Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOONAN BROOK

Page 341
Distance 202 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday 1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday noon
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday evenings.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Scone, 35m. Moonan

ANDERSON	Peter		miner		Moonan Brook
BAKER		Henry		blacksmith	Moonan Brook
BAKER		John		shepherd	Ellerston
BAKER		John G.		storekeeper	Ellerston
BARBER		James		miner		Moonan Brook
BIGNELL		Frederick	miner		Moonan Brook
BRISTOW		Henry		miner		Moonan Brook
CAMPBELL	A. jun.		squatter	Glenrock
CAMPBELL	A. sen.		squatter	Glenrock
CAMPBELL	James		squatter	Tomolla
CAMPBELL	John		squatter	Glenmore
CAMPBELL	Thomas		labourer	Moonan Brook
CARROLL		John		miner		Moonan Brook
CARTER		Charles		squatter	Stewarts Brook
CARTER		James		squatter	Stewarts Brook
CARTER		Richard		squatter	Stewarts Brook
CARTER		Robt. H.	squatter	Stewarts Brook
CARTER		Robert		squatter	Stewarts Brook
COOK		Samuel		storekeeper	Moonan Brook
CORBETT		John		stock-keeper	Glenrock
DIXON		Henry		miner		Moonan Brook
DWYER		Jeremiah	miner		Cundale Brook
EIPPER		Albert		labourer	Tomolla
EIPPER		Christopher	teacher		Moonan Brook
FARMER		Frederick	miner		Cundale Brook
FERMON		Henry		shepherd	Ellerston
FIELD		John		teacher		Moonan Brook
GENRY		David		farmer		Moonan Brook
GREGORY		Hezekiah	farmer		Moonan Brook
GREGORY		John		miner		Moonan Brook
GREGORY		Josiah		miner		Moonan Brook
GUNTER		Samuel		labourer	Moonan Brook
HARRIS		Henry		bootmaker	Moonan Brook
HILES		John H.		miner		Moonan Brook
HILTON		John		miner		Moonan Brook
HINCH		Thomas		labourer	Moonan Brook
JAMES		David		miner		Moonan Brook
JOHNSTON	Peter		miner		Moonan Brook
JOAN		Antonio		miner		Moonan Brook
KEESHAN		Samuel		shepherd	Ellerston
KILEY		Laurence	shepherd	Moonan Brook
KILEY		William		shepherd	Brunah Ck.
KITTOR		James		miner		Moonan Brook
LEE		Thomas		miner		Cundale Brook
LONDRIGAN	John		miner		Moonan Brook
LYONS		Robert		miner		Moonan Brook
MADDON		George		---		Ellerston
MAGENT		Philip		miner		Cundale Brook
MILLER		John		farmer		Moonan Brook
MITCHELL	George		stock-keeper	Tomolla
MITCHELL	Samuel		innkeeper	Moonan Brook
MOORE		Thomas		miner		Moonan Brook
MORRISON	William		miner		Moonan Brook
MCCALL		Duncan		farmer		Pages Ck.
MCCALL		John		farmer		Pages Ck.
MCCULLUM	Colin		farmer		Moonan Brook
MCCULLUM	John		farmer		Moonan Brook
MCINNES		Ann		farmer		Rosenthal
MCLOUGHLIN	James		miner		Cundale Brook
MCMANAMIN	Patrick		miner		Cundale Brook
MCPHEE		John		farmer		Glenmore
MCPHEE		William		farmer		Glenmore
NISBETT		Henry		messenger	Glenrock
ODONOHUE	Richard		miner		Moonan Brook
PATZIELD	Thomas		labourer	Glenrock
PHIPPS		Isaac		teacher		Moonan Brook
READ		Mary		servant		Moonan Brook
ROBSON		Mary		householder	Moonan Brook
RYAN		John		miner		Cundale Brook
SAUNDERS	Alfred		innkeeper	Moonan Brook
SAVILLE		Edward		carpenter	Moonan Brook
SAVILLE		Mrs. James	dressmaker	Moonan Brook
SHEEDY		James		miner		Moonan Brook
SHEPPARD	William		miner		Moonan Brook
SIMPSON		Henry		miner		Moonan Brook
SIMPSON		John		carrier		Moonan Brook
SIMPSON		Mary		storekeeper	Moonan Brook
SOLOMONS	Henry B.	storekeeper	Moonan Brook
SPRATT		Thomas		miner		Moonan Brook
STEVENS		William		farmer		Moonan Brook
TAYLOR		Henry		shepherd	Pages Ck.
TAYLOR		Thomas		labourer	Pages Ck.
TEAGEN		Mary Ann	---		Moonan Brook
TILSE		Charles		miner		Cundale Brook
TILSE		Ferdinand	miner		Cundale Brook
TILSE		John		miner		Cundale Brook
TOOHEY		Timothy		miner		Moonan Brook
URQUHART	Kenneth		squatter	Moonan Brook
WARLAND		Thomas		postmaster	Moonan Brook
WARREN		Joseph		miner		Moonan Brook
WHILSETT	Richard		labourer	Moonan Brook
WIDDERS		Albert		stock-keeper	Tomolla
WILLIAMS	William jun.	miner		Moonan Brook
WILLIAMS	William sen.	sawyer		Moonan Brook

Greville 1872

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