Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MARYLAND

Page 318
Distance 565 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday, Sunday 11 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.
Route  Steam Grafton; or steam Brisbane, rail Warwick, 35m. Maryland.

ASPINALL	John		selector	Parrot Gap
BAMBERRY	William		shepherd	Maryland
BARLETT		William		shepherd	Maryland
BEROLD		Michael		selector	Rosenthat
BREEN		James		shepherd	Maryland
BROWN		John		drover		Maryland
BURTON		Charles		shepherd	Maryland
BUTLER		David		carrier		Rosenthat
BUTLER		James		carrier		Rosenthat
BUTLER		Job		stockman	Undercliffe
CATON		Thomas		shepherd	Maryland
CHALMERS	William		---		Maryland
CHAPMAN		Edmund		shepherd	Maryland
CHAPMAN		Robert		overseer	Maryland
CRONAN		George		shepherd	Maryland
CRONAN		John		shepherd	Maryland
CULLEN		A. R.		squatter	Undercliffe
CULLEN		Mrs. A. K.	---		Undercliffe
DAVIS		James		carpenter	Maryland
DAVIS		Mrs. J.		---		Maryland
DWYER		Martin		carrier		Maryland
DWYER		Michael		shepherd	Maryland
DWYER		William		---		Maryland
EINAM		William		woodman		Maryland
FAGG		George		innkeeper	Maryland
FLINT		John		bushman		Maryland
FLINT		Mrs. R.		---		Maryland
FLINT		Robert		stockman	Maryland
FOGG		Mrs. G.		---		Maryland
FOLLARD		John		gardener	Maryland
FREDERICK	John		woodman		Maryland
GREEN		Charles		horse breaker	Maryland
GREEN		George		horse breaker	Maryland
GREEN		William		horse breaker	Maryland
GREENUP		A.		superintendent	Maryland
GRIER		Joseph		labourer	Maryland
HARDLE		William		selector	Rosenthat
HARDY		John W.		carrier		Maryland
HARDY		Mrs. W.		---		Maryland
HARDY		William		storekeeper	Maryland
HART		Nicholas	groom		Maryland
HILL		G. L.		sub-collector Customs Maryland
IRWIN		John		shepherd	Maryland
JOHNSTON	John		selector	Maryland
JOHNSTON	John sen.	selector	Maryland
JONES		Henry		overseer	Maryland
KEMP		Charles		bushman		Maryland
KEMP		William		shepherd	Maryland
KEOGH		James		shepherd	Maryland
KNIGHT		John		---		Maryland
LAKE		Octavius	blacksmith	Maryland
LOMAX		Mrs.		---		Maryland
LOMAX		Charles James	shepherd	Maryland
LOMAX		John		shepherd	Maryland
MARSH		George		superintendent	Acacia Ck.
MESTON		Miss		---		Undercliffe
MOHR		John		---		Maryland
MONAGHAN	Patrick		shearer		Maryland
MOOR		John		blacksmith	Maryland
NEEDHAM		Charles		---		Maryland
OBRIEN		Richard		shepherd	Maryland
PARK		John		shearer		Maryland
REEVES		George		shepherd	Maryland
REID		Alexander	stockman	Maryland
REID		Ralph		overseer	Maryland
RUBIE		Charles		stockman	Undercliffe
RYLEY		Charles		---		Maryland
SMITH		James Dunbar	manager		Korelah
SHUTTE		Charles		shepherd	Maryland
SHWETTMAN	John		wool presser	Maryland
SINYZERLING	Henry		shepherd	Maryland
THUMPKIN	James		shepherd	Maryland
WRIGHT		William		shearer		Maryland

Greville 1872

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