Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MARSDENS

Page 316
Distance 327 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday 3 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail and Cobbs coach Young, 82m. Marsdens

ATKINS		James		squatter	Marsdens	
ATKINS		Mrs. S.		freeholder	Marsdens
ATKINS		Thomas		squatter	Marsdens
ATKINS		William		squatter	Marsdens
BARKER		William		labourer	Humbug
BROUGHTON	A. H. B.	squatter	Humbug
BURGE		Daniel		servant		Marsdens
BURGE		James		servant		Marsdens
BURGE		William		servant		Marsdens
BURGE		William sen.	servant		Marsdens
BUTLER		Robert		innkeeper	Marsdens
CASE		Henry		labourer	Humbug
CLARKE		Henry		labourer	Marsdens
COLLINS		J. B.		labourer	Marsdens
COTTER		Patrick		labourer	Marsdens
CULGAN		A.		labourer	Marsdens
DALANEY		John T.		labourer	Marsdens
DALTON		John 		labourer	Marsdens
DAVES		H. G.		labourer	Humbug
DAWER		John 		labourer	Bland
DAY		William		labourer	Marsdens
EARLE		Edward		labourer	Marsdens
EASON		George		labourer	Humbug
ELLIOTT		Richard		labourer	Marsdens
FLYN		Thomas		labourer	Marsdens
FRASER		Alexander	labourer	Marsdens
FRASER		John 		labourer	Marsdens
GIBSON		F. F.		squatter	Marsdens
GIBSON		W. T.		squatter	Marsdens
GLAYIER		William		labourer	Marsdens
GRADY		James		servant		Humbug
GRADY		M.		labourer	Marsdens
HARLAND		Henry		labourer	Marsdens
HEIL		William		labourer	Humbug
HILL		Samuel		innkeeper	Humbug
HODGES		John		labourer	Humbug
HUNTER		William		labourer	Marsdens
JAMIESON	Phillip		squatter	Bland
JOHNSON		James		labourer	Marsdens
JONES		Jones		labourer	Marsdens
JONES		S.		labourer	Marsdens
KELLY		James		labourer	Marsdens
KELLY		James		squatter	Humbug
KELLY		John		labourer	Marsdens
KELLY		Peter		labourer	Marsdens
LITHGOW		Thomas		labourer	Humbug
MARSDEN		James		squatter	Marsdens
MARTYN		Charles		superintendent	Marsdens
MILLER		John		servant		Humbug
MOLLOY		D.		labourer	Marsdens
MOLLOY		P.		labourer	Marsdens
MOSSY		C. A.		squatter	Marsdens
MCFARLANE	Thomas		labourer	Humbug
MCNICOL		David		squatter	Marsdens
MCNICOL		William		squatter	Marsdens
NEWMAN		Thomas		squatter	Humbug
PHILLIPS	E. A.		squatter	Humbug
PHILLIPS	Richard		squatter	Humbug
POWEL		Robert		labourer	Marsdens
RAY		John		servant		Humbug
RICHARDS	George		labourer	Humbug
RICHARDS	Thomas		---		Marsdens
RICHARDS	W. jun.		squatter	Humbug
RICHARDS	W. sen.		squatter	Marsdens
RILEY		John		servant		Humbug
ROGERS		James		labourer	Marsdens
SASKEY		Michael		labourer	Marsdens
SHAW		Samuel		servant		Humbug
SHIRKEY		James		servant		Marsdens
SINGLETON	John		labourer	Marsdens
SMITH		John		selector	Marsdens
SMITHERS	John		labourer	Marsdens
STOUT		George		squatter	Humbug
TAYLOR		James		squatter	Humbug
TAYLOR		Richard		squatter	Humbug
TOUT		James		squatter	Humbug
TYNELL		William		labourer	Humbug
UMBLEBY		William		selector	Marsdens
WALKER		James		labourer	Marsdens
WALSH		J. J.		squatter	Humbug
WELLER		John		servant		Marsdens
WELTON		Benjamin	labourer	Humbug
WHITE		James		squatter	Humbug
WHITE		Thomas		squatter	Humbug
WHITE		William		labourer	Marsdens
WILLIAMS	John		labourer	Marsdens
WILLIAMS	Thomas		innkeeper	Marsdens
WOOD		George		squatter	Humbug
WOOD		J. G.		squatter	Humbug
WOOD		Philip		squatter	Humbug
WOOD		Thomas		squatter	Humbug
WOOD		Thomas jun.	squatter	Humbug
YOUNG		John		labourer	Marsdens

Greville 1872

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