Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOOROOWOOLEN

Page 343
Distance 111 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8.30 a.m. and
daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 2.43 p.m. and daily
(Sunday excepted) 10.39 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 1.48 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m 
Route  Rail Marulan, 2m. Mooroowoolen.

ARDLEY		William		labourer	Mooroowoolen
BATES		William		carpenter	Mooroowoolen
BEAZLEY		William		farmer		Cawarra
BERESFORD	Obadiah		farmer		Mooroowoolen
BERWICK		George		labourer	Mooroowoolen
BLAXTER		John		farmer		Mooroowoolen
CAPON		Charles		teacher		Mooroowoolen
CASBURN		Charles		farmer		Wingelo
CHAPMAN		Richard		innkeeper	Mooroowoolen
CLARK		George		carpenter	Mooroowoolen
CLAWTON		Henry		baker		Mooroowoolen
CLOUT		John		labourer	Mooroowoolen
COCHRANE	John		labourer	Mooroowoolen
COLEMAN		John		labourer	Mooroowoolen
COOK		Stephen		labourer	Mooroowoolen
COOMBES		James		storekeeper	Mooroowoolen
CRAWFORD	William		farmer		Bombarlo
DAWSON		George		blacksmith	Mooroowoolen
DOBYNS		William		labourer	Mooroowoolen
DOWNS		John		carrier		Mooroowoolen
FARRER		Walter		carpenter	Mooroowoolen
FENNING		John		sawyer		Mooroowoolen
FERGUSON	John		butcher		Mooroowoolen
FERGUSON	Robert		farmer		Bombarlo
FERGUSON	Thomas		farmer		Bombarlo
FERGUSON	William		contractor	Mooroowoolen
FITZGERALD	W.		squatter	Shelleys Flats
GREEN		Thomas		innkeeper	Mooroowoolen
GREEN		William		carpenter	Mooroowoolen
HADDEN		Walter		labourer	Mooroowoolen
HATER		George		farmer		Cawarra
HOPKINS		Jacob		farmer		Bosworth
JENNINGS	William		carrier		Mooroowoolen
JONES		Charles		bootmaker	Mooroowoolen
JONES		Henry		carrier		Mooroowoolen
KILPATRICK	Henry		carrier		Mooroowoolen
LEAP		James		labourer	Mooroowoolen
LIARDET		Frederick	railway porter	Mooroowoolen
MAHER		James		butcher		Mooroowoolen
MONTGOMERY	Hugh		storekeeper	Mooroowoolen
MORRICE		David		squatter	Glenrock
MUNDAY		William		carrier		Mooroowoolen
OSLINGTON	James		carrier		Mooroowoolen
PAYTEN		Edward		farmer		Wingelo
PENNY		Thomas		labourer	Mooroowoolen
PETTINT		George		labourer	Mooroowoolen
PHILLIPS	James		labourer	Mooroowoolen
POLLARD		James		carrier		Mooroowoolen
PROSSER		George		contractor	Mooroowoolen
RANKIN		John		squatter	Lockyers Leigh
RIPPON		John		labourer	Mooroowoolen
ROBINSON	Thomas		mason		Mooroowoolen
ROBOTHEM	Isaac		butcher		Mooroowoolen
RYAN		John		farmer		Wingelo
SHEPPARD	James		farmer		Mooroowoolen
SHEPPARD	John		farmer		Mount Otway
SIMPSON		George		tanner		Mooroowoolen
STACE		Henry		labourer	Mooroowoolen
STALL		Joseph		labourer	Mooroowoolen
STEPHENS	William		labourer	Mooroowoolen
WADE		John		contractor	Mooroowoolen
WARBURTON	Isaac		sawyer		Mooroowoolen
WARBURTON	John		sawyer		Mooroowoolen
WELSH		John		labourer	Mooroowoolen
WRIGHT		Charles		labourer	Mooroowoolen

Greville 1872

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