Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MINMI

Page 330
Distance 89 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted)
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted)
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening 
Route  Rail Steam Newcastle, rail Hexham 7m. Minmi.

BAILEY		Jesse		contractor	Minmi
BAWFIELD	George		splitter	Minmi
BEILBY		William		splitter	Minmi
BIRCH		Joseph		miner		Teralla
BOOK		James		miner		Teralla
BRELLET		Joseph		baker		Minmi
BROWN		Thomas		carpenter	Minmi
BURGESS		Thomas		merchant	Dog Hole
CHAPMAN		George		miner		Lake Macquarie
CHERRY		Duncan		miner		Teralla
CORK		William		innkeeper	Minmi
CREE		Thomas		limeburner	Minmi
CRIMP		Richard		farmer		Dog Hole
CRUTTY		James		labourer	Minmi
DAVIES		David		engineer	Minmi
DONALD		Martin		mason		Dog Hole
DONALD		Richard		miner		Teralla
DURANT		Henry		sawyer		Minmi
FERNELL		Thomas		dealer		Lake Macquarie
GRILLS		John		splitter	Minmi
HAFFEY		Bridget		---		Teralla
HAMMOND		Rees		miner		Minmi
HEALY		Thomas		dealer		Teralla
HINTON		William		miner		Minmi
HOLMES		Joseph		miner		Teralla
HOOD		William		splitter	Teralla
HUNTER		William		miner		Minmi
JOHNSTON	Alexander	miner		Teralla
JOHNSTON	William		miner		Teralla
LORD		William		sawyer		Teralla
MARTIN		Thomas		sawyer		Teralla
MOORE		Thomas		farmer		Strawberry Vale
MOSS		William		blacksmith	Minmi
MCDONALD	William		sawyer		Teralla
NEWTON		William		farmer		Dog Hole
NOTLEY		Joseph		sawyer		Teralla
RYAN		Peter		carter		Minmi
SHAW		Robert		miner		Minmi
SIDEBOTTOM	Samuel		sawyer		Teralla
SMITH		Maria		carrier		Minmi
SOCKETT		William		miner		Minmi
STEANE		John		miner		Minmi
STONE		William		sawyer		Teralla
STRANG		John		miner		Minmi
STRANG		William		miner		Minmi
TAYLOR		William		farmer		Dog Hole
THOMAS		Charles		grazier		Minmi
THOMAS		Robert		miner		Minmi
THOMPSON	William		builder		Minmi
VIAL		George		mason		Minmi
WALSH		Robert		splitter	Minmi
WILLIAMS	Albert		butcher		Swamp
WILKINSON	Robert		engineer	Minmi

Greville 1872

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