Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MERIMBULA

Page 322
Distance 272 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office by Merimbula steamer.
Mail arrives at Post Town by Merimbula steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney by Clyde steamer and by steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clyde steamer and by steamer direct.
Route  Steam Merimbula, from Phoenix Wharf, foot of Erskine-street.

ALLEN		John		farmer		Boggy Ck.
BERRY		Joseph		farmer		Green Point
BICKLEMEYER	Casper		labourer	Boggy Ck.
BICKLEMEYER	Michael		farmer		Boggy Ck.
BINSTADT	George		bootmaker	Coast Rd.
BIRD		James		labourer	Upper Lake
BREWSTER	P.		storekeeper	Ferndale House
BROOMHEAD	John		boatman		Merimbula
COUSEMAECKER	H.		carpenter	Maizena Works
DANIELS		John		farmer		Bourunda
DAWSON		William		clerk		Maizena Works
DONNOLLY	Edward		labourer	Pambula Rd.
FOGARTY		Michael		labourer	Maizena Works
FOWLER		Henry		puntman		Main St.
GREEN		Sydney		teacher		Main St.
HENWOOD		John		innkeeper	Merimbula
HILL		George		boarding-house	Yellow Pinch
HILL		Joseph		carpenter	Yellow Pinch
HOLDEN		John		puntman		South Side
HOWISON		Andrew		farmer		Bourunda
KING		Patrick		labourer	Maizena Works
KINNANE		Michael		farmer		Boggy Ck.
LAMONT		James		carter		Maizena Works
LANCASHIRE	William		fisherman	Orchard
MACKAY		Walter		labourer	Maizena Works
MOSS		Thomas		fireman		Maizena Works
MUNN		Armstrong	post & telegraph master Beach St.
MUNN		M.		maizena manufacturer Maizena Works
MUSTON		Christopher	fisherman	Orchard
MCKENNA		W.		labourer	Maizena Works
NEVIN		John		constable	Main St.
PAGE		Adam		agent		Market St.
PEARCE		Joseph		limeburner	Upper Lake
PICKARD		S.		blacksmith	Steam Saw Mills
ROBERTSON	C. jun.		farmer		Boggy Ck.
ROBERTSON	Charles		farmer		Boggy Ck.
RUFUS		W. B.		woodman		Maizena Works
SCHAFER		Frederick	butcher		Orange Grove
SCHAFER		Ulbasch		splitter	Orange Grove
SCOTT		Andrew		innkeeper	Merimbula
STEWART		Mathew		miller		Maizena Works
TWYFORD		Joseph		splitter	Main St.
TWYFORD		Robert		splitter	Main St.
UNDERWOOD	---		saw mills	Main St.
WHEALAN		F.		labourer	Steam Saw Mills
WHEELER		Thomas		carpenter	South Side
WILSON		Henry		carpenter	Upper Lake

Greville 1872

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