Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MILTON

Page 328
Distance 155 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday, Wednesday 2 p.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route  Steam Ulladulla, 4m. Milton

ADCROFT		Saml.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
ALCORN		Mrs.		farmer		Woodburn
ALLEN		John		farmer		Avenal
ALLEN		Rev. C.		(Congregational) Croobyar
AVERY		William		sawyer		Milton
BAMFIELD	Jas.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
BARTLETT	Richard		labourer	Mount Airlie
BAXTER		Andrew		farmer		Milton
BAXTER		Robert		farmer		Wandaree
BEATTIE		Charles		farmer		Milton
BERRY		Myles		farmer		Milton
BICKNILL	John		farmer		Milton
BICKNILL	John jun.	farmer		Milton
BOAG		David		farmer		Burril
BOYLE		Frederick	farmer		Conjola
BOYLE		Terence		farmer		Conjola
BRODIE		Thomas		farmer		Burril
BROOKS		Benjamin	farmer		Croobyar
BROOKS		Charles		farmer		Croobyar
BROOKS		Edward		farmer		Croobyar
BROOKS		Thomas		farmer		Croobyar
BUDSON		William		farmer		Kingaman
BYRON		William		farmer		Croobyar
CAMRAGE		John		farmer		Milton
CARROL		James		bootmaker	Milton
CASHMAN		William		carpenter	Milton
CHEADLE		John		carpenter	Milton
CLARK		John		cooper		Milton
CLAVEN		Patrick		sawyer		Milton
CLAYDON		Henry		farmer		Milton
CLAYDON		Nathan		farmer		Little Forest
COE		Gabriel		farmer		Woodburn
COLLIE		Uriah		farmer		Wandaree
CONLEY		John		farmer		Conjola
CORK		James		farmer		Milton
CORK		Robert		farmer		Milton
CORK		William		farmer		Milton
CROFT		John		carpenter	Milton
CURTISS		James		labourer	Kendall Dale
CURTISS		John		labourer	Big Hole
DAIRS		Daniel		farmer		Milton
DAIRS		Samuel		farmer		Milton
DARGIN		John W.		bank manager	Milton
DIEL		Jacob		labourer	Milton
DIEL		Lenora		farmer		Kingaman
DONAGHUE	Patrick		farmer		Little Forest
DOWNEY		P.		teacher		Armstrongs Forest
DOYLE		John		sawyer		Corowa
DUFFY		Alexander	farmer		Conjola
EGAN		Edward		labourer	Ulladulla
EGAN		Patrick		farmer		Conjola
EGAN		Philip		farmer		Milton
EGAN		William		farmer		Milton
ERSKINE		---		labourer	Croobyar
EWIN		William		farmer		Woodstock
FAULKS		John		---		Milton
FAULKS		William		farmer		Milton
FIELDS		John		labourer	Milton
FITCH		Henry		labourer	Woodburn
FOWLER		George		blacksmith	Milton
FOWLER		John		labourer	Milton
FRANCIS		William		saddler		Milton
FRY		Edward		sawyer		Milton
GANED		Daniel		farmer		Milton
GANED		John		farmer		Milton
GANED		Robert		farmer		Milton
GANED		Samuel		farmer		Milton
GANED		Thomas		farmer		Milton
GANED		William		farmer		Milton
GARDINER	James		farmer		Woodstock
GINNLEY		Henry		farmer		Croobyar
GLANVILLE	William		farmer		Kirmington
GORDON		Alexander	labourer	Woodstock
GOULD		Thomas		farmer		Milton
GRAYDON		John		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
GREER		Thomas		labourer	Milton
GUTHRIE		John		farmer		Woodstock
GUTHRIE		Thomas		farmer		Woodburn
HALL		Fred.		Storekeeper & postmaster Milton
HAMON		John		labourer	Milton
HANGHEY		John		farmer		Conjola
HAPGOOD		William		labourer	Milton
HART		Sarah		farmer		Bushy Park
HARVEY		Charles		farmer		Milton
HESSIAN		John		farmer		Milton
HESSIAN		Thomas		farmer		Milton
HESSIAN		Thomas jun.	farmer		Milton
HINDMARSH	William		farmer		Croobyar
HOBBS		Frank		farmer		Woodstock
HOBBS		Thomas		farmer		Avenal
HUNT		William		farmer		Milton
ILOTT		George		sawyer		Milton
ILOTT		Thomas		farmer		Milton
INGOLD		John		farmer		Little Forest
IVIRNY		Thomas		surgeon		Milton
JACKSON		Nelson		labourer	Narrawelly
JARRARD		John		farmer		Milton
JINKS		William		dealer		Milton
JONES		Richard		farmer		Abialbon
JONES		William		farmer		Milton
KELLY		Gerald		labourer	Milton
KENDALL		Edward		farmer		Kermington
KENDALL		John		farmer		Kendall Dale
KENDALL		Thomas		farmer		Whoppendaly
KENDALL		William		farmer		Mimosa
KENNEDY		Donald		farmer		Milton
KERR		William		tailor		Milton
KENLIN		Thomas		labourer	Woodstock
KNAPP		Stephen		farmer		Wandaree
LANEY		Thomas		farmer		Milton
LATTA		John		farmer		Abialbon
LEVER		William		labourer	Milton
LIVINGSTONE	James		farmer		Conjola
LIVINGSTONE	John		farmer		Milton
MALONEY		John		farmer		Molymook
MARTIN		John		farmer		Croobyar
MARTIN		William		farmer		Milton
MASON		Henry		labourer	Woodstock
MASON		Joseph		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MATTHEWS	W. H.		storekeepers assistant Milton
MILLARD		Andrew		farmer		Little Forest
MILLARD		Henry		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MILLARD		Jesse		farmer		Little Forest
MILLARD		R. jun.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MILLER		John		farmer		Narrawelly
MITCHELL	Thomas		storekeeper	Bushy Park
MONTGOMERY	James		brickmaker	Milton
MOON		Henry		labourer	Milton
MOON		John		labourer	Mount Airlie
MOON		William		labourer	Milton
MOORE		John		farmer		Milton
MUDGE		John		labourer	Milton
MUDGE		Nicholas	labourer	Milton
MUNN		Walter		carpenter	Woodburn
MURRAY		C.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MURRAY		Charles jun.	farmer		Avondale
MURRAY		James		farmer		Riss Mere
MURRAY		Philip		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MCARTHUR	Adam		storekeeper	Conjola
MCGEE		Charles		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
NCGEE		N.		farmer		Milton
MCGEE		Thomas		auctioneer	Milton
MCGUIRE		James		labourer	Milton
MCGUIRE		James sen.	farmer		Conjola
MCGUIRE		Patrick		farmer		Milton
MCLEAN		A.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MCLEAN		W.		farmer		Kendall Dale
MCMAHON		C.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MCMAHON		Edward		farmer		Milton
MCMAHON		Francis		farmer		Milton
MCMAHON		T.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
MCPHILLAMY	Edward		labourer	Woodstock
NEWTON		Joseph		farmer		Kingaman
NORRIS		John		labourer	Milton
OBRIEN		Laurence	farmer		Croobyar
OWEN		Thomas		farmer		Burril
PANTLIN		James		farmer		Conjola
PARSONS		Rev. Adin	(Wesleyan)	Milton
PATTIMORE	John		farmer		Conjola
PEARCE		John		labourer	Milton
PEARCE		Solomon		labourer	Milton
PEARCE		William		labourer	Milton
PENDER		George		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
PENDER		James		farmer		Conjola
PENDER		Thomas		butcher		Milton
PETTY		Joseph		farmer		Little Forest
PEZET		John		carpenter	Milton
PIERMAN		Daniel		farmer		Milton
POPS		George		labourer	Milton
PORTER		John		carpenter	Milton
PRICE		George		farmer		Kingaman
RILEY		William		builder		Milton
ROBERTS		David		farmer		Milton
ROBERTS		John		baker		Milton
ROBERTSON	William		labourer	Kingaman
ROBINSON	Frederick	labourer	Milton
ROBINSON	George		farmer		Burrengee
RUSSEL		J. J.		innkeeper	Milton
RUTTER		John J.		teacher		Woodstock
SECCOMBE	Roger		farmer		Eyrie Bourie
SHAY		Edward		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
SHEAFFE		P. H.		farmer		Yattah Yattah
SHIPTON		Abraham		farmer		Little Forest
SHRIBBS		Mrs.		farmer		Milton
SMART		James		farmer		Croobyar
SMITH		Thomas		farmer		Croobyar
SOMERS		John		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
SPARKES		Thomas		farmer		Conjola
STOKES		George		labourer	Milton
TEMPLE		M.		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
THISTLETON	Towerby		farmer		Broomen
TRAPP		James		labourer	Milton
TUCKERMAN	W. H.		farmer		Little Forest
TYDEMAN		Mrs.		innkeeper	Milton
VICK		James W.	teacher		Milton
WARD		Brian		labourer	Boolagatta
WARD		Patrick		farmer		Armstrongs Forest
WARDEN		James		farmer		Boolagatta
WAREHAM		John V.		CPS		Ulladulla
WATTS		Daniel		bootmaker	Milton
WHATMAN		John		farmer		Milton
WHATMAN		Joseph		farmer		Berrenger
WHEATLY		W. A.		innkeeper	Ulladulla
WHITE		Samuel		labourer	Armstrongs Forest
WHITTIK		Abraham		bootmaker	Ulladulla
WILFORD		William H.	farmer		Loch Leven
WILLMOTT	John		labourer	Woodstock
WILLMOTT	William		labourer	Croobyar
WINDLEY		William		labourer	Milton

Greville 1872

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