Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOLONG

Page 333
Distance 172 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, via Orange;
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, via Ironbarks, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, via Orange, 5.30 p.m;
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, via Ironbarks, 5 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, via Orange, 5.30 a.m; Sunday,
Wednesday, via Ironbarks, 6 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday, Saturday, via Orange; Tuesday, Friday,
via Ironbarks, 7 a.m.
Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Molong
ALEXANDER 	George		fencer		Copper Hill	Molong
ALEXANDER 	Isaac		farmer		Copper Hill	Molong
ALEXANDER 	Samuel		farmer		Copper Hill	Molong
ANTHONY		J.		labourer	---		Molong
BALFE		Michael		overseer	Cardington	Molong
BARSDEN		Joseph		storekeepers assistant ---	Molong
BEADLE		Samuel		overseer	---		Molong
BEAUCHAMP 	Alfred		farmer		Jews Ck.	Molong
BELL		William		blacksmith	---		Molong
BENNETT		Henry		gardener	---		Molong
BENNETT		John		fencer		Brymedura	Molong
BENNETT		William		poundkeeper	---		Molong
BENSON		John		bailiff		---		Molong
BIRCHFIELD	Samuel		fencer		Brymedura	Molong
BLAKEFIELD 	Charles		miller		---		Molong
BLOOMFIELD 	William		farmer		Copper Hill	Molong
BLUNDEN		Edward		farmer		West		Molong
BOWLER		James		butcher		---		Molong
BURGESS		John		labourer	---		Molong
BUTLER		Peter		farmer		Lords Gap	Molong
BYRNE		Thomas		farmer		Bobs Ck.	Molong
CALDWELL	George		overseer	Larrahs Lake	Molong
CALDWELL	William		overseer	Curimbla	Molong
CALLINAN	John		mail contractor ---		Molong
CAMPBELL	Agnes		housemaid	---		Molong
CHEW		Ellen		resident	---		Molong
COLBRAN		Thomas		farmer		---		Molong
COLEMAN		George		mail contractor ---		Molong
COLLEY		T.		road contractor Jews Ck.	Molong
COTTER		John		innkeeper	---		Molong
COUSINS		William		farmer		Bell River	Molong
CROOKE		Thomas		labourer	---		Molong
CROWE		William		shepherd	Kates Swamp	Molong
DALZIEL		Hannah		resident	---		Molong
DELANEY		John		farmer		Grumble Flat	Molong
DICKINSON	J. B.		boundary rider	Brymedura	Molong
DONNELLY	William		labourer	---		Molong
DOWNEY		Michael		shepherd	Eurumbla	Molong
DRAPER		James		squatter	Red Bank	Molong
DUNGAR		David		farmer		Bell River	Molong
EVERS		Titus		farmer		---		Molong
FARRELL		James		farmer		Guano Hill	Molong
FINCH		William		C. P. S.	---		Molong
GADD		William		carpenter	---		Molong
GAVAN		Denis		farmer		Bell River	Molong
GAVAN		Joseph		farmer		Bell River	Molong
GELLIS		A. B.		storekeeper	Burrawang Station Molong
GOLLAGHER 	James		innkeeper	Cross Roads	Molong
GREY		John		shepherd	Yulundry	Molong
GREEN		James		---		Cardington	Molong
GREEN		Joseph		farmer		Botherum	Molong
HALLCROFT	Richard		storekeeper	---		Molong
HARRIS		Thomas		squatter	---		Molong
HARTLAND	William		innkeeper	Copper Hill	Molong
HASLAM		James		storekeeper	---		Molong
HEADLEY		George		saddler		Copper Hill	Molong
HEALY		Patrick		constable	---		Molong
HILLAN		Samuel		farmer		---		Molong
HINCHLEY	William		farmer		---		Molong
HULL		James		carpenter	---		Molong
JAMES		Frederick	tailor		---		Molong
JOHNSON		Henry		farmer		---		Molong
KITE		Thomas jun.	squatter	Kangarooty	Molong
LANE		Frederick	squatter	Eurumbla	Molong
LEE		James		squatter	Larrahs Lake	Molong
LEWIS		Henry		dealer		---		Molong
LISCOMB		John		auctioneer	---		Molong
LISCOMB		Thomas		labourer	---		Molong
LYNCH		John		mailman		---		Molong
MATHEWS		Thomas		farmer		Bell River	Molong
MILLGATE	Frederick	farmer		Bell River	Molong
MILLGATE	George		farmer		Bell River	Molong
MORRIS		Joseph		bailiff		---		Molong
MYERS		Henry		carpenter	---		Molong
MCARDILL	Ellen		farmer		Bobs Ck.	Molong
MCFARLAND 	John		farmer		---		Molong
MCGOVERN	Robert		constable	---		Molong
MCGRODER	John		carrier		---		Molong
MCLEAN		William		farmer		---		Molong
MCNEVIN		John		squatter	Cardington	Molong
NEVILLE		George		carrier		Shades		Molong
NEVILLE		Thomas		carrier		Shades		Molong
NEVILLE		William		carrier		Shades		Molong
NISBETT		J. H.		overseer	Cardington	Molong
ORMSBY		Charles		overseer	Bell River	Molong
OWENS		Patrick		farmer		Bell River	Molong
PACKHAM		Charles		farmer		---		Molong
PACKHAM		Henry		farmer		---		Molong
PARKER		Alexander jun.	labourer	---		Molong
PARKER		Alexander sen. blacksmith	---		Molong
PARKER		Andrew		saddler		---		Molong
PARKER		James		blacksmith	---		Molong
PARSLOW		Joseph		farmer		---		Molong
PATTERSON	David		teacher		---		Molong
PATTERSON	William		mailman		---		Molong
PEARSE		George		bootmaker	Buckubah	Molong
PHILLIPS	Hannah		resident	---		Molong
PLACE		Henry		labourer	---		Molong
QUARMAN		John		farmer		Eurimbla	Molong
QUINN		John		blacksmith	---		Molong
QUIRK		Thomas		farmer		Bell River	Molong
RAFFERTY	John		shepherd	Brymedura	Molong
RIGGLEFORD 	Miss		shirtmaker	---		Molong
RICHARDSON 	George B.	innkeeper	---		Molong
ROBARDS		John		groom		---		Molong
ROBERTSON	 John		labourer	---		Molong
ROBINSON	John		farmer		Larrahs Lake	Molong
ROSS		Andrew		M.D.		---		Molong
ROSS		Jane		seamstress	---		Molong
ROSS		William		squatter	Dilga		Molong
RUBIE		James		storekeepers assistant ---	Molong
RUBIE		John jun.	farmer		Brymedura	Molong
RUBIE		John sen.	storekeeper	---		Molong
SCHUCK		John		carrier & farmer ---		Molong
SCOTT		Charles		miller		---		Molong
SHIELDS		Robert		butcher		---		Molong
SHIELDS		Robert jun.	fencer		---		Molong
SHIELDS		William		carpenter	---		Molong
SIMPSON		James		squatter	---		Molong
SIMPSON		Robert		squatter	---		Molong
SMITH		Claude		---		Gamboola	Molong
SMITH		Edward		squatter	Gamboola	Molong
SMITH		Francis		squatter	---		Molong
SMITH		John		labourer	Bell River	Molong
SMITH		John		squatter	Gamboola	Molong
SMITH		John S.		squatter	Eurimbla	Molong
SMITH		John W.		innkeeper	---		Molong
SMITH		Lance		squatter	Gamboola	Molong
SMITH		Michael		farmer		Bell River	Molong
SPENCE		John		blacksmith	---		Molong
STACEY		John		bootmaker	---		Molong
STACK		Rev. James	(clergy)	---		Molong
TAYLOR		Samuel		farmer		---		Molong
THOMAS		Jules		innkeeper	---		Molong
TRAPPITT & LANE			squatters	Eulundry	Molong
WATSON		David		storekeepers assistant ---	Molong
WHITE		Thomas		farmer & carrier ---		Molong
WHITLEY		John		blacksmith	---		Molong
WILLIAMSON 	Alexander	farmer		Bell River	Molong
WILLIAMSON 	Charles		farmer		Bell River	Molong
WILLIAMSON 	James		farmer		Bell River	Molong
WILLIAMSON 	John		farmer		Bell River	Molong
WILLOCK		Michael		farmer		Sunny Side	Molong
WOOLBANK	John		farmer		Sunny Side	Molong
WORDS		James		farmer		Sunny Side	Molong
WREN		Isaac		farmer		Brymedura	Molong
WREN		Joseph		overseer	Shades		Molong
WYKES		James		farmer		Bell River	Molong
WYKES		John		farmer		---		Molong
WYNNE		John		farmer		---		Molong

Greville 1872

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