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Distance 198 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.; Friday by Clyde steamer, and
by steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11 p.m., Saturday 11.30 a.m.;
or 4 ? hours after arrival of steamer at Batemans Bay, and by steamer direct.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 1 p.m.; Monday 9.30 a.m. per
Clyde steamer.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.; Tuesday per Clyde steamer. 
Route  Steam Moruya; or steam Merimbula; or Clyde River.

ADAMS		Frederick	labourer	Russian Flat
ADRIAN		Margaret	teacher		Newstead
ANDERSON	William		carpenter	Queen St.
BALDWIN		Thomas		farmer		Old Mans Bed
BARNES		Henry		carpenter	Moruya
BARTON		Henry		auctioneer	Vulcan St.
BATE		William		labourer	Gundary
BELL		Michael		gardener	Moruya
BERRESFORD	---		surveyor	Moruya
BETTS		A. C.		surveyor	Moruya
BISHOP		William		fencer		Gundary
BONNYMAN	John		blacksmith	Vulcan St.
BOOT		Edward		surgeon		Carragee
BOOT		Henry		agent		Moruya
BOULTON		James		musician	Moruya
BROWN		Catherine	farmer		Gundary
BROWN		John		farmer		Gundary
BROWN		Patrick		farmer		Gundary
BROWN		Thomas		---		Moruya
BROWN		William		farmer		Gundary
BUCKLEY		John		bootmaker	Campbell St.
BUCKLEY		John jun.	horse breaker	Moruya
BURNS		Robert		---		Moruya
BYRNES		Michael		bricklayer	Queen St.
CARDEN		Frederick	farmer		Moruya
CARLAND		Mary Ann	laundress	Race Course
CARRON		Patrick		---		Moruya
CARRON		William		farmer		Mynora
CASWELL		W. Stewart	PM		Mynora
CHAPMAN		Henry		labourer	Mynora
CHAPMAN		William		labourer	Gundary
CHAPMAN		William		tanner & furrier Moruya
CLEMENTS	W.		proprietor of Examiner Vulcan St. 
COLE		Thomas		labourer	Mynora
COLEFOX		Charles		farmer		Russian Flat
COLLIER		W. F.		saddler		Vulcan St.
CONSTABLE	Charles		labourer	Gundary
CONSTABLE	John jun.	puntman		Newstead
CONSTABLE	John sen.	---		Gundary
CONSTABLE	Robert		labourer	Gundary
CONSTABLE	William		boatman		Moruya
COPPIN		John		labourer	Ninderra
COREW		Michael		butcher		Queen St.
COSTEN		Henry		farmer		Mynora
COUGHLIN	James		farmer		Stoney Ck.
COUGHLIN	Mary		farmer		Kiora Ford
COXON		Edward		innkeeper	Moruya
CROSBY		George		labourer	Mynora
CUNNINGHAM	Patrick		labourer	Moruya
DANSEY		D. J.		chemist		Moruya
DEFOSKI		John		farmer		Mynora
DELANEY		Thomas		labourer	Wamban
DOHERTY		Thomas		labourer	Moruya
DOWSON		Rev. J. W.	(Wesleyan)	Moruya
DUNN		Frank		butcher		Moruya
DUNNE		Daniel		farmer		Wamban
DUNNE		John		farmer		Moruya
EDMONDS		W.		teacher		Moruya
ELLIOTT		James		farmer		Stoney Ck.
ELLISON		William		miller		Queen St.
EMMOTT		Abraham		storekeeper	Queen St.
EMMOTT		John		storekeeper	Vulcan St.
EMMOTT		Thomas		storekeeper	Vulcan St.
FITZPATRICK	B.		farrier		Church St.
FLANAGAN	James		farmer		Wamban
FLANAGAN	Peter		labourer	Moruya
FLANAGAN	William		farmer		Queen St.
FLANAGAN	W. T., JP	landholder	Gundary
FOOKS		Robert		bootmaker	Gundary
FOREMAN		Richard		labourer	Dyers Ck.
FRY		William		woodcutter	Long Swamp
GANNON		John		farmer		Yarragee
GANNON		Timothy		butcher		Church St.
GARVEY		Rev. J. J.	(R. C.)		Moruya
GLEESON		Michael		labourer	Queen St.
GLOVER		George		labourer	Moruya
GORMAN		Bridget		nurse		Moruya
GRANT		Bernard		labourer	Moruya
GRAY		Robert		labourer	Yarragee
GREEN		John		farmer		Pleasant View
GREEN		William		labourer	Moruya
HANDCOCK	F.		watchmaker	Vulcan St.
HAY		T. A.		boatman		Newstead
HAYES		James		labourer	Moruya
HAYES		Patrick		labourer	Moruya
HERDER		Charles		---		Moruya
HIBEL		Joseph		labourer	Kiora Ford
HILLIARD	Henry		labourer	Church St.
HITCH		Nelson		sergeant of Police Moruya
HOLROYD		Abraham		farmer		Yarragee
HOOLAHAN	John		farmer		Moruya
HURST		George		labourer	Church St.
HUTCHINGS	Charles		farmer		Old Mans Bed
JEFFERS		Robert		butcher		Vulcan St.
JEFFERY		James		bootmaker	Vulcan St.
JEFFERY		Robert		blacksmith	Vulcan St.
JENNER		Joseph		---		Newstead
KELLY		John		labourer	Mynora
KELLY		Patrick		farmer		Mynora
KENNY		Bridget		innkeeper	Queen St.
KNAPPETT	Benjamin	boatman		Newstead
KURZ		George		saddler		Vulcan St.
LEONARD		James		labourer	Moruya
LINDO		Alexander P.	surveyor	Moruya
LITTLE		Robert		labourer	Moruya
LODGE		H. J.		proprietor Telegraph Moruya
LODGE		T. C.		post & telegraph master Moruya
LOUTITT		Joseph		labourer	Moruya	
LOVE		Rev. J. G.	(C.E.)		Moruya
LUCK		Jacob		farmer		Yarragee
LUCK		John		farmer		Yarragee
LUCK		John jun.	farmer		Yarragee
LUSTY		Charles		labourer	Yarragee
LYNCH		Edward		farmer		Moruya
LYNCH		James		farmer		Moruya
LYNCH		John		farmer		Moruya
LYNCH		Patrick		farmer		Moruya
LYNCH		William		innkeeper	Moruya
MANTON		H. J.		CPS		Moruya
MARTIN		James		tanner		Garlandtown
MARTIN		James jun.	tanner		Garlandtown
MEPSTEAD	Richard		farmer		Gundary
MITCHELL	John		farmer		Gundary
MOONEY		James		---		Queen St.
MOONEY		Michael		carrier		Queen St.
MOONEY		Thomas		carrier		Queen St.
MORRIS		Michael		storekeeper	Queen St.
MOYNE		Thomas		labourer	Moruya
MUNROE		Mrs. A.		dairy		Campbell St.
MUNROE		William		farmer		Campbell St.
MURPHY		John		farmer		Mynora
MYNEHAN		Michael		labourer	Silver Mine
MCALISTER	Donald		farmer		Garlandtown
MCALISTER	Margaret	storekeeper	Moruya
MCCLELLAND	John C.		---		Moruya
MCINTOSH	John		carpenter	Silver Mine
MCKEOWN		John		storekeeper	Vulcan St.
MCKEW		Patrick		labourer	Moruya
MCLEAN		Archibald	puntman		Newstead
MCLEAN		Dougal		labourer	Gundary
MCLEOD		Donald		grazier		Buckerboura
MCMAHON		Patrick		---		Shannon Harbour
MCNULTY		John		cook		Moruya
NELMES		Alfred		farmer		Long Swamp
NEWMAN		Richard		labourer	Moruya
NELSON		Gustof		tailor		Queen St.
NOAD		John		farmer		Old Mans Bed
NOCK		Frank		labourer	Garlandtown
OKEEFFE	Timothy		farmer		Garlandtown
OLIVER		Thomas		constable	Queen St.
OMEARA		Laurence	farmer		Mynora
PARBURY		Henry		fencer		Moruya
PARBURY		Richard		labourer	Moruya
PAYNE		George		labourer	Gundary
POMPHERY	Henrietta	---		Gundary
RUSSELL		---		surveyor	Moruya
RUSSELL		James		labourer	Moruya
RUSSELL		John		labourer	Moruya
RUSSELL		Thomas		labourer	Moruya
RYAN		John		farmer		Moruya
RYAN		William		farmer		Moruya
SHARPE		James		farmer		Old Mans Bed
SHIEL		Matthew		tailor		Queen St.
SHOTTEN		John		agent		Yarragee
SISLEY		Mrs.		---		Moruya
SMALL		Peter		carpenter	Moruya
SMETHURST	Richard C.	carrier		Moruya
SMITH		William		---		Moruya
SRAHAN		John		farmer		Mynora
SRAHAN		John jun.	farmer		Mynora
SRAHAN		Margaret	dressmaker	Vulcan St.
SRAHAN		Michael		farmer		Mynora
SRAHAN		Michael jun.	farmer		Mynora
STAUNTON	James		farmer		Corgo
STAUNTON	John		farmer		Corgo
STAUNTON	Patrick		farmer		Corgo
STAUNTON	Peter		farmer		Corgo
STAUNTON	Thomas		farmer		Corgo
STAUNTON	Thomas		innkeeper	Vulcan St.
STEED		John		farmer		Russian Flat
SULLIVAN	Mrs.		storekeeper	Moruya
SWAIN		J. J.		tanner		Gundary
THOMAS		William		farmer		Moruya
THOMPSON	Jacob		labourer	Garlandtown
TIER		Bernard		---		Vulcan St.
TIER		John		storekeeper	Vulcan St.
TIER		Patrick		labourer	Vulcan St.
TRANENT		R. M.		pilot		Moruya Heads
VAUGHAN		Edward		bootmaker	Queen St.
VAUGHAN		Michael		bootmaker	Queen St.
WALKER		Anne		teacher		Moruya
WALTERS		Edward		carpenter	Moruya
WALTERS		William		boatman		Moruya
WEBB		G. W.		teacher		Moruya
WHITE		James		painter		Moruya
WHITE		John		bootmaker	Vulcan St.
WHITFIELD	Edwin		labourer	Moruya
WILLIAMS	H.		lock-up keeper	Queen St.
WILLIAMS	Peter		blacksmith	Vulcan St.
WRIGHT		Alexander	printer		Moruya
WRIGHT		George		carpenter	Moruya
WYATT		E. W. R.	puntman		Moruya Heads
ZIEGLER		Henry		mason		Pompey Point

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