer	Kiama
DUDGEON		Hugh		farmer		Fountaindale
DUDGEON		Simon		farmer		Fountaindale
DUTCH		Charles		labourer	Shoalhaven St.
EARL		Benjamin	sawyer		Kiama
EAST		Richard		farmer		East Prospect
ELLIOTT		John		farmer		Long Brush
ELLWOOD		Robert		farmer		Mount Elinia
EMERY		Alexander	---		Mount St. James
EMERY		James		---		Nethervale
EVANS		Daniel		builder		Manning St.
EYARES		Robert		farmer		Eureka
FARRAHER	John		farmer		Marsden Hill
FINLAYSON	D.		wheelwright	Terralong St.
FRANCIS		John		saddler		Manning St.
FREDERICKS	Henry		farmer		Clover Hill
FRY		R. B.		---		Manning St.
FULLER		G. L.		---		Barney St.
FULLER		T.		ES&A Bank	Manning St.
GEARY		John		tanner		Shoalhaven St.
GEORGHEGAN	Wm.		dealer		Terralong St.
GODON		William		farmer		Summer Hill
GOODWIN		William jun.	builder		Kiama
GRAY		John		farmer		Mount Joy
GRAY		John		farmer		Fountaindale
GREENWOOD	John		farmer		Kiama
GREY		Francis		farmer		Saddleback
GREY		George		farmer		Mount Salem
GREY		Henry		farmer		Fountaindale
GREY		John		farmer		Loyal Valley
GREY		W. H.		farmer		Saddleback
GREY		William		farmer		Saddleback
GREY		William		farmer		Mount Salem
GRIFFIN		Thomas		carrier		Terralong St.
HAMILTON	James		labourer	Kiama
HAMILTON	John		farmer		Saddleback
HAMILTON	John		labourer	Kiama
HAMILTON	Robert		farmer		Saddleback
HANNA		David		farmer		Fountaindale
HARRISON	James		farmer		Omega Retreat
HARRISON	Paul		bootmaker	Terralong St.
HAYDON		Alfred		storekeeper	Manning St.
HAYDON		James		farmer		Long Brush
HAYES		Walter		painter		Kiama
HENRY		J. J.		farmer		Primrose Hill
HENRY		Thomas		farmer		Eureka
HETHERINGTON	Christopher	---		Shoalhaven St.
HILL		Joseph		carpenter	Manning St.
HINCKS		James		saddler		Manning St.
HINDMARSH	M. N.		---		Terralong St.
HUDSON		James		labourer	Shoalhaven St.
HUNT		G.		brewer		Manning St.
HUNT		G. H.		teacher		Omega Retreat
IRVINE		Alex.		farmer		Long Brush
IRVINE		M. A.		dressmaker	Terralong St.
JANNAN		Alex.		farmer		Omega Retreat
JOHNSTON	David		farmer		Fair View
JOHNSTON	James		farmer		Fair View
JOHNSTON	James		farmer		Fountaindale
JOHNSTON	James		farmer		Omega Retreat
JOHNSTON	James		farmer		Rose Valley
JOHNSTON	John		farmer		Jerrara
JOHNSTON	Robert		farmer		Mount Elinia
JOHNSTON	Wm.		storekeeper	Omega Retreat
JONES		Robert		farmer		Saddleback
JONES		William		labourer	Manning St.
KAY		George		bootmaker	Manning St.
KENDALL		R. O.		farmer		Happy Villa
KENDALL		T. S.		farmer		Bowral
KEYS		John		farmer		Eureka
KING		Dixon		farmer		Kiama
KING		James		farmer		Mount Elinia
KING		John		storekeeper	Terralong St.
KING		Joseph		farmer		Woraine
KING		William		farmer		Willow Ck.
KING		William Charles	clerk		Avoca
KINROSS		Rev. J.		(Presbyterian)	Shoalhaven St.
LANGDON		Luke		labourer	Kiama
LEGGATT		C.		---		Manning St.
LEWIS		William		saddler		Terralong St.
LOVE		Hugh		farmer		Long Brush
LOVE		John		farmer		Fountaindale
LOVE		Thomas		farmer		Long Brush
LOVEDAY		Thomas		carrier		Manning St.
MARSHALL	John		farmer		Saddleback
MARSHALL	Margaret	farmer		Saddleback
MAXWELL		James		farmer		Fox Ground
MAXWELL		John		farmer		Fox Ground
MEWBURN		A. W.		watchmaker	Manning St.
MILLER		George		farmer		Bushbank
MILLER		John		farmer		Ayr Park
MILNE		Charles		carpenter	Kiama
MOFFIT		William		farmer		Cralers Forest
MORGAN		Robert		labourer	Kiama
MORRISON	A.		blacksmith	Manning St.
MCANDREWS	A.		plasterer	Manning St.
MCANDREWS	James		plasterer	Manning St.
MCANDREWS	William		plasterer	Manning St.
MCCAFFERY	Charles		farmer		Jerrara Vale
MCILWRATH	Daniel		farmer		Sea View
MCILWRATH	W. J.		farmer		Fountaindale
MCINTYRE	J. P.		farmer		Saddleback
MCLEAN		Allen		farmer		Jerrara Ck.
MCMANS		Terrance	farmer		Fox Ground
NOBLE		George		farmer		Omega
NOBLE		Henry		farmer		Fountaindale
NOBLE		H. F.		farmer		Fountaindale
NOBLE		William		farmer		Fountaindale
NOBLE		William		farmer		Rose Valley
OTOOLE		James		carrier		Shoalhaven St.
PARRY		Edward		wheelwright	Terralong St.
PICKMAN		Henry		bootmaker	Terralong St.
PICKMAN		Robert		baker		Terralong St.
PIKE		Joseph		farmer		Terralong St.
PINSTONE	F.		painter		Kiama
READ		T. B.		storekeeper	Manning St.
REDFORD		Joseph		chemist		Manning St.
REED		Samuel		storekeeper	Terralong St.
REGAN		John		farmer		Mount Pleasant
REGAN		Timothy		farmer		Mount Pleasant
REYNOLDS	Thomas		farmer		Holly Mount
ROBB		James		farmer		Riversdale
ROBB		William		farmer		Barn Hill
ROBSON		M. E.		farmer		Omega
ROOK		James		storekeeper	Terralong St.
SEWELL		James F.	blacksmith	Terralong St.
SHORT		W. 		Commercial Bank	Manning St.
SHACKLE		E.		farmer		Fox Ground
SIMMONS		John		mason		Manning St.
SMITH		David		---		Manning St.
SMITH		Irwin		farmer		Alone Bank
SMITH		John		tailor		Terralong St.
SOMMERVILLE	George		farmer		Jerrara Hill
SOMMERVILLE	John		farmer		Jerrara Hill
SOMMERVILLE	James		clerk		Shoalhaven St.
SPINKS		J. S.		farmer		Woodgrove
STOBO		R.		ISN Cos Agent	Terralong St.
TARRANT		H. J.		surgeon		Terralong St.
TAYLOR		John		surveyor	Terralong St.
TIMBS		Henry		farmer		Kiama
TIMBS		William		farmer		Meadow Bank
TULLOCH		Thomas		labourer	Kiama
TURNER		S.		farmer		Kiama
TYTER		J. F.		Telegraph master Kiama
VANCE		Wm.		farmer		Mount Salem
WAKEFORD	George		---		Manning St.	
WAKEFORD	Charles		---		Manning St.
WALDRON		G. K.		auctioneer	Manning St.
WALKER		George		builder		Kiama
WALKER		James		builder		Kiama
WALKER		Peter		builder		Manning St.
WALKER		Robert		builder		Kiama
WALKER		William		surgeon		Maybrook House
WALL		Frederick	farmer		Kiama
WALLACE		Joseph		farmer		Kiama
WALTERS		H.		farmer		Fox Ground
WARD		John		farmer		Kiama
WATSON		James		farmer		Blinkboney
WENHAM		William		farmer		Hermitage
WESTON		Joseph		printer		Market Square
WHITTON		William		labourer	Kiama
WHITNEY		Robert		bootmaker	Manning St.
WILLIAMS	William		farmer		Fox Ground
WILSON		Andrew		farmer		Fox Ground
WILSON		D. H.		painter		Terralong St.
WILSON		Robert		farmer		Saddleback
WINDSOR		Thomas		farmer		Fox Ground
WOODS		George		farmer		Spring Hill
YORK		James		farmer		Omega Retreat
YOUNG		George		constable	Terralong St.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here