Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MOAMA

Page 331
Distance 539 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 2.45 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 2 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.  

Route  Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, 2m. Moama.

AIR		George B.	shipbuilder	Moama
ALLEN		Robert		engineer	Moama
ALLIBAND	Thomas G.	farmer		Tattaila
ANDERSON	Samuel		carpenter	Moama
AUGHVEY		Peter		baker		Moama
BARBOUR		Robert		saw mill proprietor Bama
BARNES		Edward		currier		Moama
BERRIMAN	Edward		farmer		Tattaila
BERRIMAN	Richard		farmer		Tattaila
BOYCE		Edward		farmer		Tattaila
BOYLAN		Peter		inn & storekeeper Moama
BROOM		Harry		farmer		Bama
BRUTON		John		customs officer Moama
BURGESS		Joseph	 B.	professor of music Moama
CARR		William		carrier		Moama
CHARLSON	Charles		puntman		Moama
COBB & CO.			coach proprietors Moama
DEVONALD	Thomas		sergeant of police Moama
DORWARD		George		innkeeper	Moama
EDDY		Jonathan	farmer		Tattaila
ELDRIDGE	William		saw mill proprietor Moama
FIELD		John		innkeeper	Moama
FITZGERALD	Maurice		overseer	Moira
FREEMAN		Thomas H.	saw mill proprietor Moama
GIBBONS		George		carpenter	Moama
GORDON		Charles E.	customs officer Moama
HANCOCK		Robert		constable	Moama
HARVEY		Fanny		innkeeper	Moama
HINCHCLIFF	John		carrier		Moama
HOLSCHIER	John		farmer		Tattaila
HULKER		H. S.		poundkeeper	Moama
HUTCHINSON	Matthew		farmer		Tattaila
KETTLE		Edward		stock agent	Moama
KINGSEY		Robert		farmer		Bama
LAMBERT		John		carrier		Tattaila
LANDSEER	Richard		farmer		Tattaila
LEONARD		Henry		punt proprietor	Moama
LINKLATER	George		shipwright	Moama
MAJOR		Henry		law agent	Moama
MARSHALL	George		wool scourer	Tattaila
MATTHEWS	D. & W.		farmers		Bama
MATTHIAS	David		carrier		Moama
MAUNSELL	George		PM		Moama
MILGATE		Charles		farmer		Tattaila
MILGATE		Frederick	farmer		Tattaila
MOORE		George		stockman	Moama
MOPPERSON	Charles		farmer		Tattaila
MCLAURN		David		blacksmith	Moama
MCLEOD		H. H.		District Registrar Moama
NIXON		William		farmer		Tattaila
ORRELL		Henry		storekeeper	Moama
OSHANASSY	John S., JP	squatter	Moira
PARKER		W. J.		farmer		Tattaila
PARR		Frederick	teamster	Moama
PREST		William		farmer		Tattaila
PRESTON		William		farmer		Tattaila
RANDALL		E. C., JP	steam-boat proprietor Moama
RANSCH		John		farmer		Tattaila
REWELL		Frederick	sawyer		Moama
RYAN		Daniel		farmer		Tattaila
SANDS		Robert		farmer		Tattaila
STOAN		Alexander	contractor	Moama
TRAINOR		John		rate collector	Moama
TRAINOR		Margaret	teacher		Moama
TUPHOLME	Robert		sheep inspector	Moama
VARCOE		Charles		farmer		Tattaila
VARCOE		Robert H.	farmer		Tattaila
VEVERS		Edward O.	farmer		Tattaila
WAITING		Christopher	engineer	Moama
WAITING		John		sawyer		Moama
WALTHAM		Thomas		butcher		Moama
WEBB		S.		storekeeper	Moama
WHITE		John		butcher		Moama
WILSON		Richard		shipwright	Moama

Greville 1872

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