Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOGO

Page 332
Distance 205 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office, Friday by Clyde steamer.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 8 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday noon.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday by Clyde steamer.
Route  Steam Clyde River, 8m. Mogo, or via rail Goulburn, coach Braidwood, via
Mullenderree 10m. Mogo.

AHERNE		Michael		miner		Mogo
ANDREW		John		miner		Mogo
ANNETT		Richard		storekeeper	Mogo
BANGHAM		Richard		miner		Mogo
BARLING		George		butcher		Mogo
BARLING		Richard		farmer		Burra
BARLING		Richard		farmer		Tomnika
BERRIMAN	Andrew		miner		Mogo
BERRIMAN	John		miner		Mogo
BOUCHER		James		miner		Mogo
BROWN		Thomas		miner		Mogo
BRUNWICK	George		miner		Mogo
BULLOCK		James		miner		Mogo
BURNS		William		miner		Mogo
BYRNES		Mary		teacher		Mogo
CARRIGAN	John		farmer		Buckenborwa
CARTER		Charles		miner		Mogo
CLARKE		George		miner		Mogo
COOMES		Henry		labourer	Mogo
COWEL		Robert		miner		Mogo
DEGAN		Thomas		miner		Mogo
DEGAN		Michael		miner		Mogo
DONOVAN		Daniel		miner		Mogo
GEORGE		Nickloss	miner		Mogo
HALLIBEN	William		farmer		Long Vale
HANNIBLE	Daniel		miner		Mogo
HARKIN		William		farmer		Mogo
HONAN		Patrick		farmer		Mogo
HOWLETT		Robert		miner		Mogo
INNES		John		farmer		Burra
ISON		Abraham		miner		Mogo
ISON		Charles		farmer & miner	Mogo
ISON		Levy		farmer & miner	Mogo
KELLEY		Richard		miner		Mogo
LADMORE		Edwin		miner		Mogo
LADMORE		Frederick	miner		Mogo
LADMORE		Frederick	surgeon		Mogo
LYNCH		Edward		squatter	Mogo
LYNCH		William		farmer		Long Vale
LYSTER		James		miner		Mogo
MANHARETT	Conrad		miner		Mogo
MEAFFRY		John		carpenter	Mogo
MOORE		James		miner		Mogo
MCGINLEY	James		miner		Mogo
MCGRATH		Patrick		miner		Mogo
MCLEOD		Donald		squatter	Buckenborwa
NAGLE		Rodolph		miner		Mogo
RAGLAN		John		blacksmith	Mogo
REWLEY		Thomas		miner		Mogo
ROB		John		farmer		Buckenborwa
RYAN		Matthew		farmer		Jerramadra
SABBEN		James		farmer		Burra
SAMPSON		Henry		storekeeper	Mogo
STEWART		A. D.		miner		Mogo
THOMAS		Brown		miner		Mogo
TURNER		Christopher	miner		Mogo
TURNER		George		miner		Mogo
TURNER		John		miner		Mogo
VEITCH		George		storekeeper	Mogo
WHITE		William		miner		Mogo

Greville 1872

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