Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOONBI

Page 342
Distance 262 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 6.20 a.m
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 10 a.m. 
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Moonbi.

AH		Ching		shepherd	Moonbi
AH		Tong		shepherd	Moonbi
AITKEN		William		carrier		Moonbi
ANNIS		Edmund		carpenter	Moonbi
BAILEY		Samuel P.	teacher		Moonbi
BARBER		William		butcher		Moonbi
BARNES		Richard		farmer		Moonbi
BARNES		William		farmer		Moonbi
BATES		Thomas		shepherd	Moonbi
BAZIE		George		labourer	Moonbi
BEGGS		Samuel		blacksmith	Moonbi
BELL		William		farmer		Cockburn River
BELL		William		shepherd	Moonbi
BERGIN		Thomas		shepherd	Moonbi
BETTERSON	Edward		farmer		Cockburn River
BRADY		John		shepherd	Neminga
BROWN		Robert		shepherd	Moonbi
CALLAGHAN	John		labourer	Moonbi
CAMPBELL	James		farmer		Moonbi
CHAFFEY		William		farmer		Cockburn Ck.
CLARKE		John		miner		Swamp Oak
CLARKE		Michael		labourer	Moonbi
COLEMAN		Michael		shepherd	Moonbi
COOKE		James H.	teacher		Cockburn River
COOKE		William		carrier		Cockburn River
COOPER		Thomas		labourer	Swamp Oak
DALYIER		Henry		shepherd	Moonbi
DANSON		Edward C.	shepherd	Moonbi
DONNELLY	Patrick		carrier		Cockburn Ck.
DOUGHERTY	John		shepherd	Moonbi
DUFFY		Thomas		miner		Moonbi
DWYER		James		farmer		Moonbi
FAULKNER	Alexander	shepherd	Moonbi
FLANAGAN	Hugh		shepherd	Moonbi
FLANAGAN	John		constable	Moonbi
GARDINER	Christopher	labourer	Moonbi
GARDINER	John		labourer	Moonbi
GILL		John		grazier		Moonbi
GRAHAM		Henry		overseer	Moonbi
GREEN		Michael		carrier		Moonbi
GREEN		William H.	storekeeper	Moonbi
HAYNE		Thomas		farmer		Moonbi
HILL		Thomas		blacksmith	Moonbi
HOWELL		John		miner		Swamp Oak
HYSON		John		labourer	Moonbi
HYSON		Samuel		cook		Moonbi
IRELAND		Alfred		carrier		Moonbi
IRELAND		Henry		labourer	Moonbi
JACOB		John		farmer		Moonbi
JEFFREY		Samuel		labourer	Moonbi
JUDD		David		farmer		Moonbi
KAIN		Thomas		shepherd	Moonbi
KALY		Thomas		labourer	Moonbi
KENDALL		William		overseer	Moonbi
LANGEUS		Joseph		shepherd	Moonbi
LANGSTON	William		shepherd	Moonbi
LENNON		James		shepherd	Moonbi
LYONS		George		labourer	Moonbi
MILLER		Andrew		farmer		Moonbi
MOLLOY		Michael		labourer	Moonbi
MORRISON	Alexander	farmer		Moonbi
MURPHY		Edward		labourer	Moonbi
MCARTHUR	Mark		carrier		Moonbi
MCCUE		Alexander	miner		Swamp Oak
MCDONALD	Thomas		labourer	Moonbi
MCDUFF		John		miner		Swamp Oak
MCGILL		Samuel		labourer	Moonbi
MCKEEN		William		innkeeper	Moonbi
MCKINNON	Lachlan		farmer		Cockburn River
MCLELLAND	William		farmer		Moonbi
OGRADY		John		farmer		Cockburn River
ORMAN		Daniel		carrier		Cockburn River
ORMAN		George		carrier		Cockburn River
PALMER		William		farmer		Cockburn River
RAINGER		Jacob		farmer		Cockburn River
REID		James		carpenter	Moonbi
REVEGE		George		labourer	Moonbi
REYNOLDS	James		shepherd	Swamp Oak
RHEUL		James		shepherd	Moors Ck.
ROBSON		John		farmer		Cockburn River
ROSEBOURNE	John		miner		Swamp Oak
RUSS		Thomas		farmer		Neminga
SAFE		William		farmer		Cockburn River
SALFORNANDORS	John		shepherd	Moonbi
SAUNDERS	Henry		labourer	Moonbi
SIMMONDS	Charles		farmer		Armidale Rd.
SIMMONS		Henry		farmer		Neminga
SIMMONS		Mrs. H.		farmer		Neminga
SINCLAIR	Walter		labourer	Moonbi
SINOS		Sebastian	shepherd	Moonbi
STACE		Edwin		farmer		Moonbi
STAPLETON	Thomas		labourer	Moonbi
STEPHENS	William H.	gardener	Moonbi
STRAUNDT	Asmus		shepherd	Moonbi
STREETING	William		farmer		Moonbi
SWAIN		Mrs. H.		innkeeper	Moonbi
WATKINS		Jesse		labourer	Moonbi
WEAVER		Charles		farmer		Cockburn River
WEAVER		David		farmer		Cockburn River
WEST		John		overseer	Moonbi
WEST		William		labourer	Armidale Rd.
WILBOW		George		farmer		Cockburn River
WILBOW		John		labourer	Moonbi
WILKENDON	William		labourer	Moonbi
WILLIAMS	Thomas		labourer	Moonbi
WILSON		Frederick	farmer		Cockburn River
WILSON		Henry		storekeeper	Moonbi
WILSON		William		sawyer		Moonbi
WISEMAN		Laban		overseer	Moonbi
WRIGHT		Joseph		shepherd	Moors Ck.
WRIGHT		William		carrier		Moonbi
WYE FONG	James		shepherd	Neminga
YESSAR		George		shepherd	Neminga

Greville 1872

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