Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOLONGLO

Page 332
Distance 216 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 3.15 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Friday 10 a.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 a.m 
Route  Rail Goulburn, coach via Bungendore, 12m. Molonglo.

AHEARN		Robert jun.	labourer	Carwoola
AHEARN		R. sen.		labourer	Hoskintown
AHEARN		William		labourer	Carwoola
ANTILL		Henry		labourer	Molonglo
ASHCROFT	John 		sawyer		Foxlow
BARNETT		William		storekeeper	Carwoola
BLINKSELL	Richard		farmer		Molonglo
BOLLARD		Thomas		labourer	Foxlow
BOWMAN		Isaac		labourer	Carwoola
BOWMAN		Jonathan	labourer	Carwoola
BRADLEY		Alexander	labourer	Carwoola
BRONGER		Thomas		labourer	Big Tinderra
BRUCE		William		labourer	Molonglo
CARLTON		John 		labourer	Carwoola
CASEY		Daniel		farmer		Big Tinderra
CASEY		Thomas		farmer		Molonglo
CHALLENDOR	James		engineer	Carwoola
CODIE		John 		farmer		Molonglo
CRONEN		Edward		farmer		Molonglo
CRONEN		John  jun.	farmer		Molonglo
CRONEN		John  sen.	farmer		Molonglo
DANIELS		Edward		farmer		Hoskintown
DANIELS		George		labourer	Hoskintown
DANIELS		Henry		labourer	Foxlow
DANIELS		Thomas		farmer		Molonglo
DELANEY		James		labourer	Carwoola
DEMPSEY		William		farmer		Molonglo
DONOHOE		James jun.	labourer	Foxlow
DONOHOE		James sen.	labourer	Foxlow
DONOHOE		William		labourer	Foxlow
DUNLOP		John 		farmer		Molonglo
DWYER		Thomas		farmer		Molonglo
EDMUNDS		Edward		farmer		Molonglo
EDMUNDS		John 		farmer		Molonglo
ERSKINE		James		farmer		Molonglo
EVANS		George		labourer	Molonglo
EVANS		James jun.	labourer	Molonglo
EVANS		James sen.	farmer		Molonglo
EVANS		Reece		farmer		Molonglo
EVANS		Thomas		labourer	Molonglo
FLAHN		John 		farmer		Molonglo
FOLLETT		William		mason		Molonglo
FRANCIS		William		labourer	Carwoola
GILLIGAN	John 		labourer	Carwoola
GRIFFITHS	John 		labourer	Carwoola
GRIFFITHS	Thomas		farmer		Stone House
GRIFFITHS	William jun.	farmer		Stone House
GRIFFITHS	William sen.	labourer	Carwoola
HALEY		Daniel		labourer	Foxlow
HALLEY		William		labourer	Carwoola
HARRISON	John 		farmer		York Dale
HARRIS		George		farmer		Molonglo
HEGARTY		Joseph		farmer		Molonglo
HEGARTY		William		farmer		Molonglo
HILLCOCKS	Thomas		labourer	Briars
HONOR		Edward		labourer	Molonglo
HOPKINS		George		farmer		Foxlow
HOPKINS		James		carpenter	Carwoola
HOPKINS		James		farmer		Molonglo
IDEN		John 		farmer		Molonglo
KELLY		John 		labourer	Molonglo
KELLY		Joseph		labourer	Carwoola
KEOUGH		Peter		labourer	Foxlow
LEWIS		Thomas		labourer	Carwoola
LYNCH		Thomas		wheelwright	Carwoola
MARSHALL	B. H.		superintendent	Foxlow
MASTERS		Henry		labourer	Carwoola
MULLER		Adam		farmer		Molonglo
MURPHY		John  J.	blacksmith	Carwoola
MCCAWLEY	John 		farmer		Molonglo
MCCAWLEY	Thomas		farmer		Molonglo
MCFARLANE	Charles		labourer	Foxlow
MCGUIGAN	Edward		farmer		Molonglo
NASH		Edward		superintendent	Briars
OSBORNE		George		squatter	Foxlow
OUTHRED		Richard		labourer	Carwoola
PARTINGTON	James		labourer	Carwoola
RATCLIFF	Craspen		labourer	Carwoola
ROACH		John  jun.	farmer		Molonglo
ROACH		John  sen.	farmer		Molonglo
ROBINSON	James		farmer		Molonglo
ROBINSON	John  W.	labourer	Molonglo
ROBINSON	Richard		teacher		Molonglo
ROBINSON	William		labourer	Carwoola
RUTLEDGE	Thomas		squatter	Carwoola
RUTLEDGE	William		---		Carwoola
SACHS		Julius		superintendent	Foxlow
SCHARDT		Frederick	farmer		Molonglo
SCUARNELL	John 		labourer	Foxlow
SHANAHAN	Sydney		squatter	Briars
SHANAHAN	Thomas jun.	squatter	Briars
SHANAHAN	Thomas sen.	squatter	Briars
SKINNER		James		labourer	Carwoola
SLADDEN		James		labourer	Foxlow
SMITH		Henry		labourer	Carwoola
SMITH		John 		labourer	Foxlow
SMITH		Thomas		labourer	Foxlow
SOMEVILLE	Thomas		labourer	Foxlow
STODARDT	William		labourer	Molonglo
SULLIVAN	William		labourer	Molonglo
TIVINGSTON	Daniel		labourer	Foxlow
TOMPKINS	John 		sawyer		Foxlow
TYRIE		Andrew		farmer		Molonglo
WARK		John 		overseer	Carwoola
WARK		William		labourer	Carwoola
WALE		John  jun.	farmer		Molonglo
WALE		John  sen.	farmer		Molonglo
WATTS		Samuel		farmer		Molonglo
WAUGH		Arnott		farmer		Foxlow
WHITE		Thomas		farmer		Foxlow
WILDER		Joshua		labourer	Foxlow
WILLIAMS	John 		sawyer		Foxlow
WILSON		Edward		labourer	Carwoola
WISBEY		Nathan		farmer		Molonglo
WRIGHT		John E.		superintendent	Foxlow

Greville 1872

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