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Distance 295 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, 5.30 p.m. and steamer
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 6.45 p.m. and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday 5.15 a.m. and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.

Route  Steam Kempsey

BATTLE		Edward		grazier		Dondingalong
BOSHELE		George jun.	stockman	East Kempsey
BOSHELE		George sen.	builder		East Kempsey
BRADBURY	Henry		farmer		Callitina
BRADBURY	John		farmer		East Kempsey
BRADBURY	Thomas		farmer		East Kempsey
BRADBURY	Thomas		storekeeper	East Kempsey
BULL		George		farmer		Salmons Plains
BUTTLER		George		sawyer & farmer	 Commandant Hill
CHAPMAN		John		farmer & grazier Euroka
DAVIS		William		farmer		East Kempsey
EVERINGHAM	Albert		farmer		East Kempsey
FELTEN		Thomas		farmer		Hampdon Hall
FLEMING		Thomas		farmer		Hampdon Hall
GILMORE		Charles		labourer	West
GILL		David		farmer		East Kempsey
GILL		John		farmer		East Kempsey
GRAHAM		William		splitter	East Kempsey
HARRIETT	Daniel		---		Belgrave St.
HAYES		Robert		farmer		near Belgrave
HAYES		Thomas		farmer		Belgrave
HAMPSON		Wright		storekeeper	Dungy Ck.
HOGHSON		George		farmer		East Kempsey
HULBERT		James		labourer	West
IMBER		Edward		labourer	East Kempsey
LAWRENCE	John		labourer	East Kempsey
LEE		Joshua		bootmaker	East Kempsey
LITCHFIELD	William		tinsmith	East Kempsey
MADDOCK		Thomas		storekeeper	East Kempsey
MANEOTT		Thomas		labourer	East Kempsey
MENARY		W.		farmer		Long Reach, Lower McLeay River
MIDGELY		Richard		splitter	East Kempsey
MCCARTHY	Cornelius	labourer	East Kempsey
MCKAY		Donald		farmer		Pola Ck.
MCKAY		John		farmer		Nambuccra River
MCKAY		Robert		farmer		Pola Ck.
NANCE		Thomas jun.	builder		Smith St.
NEADS		Thomas		labourer	East Kempsey
PARKER		David		farmer		Hampdon Hall
POOLE		William T., JP	grazier & sugar planter Hampdon Hall
ROUSELL		Henry		farmer		East Kempsey
ROWE		William		farmer & blacksmith Dondingalong
RUDDER		Enoch Wm.	geologist	East Kempsey
RUDDER		Eugene		squatter	Temagogue
RUDDER		Julius		farmer		Mud Island
RUDDER		Wm.		farmer		East Kempsey
SECOMBE		Edward		farmer		Dondingalong
SECOMBE		John		farmer		Dondingalong
SIMON		Michael		farmer		Dondingalong
SIMON		Thomas		farmer		Dondingalong
SMITH		Alfred		farmer		Turners Flat
SMITH		William		labourer	Turners Flat
SUTCLIFFE	Samuel		labourer	East Kempsey
TEGUE		Edward		farmer		East Kempsey
THORNTON	Wm. H.		District Registrar & Coroner East Kempsey
TONKINS		Thomas		cane-cutter	Gladstone
TONKINS		William		labourer	East Kempsey
TREE		Alfred		farmer		Commandant Hill
TREE		Wm.		farmer		Commandant Hill
TURNBULL	Wm. B.		farmer		Euroka
TURNBULL	William J.	farmer		Euroka
WALKER		Cornelius	farmer		Woodfield
WALKER		George		boatbuilder	East Kempsey
WALKER		Thomas		undertaker	East Kempsey
WATERS		Henry		labourer	East Kempsey
WEEKS		William		---		East Kempsey
WRIGHT		Christopher	farmer		East Kempsey
WRIGHT		Edwin		farmer		East Kempsey
WRIGHT		Henry		carpenter	East Kempsey

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here