Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MENANGLE

Page 320
Distance 40 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 11.4 a.m. and 6.59 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 7.25 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 9.10 a.m
Route  Rail Menangle

APPS		David		labourer	Menangle
APPS		Mrs. Mary	storekeeper	Menangle
APPS		William		farmer		Cawdor
APPS		Wm. jun.	farmer		Upper Camden
ASHCROFT	Henry		farmer		Menangle
AVERY		---		coachman	Camden Park
BEESTON		John		station master	Menangle
BERGE		Joseph		vineyard	Camden Park
BERGIN		Edward		farmer		Menangle
BLAKE		Edward		gardener	Camden Park
BOYD		Robert		stockman	Camden Park
BUGDEN		Austin		farmer		West Camden
BUGDEN		Lewis		farmer		Upper Camden
BUNKER		Ebenezer	farmer		West Camden
BURLING		Thomas		labourer	Menangle
CARROL		James		farmer		Upper Camden
CHANNEL		William Rufus jun. farmer	Menangle
CHAPMAN		John		labourer	Camden Park
CHAPMAN		Lazarus		farmer		Camden Park
CLOUT		Charles		butler		Camden Park
CONLON		John		farmer		Upper Camden
CONNEL		William		farmer		Menangle
CUMMINS		Benjamin	farmer		Menangle
CUMMINS		Patrick		farmer		Menangle
DABINET		John		farmer		Green Hill
DAGWORTHY	George		labourer	Camden Park
DAVIS		Miss		teacher		Camden Park
DAWSON		John		farmer		Upper Camden
DAWSON		William		poundkeeper	Menangle
DELANEY		John		blacksmith	Menangle
DIGWIN		Selo		cook		Camden Park
DOWLE		Edward		farmer		Green Hills
DOWLE		William		farmer		Razorback
DOWNING		Miss		teacher		Spring Cottage
DUNPHY		Philip		farmer		Upper Camden
DWYER		Daniel		dairy		Camden Park
DWYER		Michael		dairy		Camden Park
EARLE		Joseph		farmer		Green Hill
EDROP		Edward		farmer		Bridge Flat
FAIRALL		George		bootmaker	Razorback
FINN		James		farmer		Upper Camden
FINN		Patrick		farmer		Upper Camden
GARNER		Solomon		gardener	Green Hill
GIDDY		Charles A.	farmer		Menangle
GIDDY		Haines T.	bootmaker	Menangle
GOW		Kate		laundress	Camden Park
GRUNDY		Louisa		nurse		Camden Park
GUNN		George		labourer	Camden Park
HAINES		Thomas		farmer		Menangle
HARDGE		Johann		labourer	Camden Park
HARDGE		John		labourer	Camden Park
HARDGE		Joseph		labourer	Camden Park
HEGGIE		Robert		farmer		Menangle
HENNESSY	David		farmer		Moreton Park
HICKEY		Joseph		butcher		Menangle
HILDER		John		labourer	Camden Park
HILDER		Thomas		farmer		Meadow Bank
HILDER		Walter		farmer		Meadow Bank
HILLIER		Richard		labourer	Camden Park
HILLIER		Rich. Jun.	labourer	Camden Park
HOURNE		John		farmer		Hazlewood
HOWARTH		James		labourer	Camden Park
HULLE		George		labourer	Green Hill
HUTHNANCE	John		engineer	Bridge Flat
INGLIS		Thomas		labourer	Camden Park
JENNINGS	Joseph		labourer	Spring Cottage
JOHNSTON	Edward		labourer	Camden Park
JONES		Henry		labourer	Menangle
JONES		Isaac		carrier		Menangle
JONES		John		carpenter	Menangle
JONES		Thomas		labourer	Menangle
JONES		William		farmer		Menangle
JONES		William jun.	labourer	Menangle
KEANE		Timothy		farmer		Upper Camden
KELLERMAN	George		labourer	Bridge Flat
KILFOYLE	William		farmer		Menangle
LATHAM		Michael		labourer	Menangle
LOVEL		Samuel		horse breaker	Camden Park
LUCK		Henry		labourer	Camden Park
LYE		Henry		labourer	Camden Park
LYNAM		Joseph		farmer		Upper Camden
MACARTHUR	Mrs. James	---		Camden Park
MACARTHUR	Sir William K. T. ---		Camden Park
MAHER		John		bootmaker	Upper Camden
MAHER		John		farmer		Upper Camden
MALONEY		Michael		farmer		Bridge Flat
MALONEY		Patrick		labourer	Menangle
MEADE		Richard		labourer	Menangle
MENLEY		Daniel		labourer	Camden Park
MILLS		Henry		teacher		Menangle
MORLEY		A. George	porter		Menangle
MORRIS		William		engineer	Bridge Flat
MULREY		Patrick		farmer		Menangle
MCCAIN		Elizabeth	storekeeper	Menangle
MCCAIN		James		blacksmith	Menangle
NICHOLSON	David		farmer		Green Hill
NOONE		John		farmer		Bridge Flat
ONSLOW		Arthur A.	MLA		Camden Park
OTTERY		William		farmer		Menangle
PAYTEN		Martin		farmer		Menangle
PROCTOR		Benjamin	farmer		Green Hill
QUIRKE		Jeremiah	farmer		Menangle
QUIRKE		Philip		farmer		Menangle
QUIRKE		Thomas		farmer		Menangle
REEDY		Patrick		labourer	Camden Park
REEDY		Thomas		gardener	Camden Park
RILEY		John		farmer		Menangle
RILEY		Mrs.		farmer		Menangle
RYAN		James		teacher		Menangle
RYDER		Thomas		bootmaker	Menangle
SANDERSON	John		nursery		Menangle
SCULLY		John		farmer		Menangle
SMITH		George		labourer	Green Hill
SMITH		John		farmer		Green Hill
STARR		William		farmer		Menangle
STEELE		Henry		labourer	Camden Park
STEVENS		John		farmer		Menangle
STEWART		C.		blacksmith	Camden Park
STEWART		Charles jun.	labourer	Menangle
STEWART		James		storekeeper	Camden Park
TABER		George		farmer		Medhurst Vale
TABER		George jun.	farmer		Menangle
TABER		James		farmer		Menangle
VARDY		John		farmer		Spring Cottage
VENESS		John		farmer		Menangle
VENESS		William		farmer		Cawdor
WILMOT		James		---		Camden Park
WILSON		William		farmer		Green Hill
WOOD		George		labourer	Menangle
WOOD		John		farmer		Menangle
WOOD		Jonathan	farmer		Menangle
WRIGHT		James		overseer	Camden Park
YOUNG		Richard		farmer		Menangle

Greville 1872

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