Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MENINDEE

Page 321
Distance 850 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday 8 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday 4 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday 7.15 a.m 
Route  Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, coach Deniliquin, 362m. Menindie.

AH CHONG	William		gardener	Menindie
BAILEY		Myles		constable	Menindie
BAPTIE		Robert		stock-keeper	Menindie
BERILEY		John		butcher		Menindie
BERRY		Charles A.	storekeeper	Menindie
BREWER		Federick	ferryman	Menindie
CLARK		W. J.		innkeeper & blacksmith Menindie
COOK		James		cook		Menindie
COTTER		Barry		MD		Menindie
CRONNIN		Jeremiah	teacher		Menindie
CULLEN		William		constable	Menindie
DAVIS		---		saddler		Menindie
DUNN		Joseph		squatter	Nettley
EGAN		Patrick		tailor		Menindie
FANEL		Edward		labourer	Menindie
FAUST		W. J.		blacksmith	Menindie
GAFFNEY		Thomas		labourer	Menindie
GALLAWAY	Thomas		sawyer		Albermarle St.
GILLES		Roxy		carpenter	Menindie
GILLOTT		Henry 		innkeeper	Menindie
GREEN		Patrick		butcher		Menindie
GREEN		Richard		innkeeper	Menindie
LARKINS		James		overseer	Menindie
LARKINS		John		stock-keeper	Menindie
LEON		Fan		cook		Menindie
LETHBRIDGE	Annie		servant		Menindie
MAIDEN		Samuel		sawyer		Menindie
MAIDEN		William		carrier		Menindie
MAIR		James		PM		Menindie
MARRIET		Walter		barman		Menindie
MEDLICOTT	Henry C.	innkeeper	Menindie
MERIDITH	Samuel		lawyer		Albermarle St.
MILLER		George		innkeeper	Menindie
MCDONALD	J.		storekeeper	Menindie
MCGEARY		Charles		drover		Menindie
MCGEARY		Mrs.		---		Menindie
MCLELLAN	Alex.		superintendent	Wenterige Station
MCMAHON		John		innkeeper	Menindie
NOLAN		Thomas		storekeeper	Menindie
OBRIEN		James		hawker		Menindie
OBRIEN		P.		innkeeper	Rocky Water Hole
OWEN		John		overseer	Tolarno Station
PEAT & NOLLINS			butchers	Menindie
PERRY		Emanuel		carrier		Menindie
PRETTY		Henry		carrier		Menindie
RAYMOND		J.		---		Albermarle St.
REID		William L.	squatter	Tolarno
ROGERS		Alexander	carrier		Menindie
ROGERS		William		innkeeper	Old Tintenalogg
ROP & Co.			storekeepers	Menindie
SADDLIN		M.		superintendent	Albermarle St.
SHARP		Michael		---		Menindie
SHEA		John		stock-keeper	Albermarle St.
SPLANE		William		bootmaker	Menindie
STAUGHTON Brothers		squatters	Tintenalogg Station
STOKEY		John		drover		Menindie
TAYLOR		J. T.		superintendent	Menindie
THOMPSON	Edward		bricklayer	Menindie
VANCLEUR	Frederick C.	---		Albermarle St.
WHITE & HOVEAL			contractors	Menindie
WHITEHORN	J.		saddler		Menindie
WILKINSON	John N.		scab inspector	Menindie
YOUNG		Amelia		---		Menindie
YOUNG		Charles		poundkeeper	Menindie
YOUNG		Charles jun.	storeman	Menindie
YOUNG		Trongit		storekeeper	Menindie

Greville 1872

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