Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MONWONGA

Page 340
Distance 238 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 1.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 2.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m
Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Forbes, 20m. Monwonga.

BELL		Thomas		labourer	Carraboblin
BROWN		Mitchell	settler		Budgerybong
CALLIGAN	John		labourer	Carraboblin
CALLIGAN	Joseph		labourer	Carraboblin
CLEGG		Edward		shearer		Carraboblin
CONNELL		Henry		carpenter	Burrowong
CONNELL		Peter		labourer	Burrowong
CONSTABLE	William		settler		Budgerybong
DAGLEISH	Robert		storekeeper	Burrowong
DAVIS		Henry		shearer		Carraboblin
DEAN		George		shearer		Carraboblin
DONNELLY	James		settler		Budgerybong
DUGDALE		Abraham		cook		Burrowong
EDWARDS		Thomas		labourer	Monwonga
GIBBONS		John		stockman	Mulgutherie
GINTY		John		shearer		Carraboblin
GRAHAM		Edward		labourer	Burrowong
GRAHAM		Richard		shearer		Carraboblin
HABERO		Richard		wool sorter	Carraboblin
HARLAND		Henry		shearer		Carraboblin
HEFFERNAN	Edward		labourer	Monwonga
HEFFERNAN	Michael		settler		Budgerybong
HEFFERNAN	Patrick		carrier		Budgerybong
HEFFERNAN	Thomas		labourer	Budgerybong
HICKEY		Michael		boundary rider	Burrowong
HICKEY		Michael		settler		Budgerybong
JONES		Edward		squatter	Cadow
JONES		John		shearer		Carraboblin
JORDAN		James		labourer	Monwonga
KING		George		boundary rider	Burrowong
KING		Henry		labourer	Burrowong
KING		John jun.	labourer	Belmore Park
KING		John sen.	settler		Belmore Park
LAWLER		Thomas		shearer		Carraboblin
LEES		John		fencer		Burrowong
LEVINGS		Josiah		labourer	Burrowong
LEWIS		Henry		carrier		Monwonga
MAHAR		Richard		stockman	Warroo
MARTIN		John		shearer		Carraboblin
MARTIN		William		squatter	Burrowong
MILLER		Joseph		squatter	Bogindillon
MILLER		Thomas		cattle dealer	Monwonga
MOODY		James		dairy		Cadow
MORRIS		James		boundary rider	Burrowong
MURPHY		George		stockman	Cadow
MCDOWELL	James		carpenter	Burrowong
MCKENZIE	William		fencer		Burrowong
NORTON		Richard		labourer	Burrowong
OBRIEN		Patrick		shearer		Carraboblin
ONIONS		William H.	squatter	Geeron
PARFITT		Thomas		labourer	Monwonga
PLUIS		Charles		boundary rider	Carraboblin
PLUIS		John		boundary rider	Mulgutherie
PLUIS		Robert		boundary rider	Burrowong
ROBERTSON	Joseph		labourer	Toyal
ROBINSON	Duncan		shearer		Carraboblin
SHEA		Thomas		boundary rider	Monwonga
SHEAN		Andrew		overseer	Mulgutherie
SINCLAIR	Alfred		shearer		Carraboblin
SMITH		Peter		shearer		Carraboblin
STREET		Alfred		overseer	Burrowong
SWAN		Hugh		fencer		Burrowong
THOMPSON	Robert		fencer		Burrowong
WATSON		John		boundary rider	Burrowong
WHYLIE		Charles		shearer		Carraboblin
WILMOT		George		labourer	Carraboblin
WILSON		Joseph		shearer		Carraboblin
YEO		John		innkeeper	Monwonga

Greville 1872

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