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Distance 296 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, 5.30 p.m. and steamer
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 7 p.m. and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday 5 a.m. and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.

Route  Steam direct; or steam Port Macquarie and river steamer Kempsey

ALDRIDGE	Edward		farmer		West
ARIA		F.		editor Independent Smith St. 
AVERY		Thomas		labourer	West
BANNERMAN	Arthur		farmer		Gordon Bush
BARBER		Joseph		sawyer		West
BATTLE		Edmund		farmer		Dondingalong
BELL		James		engine driver	Smith St.
BROCK		Alexander	farmer		near Warneton
BROWN		John		farmer		Euroka
BUDDING		William		sawyer		Turners Flat
BUGDEN		Thomas		labourer	Smith St.
BUIST		Robert		teacher		Smith St.
BUTLER		George		sawyer		Commandant Hill
BUTLER		George		sawyer		Commandant Hill
BUTLER		Henry		labourer	Commandant Hill
CHAPMAN		John		farmer		Euroka
CLARK		Thomas		farmer		Salmons Plain
COCHRANE	Alex.		shipwright	Leamington
COLEMAN		A. M.		blacksmith	Belgrave St.
COLEMAN		Edgar		wheelwright	Smith St.
CORCORAN	Thomas		farmer		West
CREILLY		John		farmer		near Euroka
DANGAR & CO.			storekeepers	Belgrave St.
DANGAR		O. O.		auctioneer	West
DANGAR		William T.	saddler		Belgrave St.
DENNING		Edwin		farmer		Euroka Ck.
DENNING		Henry		farmer		Belgrave St.
DOWLING		John		farmer		near Yarrawell
EMERTON		John		bootmaker	Smith St.
EVERINGHAM	W.		farmer		Commandant Hill
FELTON		C.		mail contractor	Smith St.
FERGUSON	A.		engineer	Macleay River
FERRIER		J.		shipwright	Commandant Hill
FLACK		Haddon		bootmaker	Glenrock Plain
GABRIEL		Dr. C. L.	doctor		East
GALVIN		Thomas		farmer		Glenrock Plain
GRACE		James		labourer	Belgrave St.
GRACE		Walter		farmer		Upper Macleay
GRAHAM		William		splitter	East
GRANT		Mrs. C.		seamstress	Belgrave St.
GREEN		Mrs.		---		East
GREEN		Robert		labourer	West
HARRIETT	Daniel		---		Smith St.
HENRY		J.		farmer		Bells Yard, Macleay River
HENRY		T.		farmer		Bells Yard, Macleay River
HERBORN		Ernest		surveyor	West
HORWOOD		Mrs.		nurse		Belgrave St.
HUDSON		Joshua		farmer		West
HUMPHRIES	A.		bank manager	Smith St.
IRWIN		Francis		constable	West
KEMP		Arthur		grazier		Boonogle Ck.
KEMP		F. G.		grazier		Upper Macleay
KEMP		James		grazier		Retreat
KEMP		R. A. H.	grazier		Glenrock Plain
KERR		Campbell	grazier		Glenrock Plain
KING		James		constable	Smith St.
LAWLAR		James		farmer		Christmas Ck.
LEWIS		John		farmer		Callitina
LONG		John		farmer		Upper Macleay
LOVEL		Frederick	tailor		West
LUHFIELD	Frederick	storekeeper	Smith St.
LYNN		John		builder		West
MARRIOT		John		carrier		Belgrave St.
MARRIOT		Thomas		labourer	East
MCCARTHY	John F.		innkeeper	Smith St.
MCHUGH		Edward		bailiff		Kempsey
MCIVER		Mrs. J.		ladies seminary Smith St.
MCLEAN		Francis		labourer	Kempsey
MCMAUGH		H.		grazier		Pee Dee, Macleay River
MCMAUGH		J.		grazier		Pee Dee, Macleay River
MCMAUGH		Mrs.		grazier		Pee Dee, Macleay River
NANCE		John		farmer		Commandant Hill
NANCE		Thomas		builder		Smith St.
NANCE		Thomas		farmer		Commandant Hill
NEAL		William		painter & glazier Smith St.
NICHOLSON	James		engine driver	Belgrave St.
ONEAL		John		farmer & dealer	West
PANTON		T. G.		grazier		Wabra, Upper Macleay
PANTON		W.		grazier		Wabra, Upper Macleay
ROGERS		Charles		farmer		Commandant Hill
ROWE		W.		farmer & blacksmith Dondingalong
RUDDER		E. W.		---		East
RUDDER		Julius		farmer		Mud Island
RUTLEDGE	Rev. Arthur	(Wesleyan)	Smith St.
SCOTT		Francis		auctioneer	Smith St.
SCOTT		Mrs. J. W.	---		West
SMITH		James		butcher		West
SMITH		Mrs. W.		grazier		Leamington
STANFORD	George		builder		West
STANFORD	Mrs. W.		gardener	Smith St.
STANFORD	Stephen		farmer		Upper Macleay
SUPPLE		Wm.		stock-keeper	Upper Macleay
THOMPSON	Frederick	grazier		Glenrock Plains
THOMPSON	John		builder		West
THOMPSON	Mrs. Jas.	farmer		Glenrock Plains
THORNTON	Michael		farmer		Glenrock Plains
THORNTON	Captain W. H.	District Registrar Avis Villa
TREE		Alfred		farmer		Euroka Ck. 
TREE		William		farmer		Euroka Ck.
TURNER		Thomas		farmer		Commandant Hill
WALTERS		Henry		labourer	East

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here