Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MICHELAGO

Page 325
Distance 216 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7.1 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Friday 2 a.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 a.m 
Route  Rail Goulburn, coach Michelago

BALDWIN		Daniel		farmer		Tindra Vale
BAMFORD		Charles		constable	Michelago
BAMFORD		Mrs.		---		Michelago
CAMERON		Donald		shepherd	Waterholes
CAMERON		Hugh		shepherd	Waterholes
CAMERON		Kenneth		squatter	Waterholes
CAMERON		Robert		squatter	Burra
CARROLL		Anne		---		Michelago
CARROLL		Michael		constable	Michelago
COSGROVE	Eleanor		---		Billingree
COSGROVE	Ellen		---		Billingree
COSGROVE	John		squatter	Billingree
COSGROVE	John jun.	squatter	Billingree
COSGROVE	Mary		---		Billingree
COSGROVE	William		squatter	Bulimamang
COTTER		Ann		---		Michelago
COTTER		Catherine	---		Michelago
COTTER		Garrett		squatter	Michelago
COTTER		James		farmer		Demanelering
COTTER		Michael		farmer		Michelago
CRIMMINS	Denis		blacksmith	Michelago
CRUICKSHANK	John		shepherd	Michelago
CULLEN		John		innkeeper	Bunyar
CUMMINS		John		farmer		Michelago
CUMMINS		Michael		farmer		Burra
DOYLE		Morris		barman		Michelago
EAGAN		Thomas		farmer		Michelago
EDWARDS		---		overseer	Michelago
FERGUS		Charles		farmer		Tamwood
FERGUS		James		farmer		Glen Fergus
FERGUS		John		farmer		Bredbo
FERINGSTON	Mrs. Ellen	---		Michelago
FERRIS		Bernard		shepherd	Michelago
FOREST		James		gardener	Michelago
FOREST		Mrs.		---		Michelago
HANAFRORD	---		contractor	Bredbo
HARMAN		Henry		farmer		Michelago
HARMAN		Thomas		farmer		Michelago
HAYES		Michael		storekeeper	Michelago
HAYES		Mrs. Ellen	postmistress	Michelago
HIGGINS		Edward		---		Michelago
HOLDEN		James		farmer		Burra
JACKSON		Michael		farmer		Mt. Welcome
JACKSON		Robert		squatter	Spring Ck.
JACKSON		William		farmer		Spring Ck.
JACOBS		John		teacher		Michelago
KELLY		Ann		---		Spring Ck.
KELLY		Jane		---		Spring Ck.
KELLY		John		---		Michelago
KELLY		Mary		---		Michelago
KELLY		Patrick		farmer		Michelago
KELLY		William		farmer		Spring Valley
KENNEDY		Thomas		innkeeper	Michelago
KLUSE		Koopman		farmer		Rocks
LARGE		Thomas		farmer		Michelago
LAWLER		James		farmer		Burra
LEACH		John		labourer	Tindra Vale
LEACH		William		farmer		Tindra Vale
LENAN		F.		farmer		Michelago
LIVINGSTON	William		storekeeper	Michelago
LLOYD		William		shepherd	Michelago
MAGUIRE		Mrs.		---		Michelago
MAGUIRE		William		carpenter	Michelago
MARES		Margaret	servant		Michelago
MOOR		James		farmer		Burra
MCTERNAN	Hugh		grazier		Mt. Alen
MCTERNAN	Thomas		farmer		Michelago
ORR		Andrew		farmer		E;;erslee
ORR		David		farmer		Ellerslee
ORR		Peter		farmer		Ellerslee
ORR		William		farmer		Michelago
POPHAM		Richard		---		Michelago
REDDON		Patrick		farmer		Michelago
ROACH		Catherine	---		Jingra
ROACH		John		farmer		Jingra
ROACH		Margaret	---		Jingra
ROACH		Thomas		---		Rocks
ROSS		Edwin		---		Tindra Vale
ROSS		Elizabeth	---		Michelago
RYRIE		Alexander	---		Michelago
RYRIE		Mrs. Alexander	---		Michelago
RYRIE		Edith		---		Michelago
SHANAHAN	Denis		---		Michelago
SHANAHAN	Mrs. Ann	---		Michelago
SHANAHAN	Thomas		---		Michelago
THOMAS		John		---		Bredbo
WARE		Alfred		---		Michelago
WARE		Elizabeth	---		Michelago
WARE		Patrick		---		Michelago

Greville 1872

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