Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MILLERS FOREST

Page 326
Distance 97 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily (Sunday excepted) 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 
Mail leaves for Sydney, daily (Sunday excepted) 
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route  Steam Raymond Terrace, punt across river, 4m. Millers Forest; or via
steam Morpeth, 4m. Millers Forest.

ANDERSON	William		mason		Duckenfield
BISBY		George		farmer		Lidney
BISBY		John		farmer		Lidney
BOWEN		Cornelius	farmer		Lidney
BOWLES		Richard		blacksith	Duckhole
BRODERICK	Patrick		farmer		Lidney
BULL		Daniel		farmer		Nelsons Plains
CAMPBELL	John		farmer		Lidney
CARMEY		Simon		farmer		Millers Forest
CARMEY		Thomas		farmer		Millers Forest
CARMODY		Michael		farmer		Nelsons Plains
CARPENTER	Edward		farmer		Millers Forest
CARPENTER	Henry S.	farmer		Lidney
CARPENTER	James		farmer		Millers Forest
CARPENTER	Tristan D.	farmer		Lidney
CASEY		Denis		farmer		Lidney
CASEY		John		farmer		Alnwick
CHAFFE		Peter		farmer		Duckenfield
COCHRANE	John H.		farmer		Lidney
COOK		John		farmer		Millers Forest
COOMBES		William		farmer		Millers Forest
COOTE		Edward		farmer		Lidney
COOTE		Frederick S.	farmer		Lidney
COOTE		James		farmer		Lidney
COOTE		John		farmer		Lidney
CORBET		William		farmer		Millers Forest
CRIDLAND	Henry		farmer		Millers Forest
CUNNINGHAM	Patrick		farmer		Millers Forest
DALBY		Patrick		farmer		Lidney
DAVIS		Daniel		farmer		Woodbury
DEAN		William		farmer		Lidney
DENNETT		John		farmer		Nelsons Plains
DODKIN		William		farmer		Lidney
DOHERTY		Patrick		farmer		Millers Forest
DOWNING		William		wheelwright	Berry Park
DUNN		David		farmer		Lidney
EAGAN		Richard		farmer		Millers Forest
ELKIN		James		farmer		Millers Forest
FRASER		Alexander	farmer		Garve
FRASER		Hugh		farmer		Viewfield
GALLON		James		farmer		Lidney
GARNER		Edward		farmer		Lidney
GILLIES		Donald		farmer		Millers Forest
GILLIES		Malcolm		farmer		Millers Forest
GILLIGAN	Patrick		farmer		Millers Forest
GREAVES		John		farmer		Lidney
GREEN		John		farmer		Portree
GREEN		John		teacher		Lidney
GRICE		Matthew		farmer		Millers Forest
GRICE		William		labourer	Millers Forest
HARROLD		Michael		farmer		Osterley
HAVILAND	Francis		poundkeeper	Duckhole
HAWKINS		Phillip		farmer		Lidney
HEASLIP		John		farmer		Duckenfield
HICKEY		Allen		landholder	Duckhole
HICKEY		Allen R.	farmer		Lidney
HICKEY		John		farmer		Lidney
HICKEY		William		farmer		Duckenfield
HILL		John		farmer		Alnwick
HILL		Martin		farmer		Alnwick
KENEDY		Patrick		gardener	Duckenfield
KING		William		farmer		Lidney
LANCASTER	George D.	farmer		Lidney
LAW		Thomas		farmer		Millers Forest
MACAULIFFE	P.		grazier		Nelsons Plains
MALONEY		Michael		farmer		Lidney
MANARA		David		farmer		Duckhole
MARKHAM		Helen		farmer		Osterley
MARKHAM		Patrick		farmer		Green Rock
MARTIN		William		farmer		Millers Forest
MONKLEY		Joseph		farmer		Lidney
MORROW		William		farmer		Lidney
MOY		James		farmer		Millers Forest
MOY		Patrick		farmer		Alnwick
MULQUEENEY	Michael		farmer		Lidney
MCALPIN		Michael		dealer		Lidney
MCCRIMMON	Kenneth		farmer		Millers Forest
MCDONAGH	Adam		farmer		Millers Forest
MCDONAGH	Charles		farmer		Millers Forest
MCGUIRE		Robert		farmer		Lidney
MCKEE		Patrick		farmer		Lidney
MCPHERSON	Alexander	farmer		Millers Forest
MCPHERSON	Archibald	farmer		Millers Forest
NALLY		John		farmer		Millers Forest
NEALE		Henry		farmer		Lidney
NEALE		John		carrier		Berry Park
NOONAN		Patrick		farmer		Millers Forest
NORLEY		Charles		farmer		Lidney
OBRIEN		John		farmer		Millers Forest
OBRIEN		Michael		farmer		Millers Forest
OBRIEN		Thomas		farmer		Millers Forest
OBRIEN		Thomas		farmer		Lidney
OHEARN		Patrick		farmer		Lidney
OSALLAGHAN	Timothy		teacher		Millers Forest
OSBORN		Richard		farmer		Lidney
PARNELL		Charles		squatter	Edithville
PEACOCK		Henry		farmer		Lidney
PEACOCK		Isaac		farmer		Lidney
PHILPOT		Richard		farmer		Lidney
PULVER		John W.		farmer		Osterley
PURCELL		Edward		farmer		Duckenfield
RICH		William		dealer		Berry Park
REAVELL		Henry		farmer		Lidney
ROBINSON	Helen		farmer		Millers Forest
ROURKE		John		grazier		Booroora
RYAN		Jeremiah	farmer		Lidney
SANDERS		James		farmer		Alnwick
SAUNDERS	James		farmer		Lidney
SHANNON		Patrick		farmer		Green Rock
SHEILDS		Matthew		farmer		Lidney
SIMONDS		John		farmer		Alnwick
SMITH		Matthew		farmer		Lidney
SMITH		Patrick		farmer		Millers Forest
SPENCE		John		farmer		Lidney
SULLIVAN	Thomas		farmer		Duckenfield
TROY		Michael		farmer		Woodberry
TYNAN		Michael		farmer		Duck Hole
WHITE		Benjamin	farmer		Alnwick
WORBOYS		Jabez		farmer		Edithville

Greville 1872

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