Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MERRIWA

Page 323
Distance 198 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday via Scone, Tuesday, Thursday,
Saturday via Muswellbrook 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday via Scone 4 p.m., Thursday, Saturday,
Monday via Muswellbrook 2.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday via Scone 9 a.m., Sunday, Tuesday, Friday via
Muswellbrook 12.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Friday via Scone, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday evenings
via Muswellbrook.
Route  Steam Newcastle, via Muswellbrook, coach Merriwa.

ALLWOOD		Geo.		bootmaker	Bettington St.
ANDREWS		R.		photographer	Bettington St.
ASSER		William		storekeeper	Bettington St.
BARNES		J.		shepherd	Mountain Station Ck.
BECKETT		William		baker		Bettington St.
BELL		Frank		teacher		Collaroy
BENNETT		G.		blacksmith	Brindley Park
BENNETT		James		labourer	Bettington St.
BENNETT		Joseph		teamster	Bettington St.
BENNETT		Oliver		overseer	Gilli Gilli
BENNETT		T.		innkeeper	Bettington St.
BETTINGTON	J. B.		squatter	Brindley Park
BETTINGTON	W.		squatter	Coolie Cottage
BLAKE		Michael		teacher		McKenzie St.
BLAXLAND	Charles		squatter	Cullingral
BOURKE		Thomas		selector	Krili Ck.
BOURKE		Thomas		shepherd	Brindley Park
BROWN		James		cook		Cullingral
BURKE		J.		selector	Cream of Tartar Ck.
CAF…		James		greengrocer	Bettington St.
CAMERON		Alex.		selector	Oxley Park
CAMERON		Alex.		selector	Oxley Park Ck.
CARTER		George		shepherd	Collaroy
CLIFTON		Mary		---		Brindley Park
COAKLEY		James		drover		Merriwa
COLLINS		William		overseer	Collaroy
COOPER		Joseph		squatter	Cullingral
CROFOOT		George		carpenter	Marquate St.
CRONIN		Patrick		carrier		Bow St.
CROSSDALE	J. G.		carpenter	Brindley Park
CURTIS		I.		shepherd	Halls Ck.
CURTIS		R.		shepherd	Halls Ck.
DELFORCE	G.		carpenter	Bettington St.
DENNY		George		labourer	Collaroy
DIXON		James		shepherd	Collaroy
DOYLE		James		labourer	Brindley Park
DOYLE		Philip		labourer	Bow St.
DRAY		Edward		shepherd	Collaroy
DRAY		Henry		woodman		Collaroy
DRAY		John		woodman		Collaroy
EGAN		Edmund		innkeeper	Bow St.
ELL		James		carpenter	Merriwa
ELLIOTT		Robert		labourer	Blaxland St.
FARRELL		Richard		shepherd	Collaroy
FLOOD		John		shepherd	Bobbialla
FORD		Michael		carpenter	Bettington St.
FORD		Richard		carpenter	Bettington St.
FOSTER		John		labourer	Bettington St.
FOWLER		J. jun.		selector	Coulsons Ck.
GALLAGHER	D.		butcher		Bettington St.
GALLAGHER	Mrs. W.		innkeeper	Bettington St.
GALLAGHER	William		butcher		Bettington St.
GAMBLE		George		engineer	Collroy
GIBBON		Alexander	carpenter	Collaroy
GILLELAND	David		labourer	Kellick Ck.
GLASSCOCK	A. S.		laundress	Bettington St.
GRANT		Lewis		carpenter	Blaxland St.
HALL		Frederick	squatter	Gundebri
HALL		James		labourer	Happy Valley
HALL		William		carrier		Bow St.
HARRIS		Mrs. S.		laundress	Bettington St.
HARVEY		Joseph		shepherd	Brindley Park
HAWKER		Bibe		selector	Ginghi Collaroy
HAYS		Arthur		squatter	Cullingral
HAZELL		Edwin		blacksmith	Bettington St.
HERON		James		storekeeper	Cullingral
HEWITT		Henry		selector	Minivale
HILL		William		shepherd	Brindley Park
HOGAN		John		constable	Vanagher St.
HOGAN		M.		shepherd	Ginger Beer Springs
HOWARD		Henry		labourer	Merriwa
HOWARD		Thomas		labourer	Merriwa
HOWARD		Thomas		overseer	Brindley Park
HOWE		Thomas		shepherd	Collaroy
HUNT		Joseph		labourer	Kellick Ck.
HUNT		Samuel		labourer	Kellick Ck.
ISAACS		John H.		storekeeper	Bettington St.
JOHNSTON	Charles		overseer	Collaroy
KNIGHT		John		selector	Eden Grove
LAIRD		J.		selector	Mt. Terrell, Coulsons Ck.
LAIRD		John		---		Coulsons Ck.
LAIRD		William		farmer		Coulsons Ck.
LAWLER		James		selector	Tara Hall
LAWLESS		John		selector	Bobialla Ck.
LAWLESS		Owen		selector	Bobialla Ck.
LAWLESS		Patrick		storekeeper	Bettington St.
LEGGETT		William		carrier		Oxleys Ck.
LOGAN		Patrick		shepherd	Brindley Park
LOGAN		Patrick		stockman	Collaroy
LONDON		James		surveyor	Bow Ck.
LONDON		John		surveyor	Bow Ck.
LOWSON		George		surgeon		Terragong
LYONS		Isaac		shepherd	Gilli Gilli
MALONE		Charles		tailor		Bow St.
MARGETTS	Henry		constable	Vanagher St.
MARSH		John		shepherd	Gilli Gilli
MEAD		David		selector	Poggy Forest
MORAN		James		drover		Rosenthorne
MORTAL		James		bootmaker	Bettington St.
MUNRO		William		carrier		Bettington St.
MURPHY		John		labourer	Blazland St.
MURRAY		Edward		cook		Bettington St.
MCDONALD	Farquhar	overseer	McCartney St.
MCDONALD	Philip jun.	carpenter	Tanks
MCDONALD	Philip		carpenter	Tanks
MCKENZIE	Charles		blacksmith	Collaroy
MCNAUGHT	John		carrier		Bettington St.
MCNAUGHT	William		stockman	Cullingral
MCRAE		Alexander	storekeeper	Collaroy
MCRAE		Allen		grazier		Mountain Station Ck.
MCRAE		C.		grazier		Mountain Station Ck.
MCRAE		Robert		selector	Middle Ck.
MCRAE		William		labourer	Middle Ck.
NELSON		William		saddler		Bettington St.
NIXON		William		labourer	Coolie Cottage
NOBLE		Isaac		overseer	Collaroy
OBRIAN		James		carrier		Blaxland St.
PAGE		Luke		---		Brindley Park
PAGE		Peter		shepherd	Brindley Park
PARFIT		John		shepherd	Judy Kellys Ck.
PARFIT		Mrs. Maria	---		McKenzie St.
PEARSON		George		storekeeper	Bettington St.
PEBERDY		James		innkeeper	Halls Ck.
PENSON		James		stockman	Terragong
PITT		George		farmer		Bow Ck.
POTTS		Edward		storekeeper	Brindley Park
PRICE		John		labourer	Merriwa
PRING		George		labourer	Terragong
PRIOR		Owen		shepherd	Gundebri
RAY		William		shepherd	Brindley Park
READ		William		post & telegraph master Bettington St.
ROCHE		Thomas		shepherd	Krui Ck.
RONAN		John		shepherd	Cullingral
ROPER		John		sheep inspector Bettington St.
SAVAGE		John		shepherd	Judy Kellys Ck.
SEYMOUR		John		stockman	Middle Ck.
SIMMONS		James		selector	Spring Ck.
SIMMONS		John jun.	selector	Cream of Tartar Ck.
SIMMONS		John		carpenter	Bow St.
SMALL		James W.	constable	Vanagher St.
SMITH		Mrs. Ann	storekeeper	Bettington St.
SMITH		Thomas		teacher		Smiths Rivulet
SOTTER		Fred.		selector	Cream of Tartar Ck.
SPRATT		Charles		selector	High Park
THOMPSON	Mrs. Ann	innkeeper	Bettington St.
THORLEY		Wm.		selector	Wappinguy Ck.
TRAILL		Rowland		squatter	Collaroy
TUITE		Mrs. Bridget	innkeeper	Bettington St.
TUITE		Henry		carrier		Bettington St.
WALKER		John		storekeeper	Bettington St.
WALMSLEY	Wm.		blacksmith	Bettington St.
WATSON		William		selector	Collaroy
WEAVER		H.		horse breaker	Bettington St.
WHITE		James		contractor	Bettington St.
WHITE		John		poundkeeper	Bettington St.
WICKS		Nathaniel	stockman	Cullingral
WINTER		Michael		labourer	Blaxland St.
WITNEY		Henry		storekeeper	Bettington St.
WORRELL		Mrs. Martha	---		Vanagher St.
YOUNG		Frederick	mason		Bettington St.
YOUNG		Mrs. Abigail	dairy		Bettington St.

Greville 1872

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